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  1. The importance of low spreads cannot be overstated in trading. It is well known to traders which brokers offer low spreads. The low spreads broker is especially popular with new investors and small investors. cmt level 1 study material
  2. Scalping is a trading strategy that seeks to profit from small changes in price. In this strategy, traders place anywhere from 10 to a couple hundred trades a day in the belief that small moves in stock prices are easier to catch than large ones; traders implementing this strategy are known as scalpers. Many small gains can easily compound into large gains if a strict exit strategy is used to prevent large losses. Stocks24
  3. When we have just joined the business we don't know anything about the work and we start the demo account then it helps a lot for our experience and knowledge of the business so do not waste time here and rather concentrate on the demo account for the maximum of six months to gain some good experience. mt4 signals
  4. Financial institutions can choose from branded platforms. Platform with 300K+ financial instruments. White Label solutions that are easily customizable and fully branded are delivered to businesses. https://exante.technology/
  5. Online trading has been around for quite some time, but with the development of communication technology the market has grown exponentially. Therefore, forex trading forums arise. The discussions on the forums are extremely useful for beginners who want to start trading forex. gold sniper signals
  6. It is a 32-bit, mono-threaded platform with a 2 Gb memory limit (or 4 Gb if you use it on a 64-bit operating system, in which case a 32-bit system is emulated, which is not optimal). This is especially true for backtesting, since if your historical data file exceeds this limit (especially if you are using tick data), you have to split it into several pieces and do a backtest on each piece separately. It is common for tick data to exceed that memory limit with a history of 2 years or more, but it can also happen with standard M1 bar data. fx trading
  7. “FS30 Big Pips 2021, No Repaint. Very Simple and Very Accurate“ “Forex signal 30 Designed for manual trading on the indicator, give already profit on real accounts“ The Best Forex Strategy for Day Trading . https://forexsignal30.com/
  8. It is very straight forward that the success in forex only comes with knowledge and hard work. If you are lacking in knowledge and skills then it would be very difficult for you to become a successful trader. Always ready to learn new things about forex and trade with the movement of the market.
  9. Practice and experience lead to consistency. You cannot expect to consistently profit if you don't have a trading plan and are stuck with a strategy that isn't performing as well as you would like.
  10. To earn maximum profit from forex, traders should avoid bad habits of hurrying and hasting. There is no guarantee of profit unless you work slowly and sensibly. It is possible to get big profits by using technical analysis and fundamental analysis.The market's news should be always known to traders. By trading with 0.02 lots size, it is possible to achieve big profits in good trading times. However, this is only for very strong signals.
  11. Nowadays NFT marketplace become more popular and its more growing and leaps. NFT marketplace become a ecommerce trends.Launching nft marketplace e-commerce platform in one of the most possibilities place.May be you heard about cryptokitties that are collectable and cute digital creature. They appeared in 2017 as main characters of the same-name blockchain game. It was one of the first tries to use blockchain technology for leisure and fun. https://vcashpay.com/
  12. ARTDECO is launching an NFT Minting platform where Creators and NFT makers can mint and also a marketplace where BSC NFT tokens can be sold. What is An NFT? It is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They can be bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos like Bitcoin. The NFT boom is in full force as big brands, celebrities, musician’s athletes are minting their own NFTs to capitalize on the latest crypto trend, making millions in the process. While as an art lover you may not be able to afford some of the NFTs they are selling. ARTDECO is looking to (as highlighted on their whitepaper) to make it easy for anyone to mint their own NFTs that represent ownership in their digital work. On their Web 3.0 Dapp platform that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain. It is worthy to note that the Elon Musk inspired ARTDECO NFT project will be a marketplace for those assets, as well as a distributed network built on Binance Network that enables NFT creators mint and trade NFTs without a middleman. The tokens that creators generate on ARTDECO are known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each NFT is unique, and unlike bitcoin they are not interchangeable. This unique property is known as Non-fungibility, which is why tokens on ARTDECO are called non-fungible. Central to the platform is ARTDECO, the platform’s cryptocurrency. By owning ARTDECO tokens (ARTDECO Contract Address) users can vote on proposals that affect the platform, moderate creators and curate featured artwork. About ARTDECO ARTDECO is a marketplace aiming to link sellers (typically content creators such as digital artists, model creators or meme makers) with buyers who can select pieces they wish to purchase. To turn their work into an NFT, creators must first “mint” a token using ARTDECO’s Dapps. Similar to other tokens on Binance, the NFT can be transferred between wallets using ARTDECO’s software. ARTDECO leverages the Binance blockchain to embed within an NFT’s code the full history of its owners and transactions. Of note, when a transaction goes through, both the buyer and the seller have to pay transaction fees that go to the ARTDECO network. One interesting feature of NFTs is the ability to program royalties, or the rights to future cash flows, within these assets. This means that creators on ARTDECO can set a percentage of future sales and collect them automatically by issuing a token. This is a major feature drawing creators to this technology, because unlike with traditional content platforms, NFTs can be designed to pay out royalties immediately. For instance, if a piece of digital art listed a 10% royalty, the creator would receive 10% of any consequent sale of that art. Artdeco is currently conducting a public sale of 10% of its Total Supply on Bounce Finance at the price of $0.0003. Buying possible from this link.
  13. Hi guys, a few months ago I opened a Forex and CFD brokerage company and I have already paid several tens of thousands of dollars for the entire service for a whole year. The fact is that I cannot attract traffic to my business (website) and I don't want to continue with this business any more. So, if someone has a desire to take and develop this business I am ready to give it to you for free. The whole operation is already working and integrated to all necessary services. Website. Client-Area. Trading terminals: MetaTader 4, WebTerminal, Mobile iOS and Android. Payment solutions for client deposit: Credit Cards VISA/MasterCard, Wire Transfer for B2B and C2B, Crypto. CRM to manage the clients. MetaTader 4 Manager. The company is registered on Marshall Islands. Who are interested please contact me on email mscottmain@yahoo.com Thank you and Good Luck Scot
  14. It is the first time you can view and compare the result of forex transactions made by the seller and us. You can compare the transactions easily on the following website: "Compare Real Forex Trading" For better transparency, we attach the results of the current fxblue and myfxbook and past tests. https://www.brokerprofit.com/
  15. 100% Free forex trading and live account! Read more: https://best-forex-trading-robots.com/
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