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  1. Online Bookmaker and Casino Betnomi is a leading online gambling operator, offering a wide range of live casino games and thousands of global sporting events to bet on. Licensed and regulated by the Curacao Licensing Authority. BETNOMI offers industry-leading 24/7 customer support and a secure and dependable platform for all its players. Why Betnomi? 24/7 Betnomi.com provides 24/7 online betting availability by taking bets on all major and most minor leagues, cups and tournaments in a wide variety of sports and competitions throughout the world. 50 + CATEGORIES. Betnomi.com accepts wagers on more than 50 categories of sports and events - not only the most popular sports, but also poker, politics, TV and e-sports such as Star Craft, DOTA 2. 300 TRADERS. Live games are individually managed by over 300 traders, who use complex automated tools for market management and odds setting. RELIABLE. We are holders of an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate on Information Security. For further details, please see our general terms and conditions. Betnomi Website FAQs BLAST GAME What is Blast Game? Blast is a new game that allows players to place bets faster and easier. With Blast you can earn as much as 10,000 USD with a single bet! All you need to do is place a bet and cashout before the crash. How to Play Blast? The player needs to place a bet and then wait till the cannon strikes. The player needs to click on "cash out" button before the coefficient explodes. The player wins if he or she cashes out before the coefficient explodes. The player loses if he or she hasn't cashed out before the coefficient explodes. BET NOW PROMOTIONS Social Media
  2. BITCOINBOSS-BOSS-TWITTER-WEBSITE-SOURCEFORGE- DISCORD-GITHUB-OSDN-ETHERSCAN-BOSSTOKEN -BOSS PROJECT: Standing for Blockchain Operative System Series is a new Linux distribution based on ubuntu core with important changes, highly improved security and the default incorporation of blockchain services and support for cryptocurrencies.We have modified the original standards to transform it into a very useful tool for the entire bitcoin community consisting of an interesting combination of security, manageability, speed and performance. It can be used on any x64 X86 machine simply after installation. .-BLOCKCHAIN FULLY DEDICATED: It has been more than a decade since the physical birth of cryptocurrencies, although the idea is over 50 years old. The future will undoubtedly be governed by blockchain systems and governments, banks and corporations are already taking positions in this regard. BOSS is not far behind. Now it is possible to mine even if it has not been done previously. For even more in-depth development of the blockchain applications included in BOSS operating systems, you have your own version of bitcoin PoW PoS mining: BitcoinBOSS. Our own blockchain that is enhanced with BOSS token erc20. -BOSS SECURITY & PRIVACY FEATURES: A weak point of easy access for hacker attacks, such as automatic updates, has been modified so that the user can carry out his updates when he deems necessary and under monitoring. The elevated privileges allow you not only to modify the system, they also allow you to quickly act on files that are prohibited from accessing other operating systems. BOSS has installed active-passive security measures -MAC ADDRESS DEFAULT SPOOFING: MAC address Spoofing privacy + from BOSS. Every time you log in to your BOSS computer, you are doing so with a different MAC address. Privacy thus reaches its highest degrees by making MAC-TRACK impossible -LIGHTWEIGHT RECORD: BOSS has achieved maximum performance in a really small space. BOSS takes up very little space and can be downloaded via torrent or direct download through our mirrors. BOSS has concentrated a large operating system in a super small space of less than 1 GB, which puts us at the forefront among the lightest and safest distributions as leaders in relation to gb-installed applications. -INSTALLATION PROCESS: BOSS installation is simple and guided using the ubiquity installer and depending on the performance of your system it can take between 15-30 minutes in normal circumstances. Download BOSS now and enjoy a high level of performance, security and privacy in an enviable small space. BOSS can be tested after installation, fully or partially installed on your system, together with windows or your favorite operating system. .-POWERFUL RECOVERY TOOL: BOSS is an excellent file recovery tool. The combination of BOSS tools and its elevated privileges allow you to access areas hidden or inaccessible. Simply use BOSS live to freely rescue files from the laptop where the BOSS USB is inserted. Recover Bitcoin paraphrase or .DAT files easier and faster than other recovery programs simply by acceding to the file system where BOSS usb is inserted. -STABLE RELEASES: BOSS V01-LTS Available now for download at sourceforge. https://sourceforge.net/projects/boss-minimimal-edition/ FEATURING -UNITY DESKTOP-BRAVE BROWSER-ATOMIC WALLET-COMMON UTILITIES-ELEVATED PRIVILEGES ENABLED.-MAC ADDRESS SPOOFING-FILE SYSTEM RECOVERY TOOL -WE DELIVER BOSS: Using BOSS as removable OS is recommended if you do not want to install the system. For this our team recommends the use of persistent USB where your session is recorded and ready for the next login, find everything as you left it. BOSS makes available to its users the delivery of these persistent USB devices worldwide via regular mail or messaging. The flat rate of our installation on the USB and shipping to the user is USD 20 to which we must add the shipping costs in the options selected by the user. Please check with our team to process your shipment while this process is automated on our website. Order now your BOSS or a even more customized BOSS with your company requirements, logo etc. We deliver in CD, USB or SD card in your selected size from minimal 4GB, however 16GB and above are recommended. BitcoinBOSS is the 100 x 100 alternative proposal of the Block-chain Operating System Series BOSS to return the illusion of mining a coin with prospects to all users from our operating system or any other. We have created a new coin by cloning scrypt pow-pos algo. The transactions are fast and secure and the rewards to the staking period are quite interesting. There are few details that we can give now about the future of BOSS, we are now facing a release and we are going to set a period of 1-3 months to launch a definitive road-map, the development of BitcoinBOSS runs proportionally to that of our operating system and both are in very early stages of development. Premine will be 100 x 100 used to pay development bounties as for freerolls we have our ERC20 token Without a doubt we hope to reach the desks of many users and be mined in different parts of the planet, we have installed miners so that you can mine from the first moment. BitcoinBOSS is our first foray into the development of clones of the bitcoin base code We hope to be doing periodic code reviews and mandatory updates, please stay tuned to the information channels to avoid mining in forked chains. Bitcoin BOSS is also an open door for developers wanting to join our team and its different sections, both in the development of the currency, and in the applications, although our main project is the development of secure, useful operating systems that guarantee privacy. of the user. We focus our main development and basically on the blockchain environment and its different variants and our own token seemed like a great idea. Due to the circumstances of the markets today our team has prepared the distribution of a free token swap for BitcoinBOSS holders, with this we intend to expand the number of exchanges where you can buy and sell BitcoinBOSS and at the same time reduce the amount of coins in circulation BitcoinBoss holders will receive free BOSS tokens in a 100:1 ratio during the PoW-PoS transition Algorithm Scrypt Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake RPC port 19609 P2P port 19610 Block reward 50 BOSS Block reward (PoS) 5 BOSS Last PoW block block 100000 Coin supply 5050000 PoW Premine amount 50000 BOSS Min. stake age 5 hours Max. stake age Unlimited Coinbase maturity 20 blocks Block time 5 minutes Harcoded nodes -WE DELIVER BOSS Using BOSS as removable OS is recommended if you do not want to install the system. For this our team recommends the use of persistent USB where your session is recorded and ready for the next login, find everything as you left it. BOSS makes available to its users the delivery of these persistent USB devices worldwide via regular mail or messaging. The flat rate of our installation on the USB and shipping to the user is USD 20 to which we must add the shipping costs in the options selected by the user. Please check with our team to process your shipment while this process is automated on our website. Order now your BOSS or a even more customized BOSS with your company requirements, logo etc. We deliver in CD, USB or SD card in your selected size from minimal 4GB, however 16GB and above are recommended. BOSS ''official'' LIVE OS will surely provide you with a safer computing vision overall. Mine BitcoinBoss at SALTPOOL https://saltpool.net Australian Mining Pool Payouts are made automatically every 1 hour for all balances above 0.01 every day. Stratum settings: Code: -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum.saltpool.net:3441 -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=BOSS Join our discord for support - https://discord.gg/FQ5cph5. pool BitcoinBOSS https://smithpool.net conf for miners (-a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum.smithpool.net:3337 -u yourwalletaddress -p c=BOSS) example -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum.smithpool.net:3337 -u yourwalletaddress -p c=BOSS,d=65000 or whatever you want block explorer discord support and coin request https://discord.gg/Zy5esd6 -DONATIONS ARE ESSENTIAL BOSS is, and always will be, free download software. The maintenance not only of domains, servers are expenses that have to run from our pockets. BitconBOSS development is also directly related to the number of donations, we all want a great exchange, but they charge amounts sometimes out of reach in a normal pocket. Undoubtedly, it is not money that motivates us to develop free software, obviously, but a donation in recognition of the work done and its value helps and motivates BOSS developers. We seriously need coffee. BTC: bc1qkf4h82trgnnu28kwpx2szh5wyhh7p50p829rvf BCH: qrefyg50gfztr83ej53jfyf00p7cdvmp9gs4r86s0e BSV: 19R7q5WxivorpbGn4ykasumgEVkHjWFtBK DAI: 0x62333FeA4Bf1cf681F5413d607c1c7B0E2C7C7B2 DASH: XdNBKz3rzULbxPQqtvbd6zahhE31sSjNdA ETH: 0x62333FeA4Bf1cf681F5413d607c1c7B0E2C7C7B2 LTC: Lff8qhi7HHVkTMZeU3hfiMoN41wkEnEJky USDT: 0x62333FeA4Bf1cf681F5413d607c1c7B0E2C7C7B2 XRP: rG5hhPrLW6NqUJCjj6kd3uTto6C7iyAp1S DOGE: DR6pGhexTXpn7Hv4AVWpgtcTX1kD2bbJp6 BOSS Bnr2DMYwatpaT6ZMN2AY3KexhUNGd3FXtj
  3. https://flame.exchange Features: Flame.Exchange focuses mainly on the following four points: Security - Built and maintained to the highest security practices to ensure our users and their funds are always protected. We encrypt your personal data and private keys with 256-bit encryption. Reliability - We strive to keep the best uptime possible (5nines) Privacy - You are not required to submit KYC documents until you trade $20,000+ in a space of 3 days Speed - We use a high speed caching CDN to deliver the fastest connections around the world More features: User metrics - Keep a tab on your buys, sells, histories, deposits, withdraws & logins Amazing Support - Extremely fast support responses. We don't wait around. You can also ask questions in our social groups. (Scroll up) Low fees - Fees as low as 0.015% Adjustable trading dashboard - You can rearrange tiles such as chart, markets, order book & more on our trading page. Multi-lingual support - Multiple major languages are built into the exchange Dark/Light mode - You can change to a darker or lighter theme at will Rewards: Later into our launch we will release a leaderboard system rewarding users with highest earning trades, most trades, most trade value, etc We will also announce weekly rewards on our social sites, (e.g. Telegram) so join and stay tuned for a chance to earn! Flamecoin: We are launching Flamcoin alongside Flame.Exchange. Flamecoin is a cryptocurrency based on Litecoin that will provide value as a coin to the exchange. Lots of coins will have trading pairs with Flamecoin, driving the price and demand of Flamecoin up, making this an investment opportunity towards Flame.Exchange Other stuff: We have a feedback & review thead here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5239037 We don't actually have many markets right now, so if you would like to list a coin, see the section below! Coin Listings: Your coin may be eligible for a free listing on Flame.Exchange! If you would like to apply, you can do so here: https://bit.ly/2xLf8fg You can also contact @AtomicLemon regarding any special terms, but if it's possible, the form is much appreciated Things to note: Throughout this week, we will be listing a lot more coins, markets and big updates, so stay tuned using our social channels. We are trying to move away from Discord and into Telegram as it's just much easier.
  4. We reach LEVEL 2 - Jackpot > 50 000 Tron Road map: - Improve the "about" website based on players questions and feedbacks. - Do a better front end on the website (we do know front end is not very good but we wanted to launch the website asap as long as all functions to interact with the contract works well, we think it is the most important). - Add more options on the website like : current total number of shares in the contract and also allow any visitor to see current jackpot and countdown even if they are not log into tronlink. - Improve the website speed. - Help other to create their own websites allowing access to the contract, and promoting them. - If players love this kind of progressive game we are ready to do develop it on other blockchains, please let us know by replying on this topic and let us know on which chain you'd love to bet. - We have a minor issue with the website: after you play and confirm the transaction with tronlink the website still indicate "mining transaction" during a long time but transaction is already accepted by the contract. You can refresh your browser with F5 to go faster. We will fix it asap. - The website can't give you current jackpot amount and countdown if you are not log into Tronlink we will see how to change it soon. If you have any feedback or question about this game please drop a reply in this topic.
  5. Social Networks: Telegram: https://t.me/affilcoin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/affilcoin.page Twitter: https://twitter.com/affiliate_coin Instagram: http://instagram.com/affilcoin Medium: https://medium.com/@affilcoinofficial Reddit: http://reddit.com/user/affilcoin Github: https://github.com/affilcoin-official Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/affil-blochain VK: https://vk.com/affilcoin Telegram Chat: https://t.me/affilcoin_chat Read more and register: http://bit.ly/AffilCoin_Register
  6. Interested in authors for https://bitlevex.com/blog/ If you have a relevant topic about crypto, investment or trading to share, earn on it! Relevant examples: https://bitlevex.com/blog/how-to-short-bitcoin-2020-future-strategy/ https://bitlevex.com/blog/ethereum-price-prediction-2020-the-funeral-of-altcoins/ https://bitlevex.com/blog/how-to-short-bitcoin-2020-future-strategy-2 https://bitlevex.com/blog/litecoin-halving-date-2023/ !!!All the languages are welcome!!! Requirements: Understanding how to use keywords in the text Knowledge about some specific topics in crypto, trading or investment Conditions: 5-50$ per article + 1$ for each 1000 views Home Classic Posts - Bitlevex Blog: https://bitlevex.com/blog/ Note: I was hired to post this message. Kindly don't send me your request via personal message. Contact them via e-mail: andrey@bitlevex.com or Telegram: @latvietis
  7. ROADMAP: Q1 2020 Private BRO limited to 150 investors Partnerships extension with international Accelerators & Incubators TOZEX Pre beta version : - Smart contract ERC20, ICO and Multisig externaly audited - Activation of KYC/AML checks - Buying Cryptocurrency with credit card. - Investor data requierements activated Q2 2020 Public BRO investment launched Tozex Beta version : - UI/UX interface refactored - Smart contract : STO and BRO integrated - Software and Hardware Wallet gateway integrations - Deposit and Withdraw swap functions - Decentralized order book enabled Q3 2020 First quarter BRO interests distributed. Listing TOZ token exclusively on our exchange First financed projects Compliance with international standards - ISO/TC307 Q4 2020 Tozex final version published Second quarter BRO interests distributed. OTC desk service USA & JAPAN Financial services licence (FIAT Deposit)
  8. Lite Whitepaper | Blockchain Document | Token Economics | Pitch Deck
  9. #Covir is powered by http://octopusrobots.com for the financing of international licenses for robotic disinfection systems based on the #Tezos #blockchain. The #PoS protocol and full formal verification make the network completely secure. Read more: https://covir.io
  10. There are no Secrets to be a Successful Investors, Goldario is providing a Platform to Succeed. Due to price stability, investing in diamonds and other precious stones is the best option for those who want to protect their finances from the effects of inflation. From this point of view, investing in precious stones is really cost-effective, you protect your money from depreciation.
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