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  1. Now there are Made in Africa cars which are better than many Made in Asia cars. Now countries have the technologies to make machines thereby people will buy more and more locally made products, goods, machines etc.. Tariff wars started by U.S President Donald Trump will make imported products, goods more expensive so exports and imports will fall to great extent. FOREX trading is all about exports and imports between 2 countries. More exports from a country makes the currency go high against other currencies. As exports and imports between countries fall, forex trading will come down to $1 Trillion per day. Newswire: http://dangerousmother.com (information, world events, news, money markets, videos and much more)
  2. Now USA is cancelling INF treaty and placing missiles in Asia.
  3. Gold $1525/ounce and BREXIT. All you need to know about BREXIT from UK http://morganisteconomics.blogspot.com
  4. 10 big missiles are fired in 30 seconds. See video there.
  5. Now there are 800 billionaires in China. Look at other countries also since 2014. India can get into serious trouble. Indian rupee is worst performer internationally. It looks like Indian Congress will be back in power in 2019 elections.
  6. China fired missiles in war drills and testing. That is true.
  7. The forex broker I was working for 7 years back had minimum $20,000 to $150,000.
  8. As a online worker your investment is $0 (just a computer and internet) but you get paid $2/hour to $8/hour. You work, you get paid. Forex trading and stock trading needs $100 or $1000 or $10,000 investment so as to earn 10% to 20% profits or loss. Actually trading is very bad and more like gambling
  9. This week, Gold price went up by +$32 from BREXIT fears when 7 ministers resigned from UK Parliament or Theresa May's UK government. Some 1,000,000,000 people worldwide who buy Gold and they will never sell gold unless they need the money, do not change the Gold price
  10. Water filters use the same method of filteration as it is done in forests and mountains. When water passes through sand and rocks it gets filtered and then sunlight purifies the water. There are RO water filters, Charcoal filters, UV rays filters. Read the website for all the details and information.
  11. Example: Forex broker earns $200,000 profit. He/She will pay $150,000 to $170,000 (agreed amount) to his 100 investors/clients.
  12. They say 90% of forex traders fail in forex trading or it takes upto 5 years to learn to trade forex with profits. There are "Managed Forex Accounts" from forex brokers where they collect money from investors/clients and trade in blocks of $1,000,000 which gives more leverage to the forex broker. The forex broker trades in FOREX and shares profit with the investors/clients each month. Example: Forex broker collects $10,000 from 100 clients so he can trade forex with $1 million and get advantages of high leverage. Usually Managed Forex Account pays profits for 5 years because trading in blocks of $1 million or $25 million by the forex broker gives more profits and has more control over the market.
  13. In 2011, it was $1 = 46 Indian rupees. Now $1 = 74 Indian rupees. That says it all. but those MBA's and CAs are trying to defend their nonsense talks that they will earn profits etc....
  14. China fired 10 long range missiles at the same time Videos and much more: https://dangerousmother.com My website has information and news that can change the world in one day. Financial markets and FOREX cannot be immune to all the military developments.
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