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  1. This is one reason why we are often get better result when we trade on demo. When we trade in our live account, fear to loss our investment is always there.
  2. When I was a beginner I was very nervous because I know nothing about Forex trading. Then I meet the broker which is very reliable called FreshForex.
  3. Does tickmill offers any bonus? and is this broker really regulated?
  4. I have not received payments from 30.04.2020, 01.05.2020 04.05.2020 etc. for more than a month now. I have openned a scam alert thread below. I would recommend that all people not having their money processed successfully by this broker join the thread. I have also experienced wrong margin requirements calculation. Their official explanation in the scam alert thread is that my case is "an exception". If you follow the thread and it turns out that the "exception" is their new "rule" they will receive an official SCAM label by the FPA. May 21, 2020 - 1 Star I have not received withdrawa
  5. GBPUSD GBPUSD_e is currently rallying around 1.33423. On the 1 Hour Chart , the previous candle closed above the previous 52 Period Exponential Moving Average. This is a possible Indication that we are in an active up trend . This trend is supported by the fact that the price is above the previous day's Lowest Low 0.00000. While we continue to see a sustained move above 0 we expect a surge much Higher with an Ideal Target at 1.24213. At this point, Sell Positions looks ideal and can be recommended with an ideal take profit 1.21751 copied freshforex
  6. USDMXN if the price breaks below the 4 hours chart attached, we expect nothing but a possible momentum to the lowerside.
  7. GBPUSD As long as the price remains above the two resistance levels attached, we expect nothing but a possible momentum to the upperside.
  8. ECN account is your access to trading directly on the interbank market with superfast instantaneous execution. We know how important quick order processing is and offer all our clients direct trading with a perfect speed. Enjoy your ECN trade! Make yourself impressed with the speed of ECN trading: 0,3 seconds is the quickest click by mouse 0,1 seconds is the speed of blink 0,05 seconds is the execution time on ECN accounts from FreshForex
  9. I think I will only be trading with FreshForex, See sometimes my withdrawals takes a day or so, but I do receive my money.
  10. before one month this broker nice when profit they change condition hi i am trading cmtrading since 1 month before this broker very nice when time to deposite ,.when i am start profit this broker sudden he change condition make exeutition delay and worst part they increase spread on cfd i am complaint many time but nobody listen and now this broker distub my ib and blackmail he complaint many time about spread wide but nobody listen so last i need to come here and put my review so i hope they listen and help us and my ib,,.
  11. They Refused To Pay IB Money and Will Start Give Many Reasons I have working as IB for them since Sept 2019. then around Oct 2019, they start delay the Commission WD. after that i start sending email by email everyday to get out my IB Commission money, they paid me USD1,417 on 16 Oct 2019. They just paid me USD1417 only, and the balance money they refuse to pay. IB Department said i need to bring to them 3 more clients, then only payment will be release. This rules make me feel upset to work with them, because they never tell me about this before. They also never have or written thi
  12. Thanks very much, as it is now, I am relying on my brokers signals, so far, I use only the FreshForex daily signals and its working very well. Thanks!
  13. but where in forex business is not an easy business, forex risk business is very big risk that exists, so we continue to increase the ability of a better trading again for w
  14. If you can do it comfortably, do not do it it, this is what I have leart from one of FreshForex. This is all that is needed!
  15. Can I use this EA in my FreshForex ECN account, and does the ea opens trades automatically or I must open trades manually!
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