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  1. WEBSITE | MEDIUM | REDDIT | TELEGRAM GROUP | TELEGRAM CHANNEL | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK ONE PAGER | WHITE PAPER | JOIN PRIVATE ROUND Standout Features: •BuyAnyLight (BAL) is associated with Almani Lighting which is a leading light sourcing company in the UAE market •Buy Any Light is a fully established marketplace. You can start sourcing lighting products now at your website buyanylight.com •Buy Any Light Platform offers a seamless and user friendly Interface •BuyAnyLight offers filtered quotations that add to convenience for buyers •BuyAnyLight Platform enables trustless payments •Cheapest prices for buyers by connecting them with the right manufacturers while ruling out the role of retailers •Sellers can enjoy the benefits of e-commerce without having to develop a front-end store •Reduced transaction costs enabled by blockchain and tokenized payments •Liquidity offered through tokenization and listing on crypto-asset exchanges •Offering a token with by real-life utility •SEED Round Investment of USD 2 Million is already achieved OUR AIRDROP IS LIVE Earn Up to 100 BAL Tokens Via our Airdrop •Chat with BAL Telegram bot •Pass the human verification test •Submit your name and email address (Verify with code) •Join the Telegram group and Telegram channel •Signup into the website or sign in with google •You will receive 15 BAL Tokens. •You can earn 5 Extra BAL Tokens per extra step. •Once you have completed all of the optional steps as well, you will get a unique referral code. Share it with your friends and family to get an additional 5 BAL Tokens per successful referral made through your link. Please note that the maximum number of referrals a single person can make is 25. To Know more, check this article. We are delighted to share that Buy Any Light is participating in the Light Middle East Fair, whereby we are sponsored by German Embassy, Dubai. Anyone nearby can give us a visit at Booth number 3, H2, World Trade Center, Dubai UAE.
  2. Tachyon Protocol Announcement Join Our Airdrop Now! $6200 VSYS AIRDROP! From Oct 21st - Nov 16th!
  3. ESAX TECHNOLOGIES FOR SECTORAL COMPANIES, PAYMENT SYSTEMS AND LOAN APPLICATIONS, USER-CENTRIC CENTRALIZED EXCHANGE AND P2P ESCROW TRADING WHITEPAPER | WEBSITE | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN | MEDIUM | REDDIT What is ESAX? ESAX Technologies, since 1999, is a company providing services on information security and software. Since 2018, we are been working on blockchain technologies. So far, we are been working on information security, software and payment systems in the textile and chemical sectors. For ESAX, the blockhcain is an opportunity. Blockchain unique to the central, high security, privacy protection features and P2P tecnology together, you can create a new world, the advantages that blockchain can bring, such as the absence of a central organization's control, high security anonymity, user full control and so on, ESAX is an online payment gateway that makes payments easier. ESAX offers global commerce tools that can be used to accept payments and build businesses. It allows enterprises to develop their own experiences and expand their businesses around the world. This payment service enables you to provide efficient support makes payment and money transfer procedures efficient and simple day-to-day transactions and cash management. If you find yourself in a situation where time is of the essence, you need to have a suitable facility that would enable you to make a quick transaction with anyone from wherever you are. It is precisely for these situations in life that we bring to you ESAX. What we offer? ESAX technologies, for sectoral companies, will offer payment system and central exchange platform services with the application of credit. Our project consists of three parts. 1. ESAXC PAYMENT SYSTEM AND LOAN APPLICATION What is ESAXC? - It is a blockchain based application to be developed by ESAX Technologies. - ESAXC is a fixed-price, independent and fully secure crypto money. - ESAXC will offer intercompany payments and credit opportunities in the chemical industry. - ESAXC will only be used in the business field. shall not be offered to the public. - We are developing a special application for ESAXC Coin - With this application, companies will be able to pay and credit transactions easily and with - 100% security - ESAXC price is 1 USD. The price will not change - You can change the ESAXC Coin at any time to the local currency on the ESAX Exchange platform - Transactions are completely free. - If desired, you can trade in the crypto currency exchange by converting esaxc coin into ESAX token. - You can get an ESAXC money loan with no formalities with very low interest rates. - Easy contact between wallets we will provide the e-mail service for you. - 24-hour help with live support WHY ESAXC PLATFORM? - No waiting and unnecessary procedures for international money transfer - 24 hours, 7 days time and day unlimited payment opportunity. - Easy solutions to loan needs - Easy and safe handling. - Cold wallet support - Not affected by changes with fixed price guarantee - With ESAX Exchange support, convert to any currency type or crypto currency type you want 2. ESAX CENTRALIZED EXCHANGE PLATFORM ESAX WILL HAVE IT'S OWN EXCHANGE PLATFORM. ESAX EXCHANGE WILL BE ABLE TO TRADE ESAX TOKEN AND ESAXC COINS. IT'S A REAL-TIME AUTOMATIC TRADING PLATFORM PROVIDING CUSTOMERS WITH CRYPTO-TO-CRYPTO TRADING PAIRS FOR COINS AND UTILITY TOKENS ONLY. WE COMMIT TO INNOVATE AND IMPROVE THESE EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGES TECHNOLOGIES TO BRING OUR CUSTOMER THE BEST TRADİIG EXPERIENCE EVER! WHY ESAX EXCHANGE ? * PEER TO PEER NETWORK * HIGH SPEED TRANSACTION * SECURITY SYSTEM AND INSEPARABLE * HIGH LEVEL OF ANONYMITY * FEES FREE * 90% OF THE ASSETS ARE STORED IN A COLD WALLET. When will ESAX EXCHANGE start? Safety tests of the platform are currently under way. Will be activated in the second quarter of November 2019. The interface you see on our website is not our actual interface. We have a very advanced and complicated application, we think you will like it when it is active. ESAX Exchange Beta Version : https://esax.tech/Exchange/ 3. ESAX TOKEN ESAX Token is the ERC20 based token of the platform. ESAX Token is designed for easytrading on exchange lists for ESAXC coins. ESAX Token, will be processed in our own platform and listed secondary stock exchange process. You can find ESAX token information at this link: https://etherscan.io/token/0xa7b87611a9577cb8ad3f9b1e85e7884933603405 ESAX Token Distribution: Our goal is to increase the value of ESAX Token to $ 0.1 in early 2020 with the support of our valued investors. Why ESAX Token total supply 10 Billion? ESAX Token is not a token for public sale only. This is because a large part of it will be used in the ESAXC application. ESAX Token 80% of total supply will be used in ESAXC application and will not be public sale. Companies will be able to convert existing ESAXC Coins into whatever currency they wish and use ESAX Token in credit transactions. Only 500 Million ESAX Tokens have been sold to the public. The tokens allocated for the ESAXC application are kept at this address and are all locked. https://etherscan.io/token/0xa7b87611a9577cb8ad3f9b1e85e7884933603405?a=0x39822f2d03d5032f079d4a60b51407140b5bf645 You can also track the amount of ESAX tokens available for public sale at this address https://etherscan.io/token/0xa7b87611a9577cb8ad3f9b1e85e7884933603405?a=0x1ea51ffbf198b1d10b999e1ef9b49af50ae34515 Will the ESAX Token be the mainnet? Yes, ESAX Token mainnet will be made. ESAX Token to be converted to stable coin. a. When will the ESAX Token be converted to ESAX Coin? We will complete the mainnet before our project ICO is finished. 01 December 2019–15 January 2020 is our current planning. b. How much will the rate of change? 1 ESAX Token = 1 ESAX Coin c. How and where to make Token swap? It will be made on our own exchange platform between the dates specified. d. Will the ESAX Token not be traded on the exchanges until January 15, 2020? Yes, ESAX Token will continue to be traded on the exchanges. ESAX Coin to be listed on exchanges during mainnet. Once mainnet is complete, ESAX Tokens from all exchanges and all wallets will be collected and burned. FINANCE PLAN As ESAX technologies, we started our project with a financial resource of $ 500,000. This financial resource, %50 research & development %20 staff salaries %20 marketing %10 other expenses. Of course, this financial resource is not sufficient for our project to be accepted and usable worldwide. Therefore, we provide financial resources through the sale of ESAX Token. We launched an ICO for ESAX Token on March 11, 2019. still in progress. Our targets with the ESAX Token ICO, TOKEN PRICE : 0.025 USD SOFT CAP. : 2.500.000 USD HARD CAP.: 10.000.000 USD MARKET AND COMPETITORS -MARKET- The progress and development of our project is as follows. As of June 14, 2019, ESAX Token was listed in the secondary stock markets and the transaction was opened. We continue to market our project in all kinds of social platforms. -COMPETITORS- Our project offers payment and credit opportunities among blockchain-based sector companies. The constant price of the ESAXC coin and the exchange service at the same time makes it an unrivalled position. For the time being, blockchain-based companies do not have a platform that offers fixed price, credit facility and stock market service. Our project promises the future. We work hard to provide the best service and be unrivalled on the market RISK If our project does not get enough investment during the development stage, it will be difficult to achieve a truly accepted point in the world. if we don't reach our soft cap target, we might have to stop our project. This risk is available in all blockchain-based projects. But as ESAX Technologies, if our project does not reach its target within 1 year, we guarantee our investors to pay back. OUR TEAM ESAX IEO LISTED P2PB2B ESAX Token IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) started to p2pb2b.io IEO Start Date : 04 November 2019 08:00 (UTC+0) IEO Finish Date : 11 November 2019 08:00 (UTC+0) IEO Price : 0,02 USD Accept Curr. : BTC, ETH, USDT Hard Cap. : 1.000.000 USD IEO join link : https://p2pb2b.io/token-sale/ESAX/1 ESAX IEO LISTED LUKKI EXCHANGE ESAX Token IEO (İnitial Exchange Offering) started to lukki.io IEO Start Date : October 11, 2019 IEO Finish Date : November 11, 2019 IEO Price : 1 ESAX : 0,025 USD Bonus : %25 Accept Curr. : BTC, ETH, USDT Hard Cap. : 2.500.000 USD IEO join link : https://app.lukki.io/ieo-list/0936580a-b3ff-48ec-a37f-afd238050033 ESAX ICO ONGOING By joining ICO you can also buy tokens. (KYC is not required) * ICO Price : 0,02 USD * Bonus : %25 (Can be increased in high investment) * Accept Curr. : BTC, ETH, XLM, LTC (for BTC extra %10 Bonus) * Participate in ICO : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHIkW-H35KXpp5ooypVl2TOEKNy0Mcndkh-SvZaBKsp1Bjwg/viewform
  4. Cryptoknowmics is an innovative and decentralized platform that serves almost every aspect of the crypto space. It aims to be the top destination and the largest media portal in the crypto space and the all-in-one solution for information and services for the industry. In other words, this project is about building a Financial Times or a Wall Street Journal for the crypto world with many additional features. The real innovation lies in the content strategy where the users are incentivized for almost every action they take on the platform including simply reading a news release or an article. There is no news provider that would incentivize its readers, this is an industry first. Cryptoknowmics is building a decentralized all-in-one platform that covers almost every aspect of the crypto space and would be the obvious source for reliable information and services for the industry. In other words, it is building a Financial Times or all Street Journal for the crypto world with many additional features. The innovation of the platform lies in the content strategy where the users are incentivized for almost every action they take on the platform. Link to our website: https://www.cryptoknowmics.io/, https://www.cryptoknowmics.com/ Link to our Whitepaper: https://www.cryptoknowmics.io/#whitepaper BOUNTY THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5174107.0 Private-Sale – 10th Jul 2019 IEO- Coming soon Social Media Communities Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/cryptoknowmics/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/official_ckm Linkedin Page - https://www.linkedin.com/company/18278944/admin/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/cryptoknowmic/?hl=en Telegram - https://t.me/cryptoknowmic Medium - https://medium.com/@CKMofficial Reddit:- https://www.reddit.com/r/ckm_official/ Cryptoknowmics ( CKM ) Airdrop Cryptoknowmics is an innovative and decentralized platform that serves almost every aspect of the crypto space. It aims to be the top destination and the largest media portal in the crypto space and the all-in-one solution for information and services for the industry. In other words, this project is about building a Financial Times or a Wall Street Journal for the crypto world with many additional features. The real innovation lies in the content strategy where the users are incentivized for almost every action they take on the platform including simply reading a news release or an article. There is no news provider that would incentivize its readers, this is an industry first. Link to our website: https://www.cryptoknowmics.io/, https://www.cryptoknowmics.com/ Link to our Whitepaper: https://www.cryptoknowmics.io/#whitepaper CKM Airdrop Starts- 10th Jul 2019 CLAIM UPTO $1,000,000 WORTH OF TOKENS! Individual Rewards $ 5 to $ 25,000 Sign Up and Verify your mail - 50 Points Follow to our Facebook Page - 100 Points Follow us on Twitter - 100 Points Follow us on Instagram - 100 Points Follow us on Medium - 100 Points Follow our LinkedIn Page - 100 Points Join our Reddit Group - 100 Points Like & Retweet our post on Twitter - 100 Points Referral - 100 Points Daily tasks are added for more points Check your position on the leaderboard and claim rewards according to a position.
  5. WEBSITE | TELEGRAM | WHITE PAPER Welcome to Zynecoin Accompany Africa's Potential ICO Rounds In reference Darim, Youssef. Head of Development at Zynecoin. “Théorie Des Jeux.” Davalan, 2011, jeux-et-mathematiques.davalan.org/jeux/minimax/dil/DilItPris_Youssef_Darim_j2011.pdf.
  6. Incentivizing the mass compute power of IoT devices to form a means of anonymous, browser-based blockchain payments. you-Plexa Plexa - To interlink multiple smaller threads to form one master thread. Airdrop: https://uplexa.com/airdrop The uPlexa blockchain will be powered by the billions of untapped IoT devices currently in-use in our world. This is done by using our modified CryptoNight algorithm in order to provide a viable option to IoT users in order to help pay a proportion of their electricity of running said devices. uPlexa's mining audience are individuals with IoT devices, or webmasters with high-volume websites. With the uPlexa Near-Zero Congestion Model (NZCM) webmasters may incentivize their users to mine for their company(s) in order to credit their users with rewards, whilst performing off-chain transactions to lessen the network load and increase transaction capacity. Targeting individual IoT devices and webmasters will help create one of the most decentralized networks. The uPlexa team has a strong focus on creating an innovating IoT mining experience, whilst also preventing ASIC miners from exploiting our network. However, IoT mining is not our soul purpose. uPlexa thrives to provide a form of adoption via anonymous service provider payments, and it's very own eCommerce platform targeting anonymous transactions for both store owners, and store clients. Today, we announce our Airdrop to build out our initial community and team. By signing up to our Airdrop, you will receive 450 uPlexa coins, plus however many from participating in optional bonuses found on the Airdrop dashboard. You will also become an Early Access Member. Early Access Members will receive numerous benefits such as, but not limited to: •Beta Mine Period •Challenges, Bonuses and Rewards •Voting Privileges •Plexor Discord Title •...and more! Coin information: Name: uPlexa Ticker: UPX Coin Supply: 10,500,000,000 Airdrop Amount: 36,750,000 UPX Algorithm: Modified CryptoNight-Light Variant 1 Premine Amount: 7% (For the infrastructure, bounties, airdrops, exchanges, partnerships, and the team) URL: https://uplexa.com Whitepaper: https://uplexa.com/content/uPlexa-Whitepaper-EN.pdf Airdrop: https://uplexa.com/airdrop Roadmap: Q4 - 2018: •October 3rd: Website & Airdrop Launch •October 21st: Official Access to the Web Wallet opens •October 24th: Beta IoT Mine Starts •November 1st: Resume work on eCommerce Platform •November 21st: Airdrop closes, Early Access Membership permanently closed •November 24th: Beta Mine Closes •December 1st: Official Coin Launch, Open Source, GUI Wallets, Mining Software (Win/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS), Pool, Efforts towards obtaining internet & telecom partnerships & listings on exchanges •December 14th: Launch Mobile Wallet •December 27th: Launch NZCM API Q1 - 2019: •Bonus Event •Mass marketing & adoption •Release of additional IoT mining Software (Android TV & WebOS) •First Hardfork (Possible PoW update) •Community software releases for adoption/usage Q2 - 2019: •Progress report & Beta Signup for our eCommerce platform •NZCM Micro-transactions Update for Next Fork based on Adoption, Price, and Global Hashrate •Continual attendance of Blockchain Events to promote our service, and seek strategic partnerships •Launch eCommerce Platform in Beta Q3 - 2019: •Our Second Hardfork (Possible PoW Update), NZCM Update •Release of OpSec related Software for uPlexa Users •Final revision prior to the release of the uPlexa eCommerce platform •Continued Efforts on IoT Mining Software Q4 - 2019: •Release of our eCommerce Platform to the Public •...and more! Stay tuned for updates. Follow us on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/uplexacoin Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/uPlexa/ Discord: https://discord.gg/a7mAQwJ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uPlexa/ GitHub: https://github.com/uplexa
  7. WEBSITE | DISCORD | BITCOINTALK ANN | REDDIT Announcing Möbius 2D - the future of decentralized gaming! We are releasing our first game and by participating in it, you also become our token holder! Token holders will receive part of ALL future revenue of this and any other projects we develop. What is Möbius 2D? It was inspired by FOMO3D, but it is built from the ground up with efficiency and user friendliness in mind. It is an investment/lottery game with different mechanics which allows you to make a profit. Players in each round of this game are called investors. *Investors can buy shares. The last person to buy a share is the one who will win the big jackpot once the timer runs out. *Each share bought adds 5 minutes to the timer, up to a max of 24 hours. *Share price stays constant until the hard deadline (30 days from the start of a round). After that share price doubles every hour - this makes sure that a round has an ending, and that there are more returns to late investors. *Buying any number of shares during the round brings passive income (returns). Returns are available in real time! You can reinvest your returns or withdraw ETH the moment someone invests after you. *You can set your nickname, which will appear on the stats, to pretty much anything (including emojis ) *Once you set your nickname you can share a referral link and earn part of what others invest via your link, with no downside to them (or you can give yourself a 1% discount by using your own ref link ) *Investing more than 0.1 ETH at a time brings you several advantages: - You get bonus shares (literally more returns on investment) - You have a chance to win an ETH airdrop * For every share you buy in the first round of Möbius 2D you also get one M2D token (if you invest >0.1 ETH you also get a discount on the tokens). Tokens are limited to the number of shares sold during the first round - when the round ends, minting is finished and no more tokens will be created. *Token holders will receive 9% of the future revenue generated by Möbius 2D, and any further games we develop! Our 2D Investment Scheme is Better Because: *2D is better than 3D in terms of returns on investment. *Our code is better (check it out on etherscan) *Our website is also completely decentralized and we couldn't take it down even if we wanted to (hosted on IPFS) *We hope to create a friendlier community, and to do that 10% of all M2D tokens will be used for community initiatives and bounties (check out our Discord) ICO Goals: *Our first priority after the ICO is to create a UI for dividends withdrawal (you can always get your dividends by directly interacting with the contract using Myetherwallet or similar). *50 ETH raised: a decentralized exchange where people can freely trade their tokens. Fees from the exchange will also be shared with token holders. *100 ETH raised: a dice game with special Möbius mechanics. *500 ETH raised: a P2P betting platform - it will start with being able to place simple bets against other players (on dice rolls, price of ETH, or or others), but it will evolve into more complex mechanics. *1000 ETH raised: develop a complete suite of games which work together. We are going to be closely listening to the community, especially our token holders, for feedback and future product requests. We hope to create a truly decentralized community where we deliver what the community wants in a decentralized and unstoppable way. What You Need to Play: You'll need Metamaskfor chrome, or a mobile Web3 browser. Visit M2D.win(or any of the direct IPFS gateway links below) and buy your first share! If you have any questions, drop us a line here or on discord! Resources: https://M2D.win (uses the cloudflare IPFS gateway - if unavailable use another gateway below) DISCORD - For more details and real time discussion Detailed Specification Main Contract Address: 0xa74642aeae3e2fd79150c910eb5368b64f864b1e TokenAddress 0x54cdc9d889c28f55f59f6b136822868c7d4726fc Nickname Registrar Address 0x4d6ec066345e3466d9e970caad4732983ae4bc2c IPFS Hash QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe Different IPFS Gateways links (if one is down, you can visit another one): Infura https://ipfs.infura.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe IPFS.io https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe IPFS.io 2 https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe CloudFlare https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe Siderus https://siderus.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe
  9. BITCOINTALK | WEBSITE | BLOCK EXPLORER | DISCORD CHANNEL | AIRDROP | TWITTER | GITHUB Coin Specifications Coin name : METACASH Coin ticker : META Algorithm : Scrypt Pos-v2 Total supply : 30 000 000 META Reward : 120% p.a. interest Coinbase maturity : 8 Blocks Transaction confirmations : 4 Blocks Target spacing : 1 Block Minimum stake age : 6 Hours Maximum stake age : Unlimited Premine : 5% + PoW blocks * P2P Port : 40293 RPC Port : 40294 Project Roadmap June'18 - July'18 Project is public BC start First website Presale opened August'18 Explorer opened Paper Wallet Generator Exchange voting opened First exchange opened "We Are Here" Airdrop starting Website Update Promo bounties opened Whale Club opened October'18 - November'18 Presale Closed Next exchanges opened Next exchanges voting White Paper released "Hold & Earn" Airdrop opened December'18 - Q1/Q2 2019 Faucet opened Web Wallet for META + 3 Extra currencies "The Last Rain" Airdrop opened More Exchanges listing Preview of Andromeda Q2-Q4 2019 Project Andromeda Released ( Socialized wallet for all platforms and devices , with new BC features , multi-currency support , textable links , short-code coupons , cold storage in text , multi-accounting) Premine Information Full premined amount of coins is moved to Community , Presale and Dev Funds. All premined coins will be used in Presale , Airdrops , Bounties and Dev support. Presale Program Total coins reserved for Presale Program is 100 000 META , Current price is 0.0004 BTC / per 1.00 META Minimum order is 200.00 META ( increasing by multiples of 100.00 META ) Please, for more informations check the WEBSITE Community Airdrops Metacash META will be distributed via community airdrops. For first Airdrop block is set 12 3 weekly rounds with 40 000 META coins per one round. Coins will be divided among all participants by the same amount of coins. Airdrop 1 "We Are Here" is closed for new participants. Registrations to second long term Airdrop "Hold & Earn" has been opened For more informations and for registration , check WEBSITE Verifications Our team are verified on KYD White Papers White Paper Te/PreR1_0 Listed on Porfolio Apps DELTA BLOCKFOLIO Listed on Services LiveCoinWatch CoinLib Faucets Official Metacash Faucet Exchanges Crex24.com Exchange BITGLO.io Exchange AIODEX.com Exchange - SOON Please, take to us your vote and help us to be listed on SouthXchange.com exchange SouthXchange.com Exchange - VOTING Please, take to us your vote and help us to be listed on CoinPulse.io exchange CoinPulse.io Exchange - VOTING Please, take to us your vote and help us to be listed on Xiphos exchange Xiphos Exchange - VOTING Wallets & Source Windows-Qt x64 | Linux-Qt x64 | MacOS/OsX-Qt | Raspberry Pi-Qt | Linux Daemon | Source code Please, read instructions on Discord about installing wallets PAPER WALLET RELEASED Translation Bounty First offer will win reward : Reward per translation is 40.00 META Please , send your translated post and wallet address to Mod on discord server. Do not post your addresses here on bitcointalk thread. Thanks TR CLICK HERE HINDI CLICK HERE ID CLICK HERE PL CLICK HERE VN CLICK HERE RO CLICK HERE ES CLICK HERE FR CLICK HERE RU CLICK HERE Discord Invite Bounty Please, read instructions on Metacash community channel on Discord server Exchange voting Bounties Please, read instructions on Metacash community channel on Discord server Promotion Bounties Please, read instructions on Metacash community channel on Discord server Updates 30.07.2018 - Mandatory Update for Airdrop rules 03.08.2018 - ESCODEX exchange listing has been submitted 04.08.2018 - Paper wallet released 06.08.2018 - First round of first Airdrop is done , 40 000 META is distributed 06.08.2018 - Problem with phishing false flags is resolved 10.08.2018 - Presale closed 10.08.2018 - New website released 10.08.2018 - New airdrop rules released 10.08.2018 - New roadmap released 11.08.2018 - Escodex Exchange is opened 12.08.2018 - Whale Club is opened 13.08.2018 - We are accepted on AIODEX Exchange 15.08.2018 - Registrations to first Airdrop "We Are Here" is closed 15.08.2018 - Registrations to second Airdrop "Hold & Earn" has been opened 16.08.2018 - Crex24 Exchange soon 18.08.2018 - We are listed on Crex24 Exchange 18.08.2018 - We are voting for listing on Xiphos Exchange 19.08.2018 - Listed on DELTA App 19.08.2018 - Listed on BLOCKFOLIO App 19.08.2018 - Mandatory Update for Airdrops 19.08.2018 - Listed on LiveCoinWatch 20.08.2018 - Airdrop "We Are Here " is ended 20.08.2018 - Airdrop "Hold & Earn" is opened 21.08.2018 - Listed on CoinLib 21.08.2018 - Listing to CMC submitted 24.08.2018 - White Paper Te/PreR1_0 released 25.08.2018 - We are listed on BITGLO.io Exchange 27.08.2018 - Our team are verified on KYD 28.08.2018 - Official Faucet has been released
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  11. Website - Telegram - Facebook - Twitter - Reddit - Instagram PREICO IS LIVE! visit https://mafdash.makeafolio.comto participate What is MAKEAFOLIO, INC? How Does MAKEAFOLIO, INC. Differ From Other Platforms? With our interactive tutorials, mentorship programs, easy-to-create portfolios, and social features, you will be a cryptocurrency expert in no time. We will break down barriers and become the industry standard for all things crypto-related, from creating your first paper wallet to learning how to buy the bottom and sell the top. You will be able to stay up to date on all ICOs and know if they are suitable by viewing their MAF rating from the token directory. MAKEAFOLIO, INC. Mentorship Program When the user first signs up for MAKEAFOLIO, they will be presented with the option to choose their experience level. There will be 4 levels that they may choose from (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert). If the user selects “Novice” or “Intermediate,” MAKEAFOLIO will automatically present them with the option of joining the MAF Mentorship Program. Within the MAF Mentorship Program there will be guides and tutorials on how to complete simple tasks within the cryptocurrency space, including how to create a safe offline paper wallet, the dos and don'ts of cryptocurrency, stay safe, move your tokens, do technical analysis on charts, general crypto terms, spot a good ICO, and many other helpful topics. If a user selects the novice level, they will be given the option to have a free mentor within our MAF mentor program, providing the basic knowledge of how the blockchain works. These tutorials will be interactive, and once complete, will earn the user achievement points for doing so. MAKEAFOLIO, INC. Bounty Campaigns! (All Found Here) For more detail on everything MAF related, please visit our Website. Updates to be added soon, stay tuned!
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