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Found 10 results

  1. The forex market is the "place" wherein currencies are traded. Currencies are critical to most people around the arena, whether or not they recognise it or no longer, because currencies need to be exchanged for you to behavior foreign alternate and business. in case you are dwelling inside the U.S. and need to buy cheese from France, both you or the organisation which you purchase the cheese from has to pay the French for the cheese in euros (EUR). this means that the U.S. importer would should alternate the equal value of U.S. dollars (USD) into euros. The same goes for travelling. A French vacationer in Egypt can't pay in euros to see the pyramids as it's no longer the domestically standard forex. As such, the traveller has to trade the euros for the neighborhood forex, in this situation the Egyptian pound, at the cutting-edge alternate price. If you want to know full about forex then go to http://forextradingbonus.com/ and get the full knowladge about Forex. Thanks
  2. Fibonacci discovered that a series of numbers and their ratios to each other occurred throughout nature and in fact are incredibly commonplace in the world. Just how does this relate to forex trading? The ratios that the Fibonacci numbers exhibited are also seen in the price movement of currencies, Ratios found in the Fibonacci sequence can be seen in currency price movements. They also appear in the price movements of stocks and other types of investments. The big three numbers you should pay attention to in Forex trading are 0.382, 0.5, and 0.618. The resulting Fibonacci numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, are the result of his equation. To use these numbers, in technical analysis to make money, you dont have to solce any mathamatical problems. you dont have to even memorize them because all the trading platforms let you draw the Fibonacci levels and they have everything ready to use. The only thing you should know is how to use the Fibonacci levels in the technical analysis. While Fibonacci numbers have many applications, they have received much interest from Forex traders due to their uncanny accuracy in spotting market turning points well in advance. Another term that often goes along with Fibonacci Numbers is 'The Golden Ratio'. In Fibonacci Numbers series, if we take the ratio of two successive numbers in the Fibonacci series (that is, we divide each number by the number after it in the sequence) we will gravitate towards a particular constant value. That value is 0.6180345 which has been referred to as "the Golden Ratio". If you also calculate the ratios using alternate numbers in the Fibonacci series (that is, do the same calculation but skip over a number) the resulting ratios approaches 0.38196. Fibonacci Guides Stop Loss Levels A trader can use Fibonacci numbers to set stop loss orders. Fibonacci Guides Position Size Depending on the risk you are prepared to take per trade, Fibonacci numbers can also define position size. Fibonacci Guides Objective Setting Utilizing Fibonacci numbers, once a pattern competes against a Fibonacci set price zone you can utilize this information to set profit objectives to salvage partial profits or re-adjust stop loss levels. Chart oriented individuals are split on the usefulness of applying Fibonacci to any of the popular the markets. There are also some technical analysts who would use little else to analyse markets. Like most things in life, it is up to individual preference and developing a strategy that works easily with your existing investment approach. This is just the barest of introductions to Fibonacci Numbers. If this subject interests you search Fibonacci Numbers and really understand it before you invest your hard earned money.
  3. Foreign exchange has been there since the medieval times when the Medici family started it off in Europe. And in the modern period, forex trade got a new lease of life when the value of the U.S. Dollar (USD) decidedly slowed down in 2002. It’s easy to see why people would be hooked to foreign exchange trading—it’s easy, it’s convenient and chances of ending up with a profit are considerably high. To sum it all up, a forex market is that place where you trade with the extents to which the exchange rate of a particular currency pair would fluctuate. For further clarification, the differences between the existing exchange rates in a particular international currency pair changes hands in accordance with the prevailing exchange rates in the market. The foreign exchange (or forex) market offers a host of advantages to any. Boasting of hugely superior leverage and liquidity than most places, the foreign exchange market is one of the best financial investments that one could fine. Keep reading (points from Easymarkets): Trading Costs are Extremely Low: It is possible to start out with any capital amount in the field of forex trade. One doesn’t require a big initial amount (you can start off with as low as a hundred dollars). Due to this, even small (including single-person) investors can etch out a good living from trading in the forex. And because the costs are lower, the risk is also proportionately low. Likewise, there’ no concept of commission fees is there in the online forex trading. It Boasts of Great Transparency: Information on trading forex is available 24/7 on the internet, for free. The huge transparency of the forex market makes sure that all traders and brokers are informed properly about the impact that a trading decision can have. They would be completely guided by the analysts, charts and advisors. Instances of fraud are also rarer in the forex universe. Has Great Liquidity: There is a wide array of choices when it comes to modes of trading, time-frames and currency pairs one would like to trade in. The market boasts of supreme liquidity, which enables the traders to easily exchange currencies without affecting the actual prices of the currencies. Therefore, regardless of your trading volume, you can be assured of currency prices remaining stable during both the order-placing and executing times. Has Very Strong Market Trends: One can always rely on getting the perfectly accurate market data and can take the help of free and paid signals and robots to analyse the market and price movements. Forex traders rely heavily on trends and trending to predict the direction of the forex market. Other financial markets use trends and trending too, but these are far stronger and effective in the foreign exchange market. Owing to strong trending, forex markets are quite simple to analyse and the identification of probable lock-in points are easier.
  4. Hello Everyone, Just joining the forum. I prefer not to sit in front of computer all the time so just 1-2 good trades a day is all really looking for. Anyone want to share? Also any nadex traders here?
  5. I am NOT a Admin or Owner of this program! Join my link :- https://optibit.cc/register?reference=petertrego START DATE : 12th March 2020 REGISTERED COUNTRY : UNITED KINGDOM COMPANY# 12513402 Plans Of Investment 11.00%to 13.50% DAILY PROFIT Minimum Deposit $5 Maximum Deposit $10,000 Minimum Withdraw $5 REFFERAL COMMISSION 5% Booster Investment Plan Monthly Return 10% for 18 Months Minimum Deposit $5 Maximum Deposit $19,200 Booster Referral commission 10% to 60% Payment Method PERFECT MONEY, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, BITCOIN CASH, DASH COIN, DOGE COIN, LIGHT COIN AND PAYEER FEATURES DDOS protection ,SSL encryption, Dedicated server/IP, Unique design, Online chat ,Advanced security ******INVESTMENT PLAN**** (1)BRONZE -Daily return 11.00% -minimum deposit $5 & Maximum deposit $500 -Get return 10 Days -Deposit Included (2)SILVER -Daily return 11.50% -minimum deposit $510 & Maximum deposit $1000 -Get return 10 Days -Deposit Included (3)GOLD -Daily return 12% -minimum deposit $1100 & Maximum deposit $2000 -Get return 10 Days -Deposit Included (4)PLATINUM -Daily return 12.50% -minimum deposit $2100 & Maximum deposit $3000 -Get return 10 Days -Deposit Included (5)DIAMOND -Daily return 13% -minimum deposit $3100 & Maximum deposit $5000 -Get return 10 Days -Deposit Included (6)RUBY -Daily return 13.50% -minimum deposit $5100 & Maximum deposit $10,000 -Get return 10 Days -Deposit Included ABOUT COMPANY:- Optibit is a global network of professional firms providing comprehensive range of investment services to institutional and corporate clients across the world. We draw on our wide range of services and provide our clients with inventive investment banking advisory solutions. Our investments services include Stock, Gold and Silver, Oil & Gas, Metal & Mining Trading, Currencies, Mutual Funds and Private equities. E-mail:- INFO@OPTIBIT.CC
  6. Talking nearly currency trading, the complete first issue that comes to a traders mind is how to trade efficiently taking into consideration than lesser risks. Well, veterans are of the aspire that Forex trading is laden behind currency fluctuations all the times. This is probably the defense why it is impossible or at least hard for a trader to correctly predict the most beneficial mitigation to trade once. Forex accurate signals might serve the try provided that signals are attuned to trader specific strategies. How accurate are Forex accurate signals? Statistical data shows that even the most accurate forex trading signal can well inform that absolutely flawless strategy. However, to the fore the desire of traders is to trade at the right era, signals are not the unaccompanied business that they should ponder regarding speaking the order of. A suitable forex trading signal should be skillful to manufacture calm on again 70% attainment concerning the subject of an average. A winning strategy is one which allows traders to make child support concerning currency price fluctuations irrespective of subsidiary factors. The accuracy of a signal depends regarding the utilization of technology that aids in accurate distribution. Often Accurate Forex signals combine facts and figures as regards the subject of the currencies you are trading at the forefront and make deferential that unaided the relevant recommendation is visible. Can Forex accurate signals lead going on happening traders create more maintenance? Forex experts are of the recommendation that it is impossible to create a beneficial trade without the most accurate forex trading signals. The signal to attain or sell is of gigantic importance and this is why currency trading is the swap from gambling. Imagine that you are trading behind an unchangeable currency pair after that sure overdo and a declining loss to bond yourself. It becomes every share of slapdash a matter to properly manage your risks without using forex accurate signals. The trend like which the pair is moving is of primary importance. But what is more important is the signal subsequent to that trend will crack or whether it will prevail. Thus a thorough research upon the come taking place behind the child support for conditions and really snappish strategy aids in augmented predictions. How to operate I know if I'm using an inaccurate trading signal? Past is the commencement to the far away along and traders often base they're well along taking steps upon profit/loss differential. An inaccurate signal does the delectable much the related issue you will realize without it, random predictions to the extent of the monster called gambling. Forex accurate signals make realize that your investment upon buying their facilities adjunct. Some permitted trading signals begin charging you isolated as soon as you begin reaping profits using their services. Additionally, an inaccurate signal might come for forgive or may achievement is hidden and added fees without your knowledge. Making profits is the real motive and accurate forex trading signals make sure that you remain loyal to them for a considerable time grow antique. Inaccurate signals may arrive behind an unstable issue model and may not aid you in a proper maintenance doling out. Conclusion: Experts opine that the best trading strategy should along with you identify potentially profitable positions behind the most realizable correctness. Forex accurate signals as well as save your period, child support and each and every one part of the effort that you invest in trading. Therefore, make deferential that your investment counts. My Suggestion: Top 5 Accurate Forex Trading Signals Providers List Hot Forex Signal: http://www.hotforexsignal.com/ USA Forex Signal: http://www.usaforexsignal.com/ Forex Profit Signal: http://www.forexprofitsignal.com/ Forex Signals Es: http://www.forexsignals.es/ Trade Forex Copier: http://www.tradeforexcopier.com/
  7. PaxForex is pleased to present you a new Forex No Deposit Bonus program – "Be Online"! http://www.paxforex....onus-beonline-b Forex No Deposit Bonus "Be Online" – this is $200 on your forex bonus account. With this Forex No Deposit Bonus program each new client will receive $ 200 for free! Forex No Deposit Bonus "Be Online" – This is a great way to start your way into the Forex world! You don’t have to make deposit and risk with your own funds. Want to know more about this promotion? Please visit our website PaxForex - Forex Bonus
  8. Why Choose UWCFX, 1.SIMPLE, FAST, RELIABLE. OUR MISSION DOES NOT CHANGE. 2.Client-centered 3.Perfection lies in detail 4.Professionalism and trust 5.Stability and reliability 6.Extensive know-how 7.Advanced trading platform 8.Large volumes traded every month! Funding: Credit card, WMZ, Alert pay,LR,Bank wire,MB www.UWCFX.com
  9. Online Forex Trading: Are You A Lion or a Cub? ONLINE FOREX TRADING This is something very crucial in real life and in forex trading. Before we start: Characteristics of a Lion (King of the Jungle) - Calm - Powerful - Confident - Killing Instinct Have you watch documentaries before on how do lions hunt? Although lions themselves are a powerful predator, they still do not go out right up front to the prey and start chasing them from afar. What they do is that they will fix their target on the weakest prey and move slowly and calmly towards the prey without gaining any attention. Only when they are close enough and confident of getting their prey, will they Strike. Online Forex Trading: Are You A Lion or a Cub? The nature of a lion and how he hunts his prey largely applies to forex trading. Are you the type of trader who calmly wait for a setup (prey) to occur. And if there is no setup (prey), they will retire back to rest and come back to hunt the next day. OR – are you the trader who strikes everytime you see food. But to get themselves a back lash most of the time? If you are the 2nd trader, you are like a baby cub. When the cubs are young, their parents will teach them how to hunt. And not to go out striking blindly. Online Forex Trading: Are You A Lion or a Cub? Being calm is the characteristic of a lion. But when he strikes, he is confident of a Kill. That’s what a trader should do as well. We will lie in wait for a setup occurance, and when it occurs. We will strike it without hesitation. But if there is no setup, we will retire to rest and do our things. I hope you find the above analogy interesting, and it’s time to ask yourself. Are you a Lion or a Cub in forex trading? Check out our online forex trading AFM winning Price ActionForex Course where i teach you the exact FULL Forex Trading System & Strategies that i personally use to be consistently profitable. See you on the other side my friend, Asia Forex Mentor Ezekiel Chew Asia #1 Forex Mentor www.asiaforexmentor.com
  10. Sekilas Tentang Ikofx IKOFX adalah sebuah penyedia perdagangan forex online global. IKOFX didirikan dengan tujuan untuk membantu Investor berhasil dalam Forex. Selama masa menurunya perekonomian pada saat ini, perdagangan Forex menjadi favorit sebagian besar investor dan trader. Dengan visi, integritas, dan profesionalisme; IKOFX bertujuan untuk mengembangkan perdagangan Forex online ke level selanjutnya yang lebih tinggi. Mengapa memilih IKOFX..? Minimal deposit mulai dari $ 1 Tanpa komisi, Leverage hingga 1:500 Micro dan standard account Free swap account Platform MT4 dan Spread kecil Deposit dan Withdrawal via Liberty Reserve atau Bank Local Mengapa Memilih Ikofxindonesia sebagai Agent IB anda Share Rebate 5$/lot ( 0.5pips ) Rebate akan ditransfer ke account trading atasetiap tanggal 1-10 setiap bulannya. Ikofxindonesia.com melayani deposit/withdrawal lokal dengan menggunakan bank BCA dan MandiriDeposit/Withdrawal lokal sesuai dengan nilai tukar yang berlaku di Ikofxindonesia.com Hanya 100 pendaftar pertama melalui Ikofxindonesia Dapatkan Tambahan deposit senilai $10 yang akan di masukan ke acc trading ketika sudah deposit minimal $100 yang daftar melalui ikofxindonesia dengan No Agen IB IKOFX : 20913365 untuk claim tambahan deposit senilai $10 kirim email ke : finance@ikofxindonesia.com Format Email Claim $10 : Subject Email : Claim $10 xxxxx (x= No. accounts Trading) Nama : Axxxx Bxxx (x= Nama pemilik accounts trading) No. Accounts Trading : 2xxxxx (x= Login account trading) Contact Info www.ikofxindonesia.com HP : 081-13420617 YM : cs_ikofxindonesia Skype : ikofxindonesia E-Mail : cs@ikofxindonesia.com
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