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  1. There is a wise saying “A good plan completes 50% of a job”. Before making investments to any financial market, I finalize my plan first. The first step of my plan was choosing a good broker or platform. Also I came to learn one thing is that learning is the first and foremost part in any business. But having lots of personal and official work it was really impossible to handle all of the investments issues for me. Therefore I had to choose an investment platform that is WOTA. Why did I choose it over any platforms? Yes, there is a very specific reason that is to confirm profit 35% to 50
  2. A crypto coin is an alternative currency that is not linked to any one particular currency. But we are seeing something really different than before that is news sensitivity. Once Elon Musk started talking about it the price is just getting up day by day. As a crypto trader I did not miss that chance once I saw a news on Shysatoshi blog about Elon Musk, I took part in Bitcoin and Doge and I got a handsome profit from it. So its must to follow up on with such Crypto currency blog for crypto fans. http://www.shysatoshi.com/
  3. Seeking for investments where you feel comfortable and secure? With the right platform, that desire is not impossible. Now is your chance to do that by growing your Ethereum with WOTA. While there are hundreds of investment platforms on the internet, the WOTA platform stands out due to its potential-profit sharing opportunity that it presents. With WOTA, you can choose to reinvest or accumulate your earnings every month or your capital at the end of your subscription. How does WOTA work and why should you join the WOTA app? What Is the Wota app (enterwota)? WOTA is an inve
  4. With the increased adoption of blockchain technology for wealth creation, the need to take advantage of blockchain to generate passive income cannot be overemphasized. In a bid to give more crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to increase their income streams, the team behind Psychic Finance is pleased to announce the introduction of its yield farming and prediction market. Psychic Finance is a blockchain-powered platform that gives investors the opportunity to earn income from yield farming and on the prediction market. Psychic Finance has a native token with the symbol PSY. Users can
  5. To be a successful trader or investor you need to manage your equity rationally. Stocks and equity are the same, as both represent the ownership in an entity and are traded on the stock exchanges. But managing equity is a giant task for a single person. I am as a professional trader I need a third party to manage my equity with some automated tools for example equity spreadsheet. I recently subscribed to stockologi and it’s serving me really conveniently. https://www.stockologi.com/
  6. Blockchain without any doubt is one of the greatest technologies. One major reason blockchain is not fully adopted today is because of the challenges of understanding and implementing the technology. However, it is now changing with Chaingateway, everything is simplified. They make it easy for online stores to accept existing Stable coins, their own tokens, or offer different cryptocurrencies and receive Instant Payment Notification (IPN). Exchanges can also use ChainGateway’s API to offer various tokens, including Tron and Ethereum. Companies in the blockchain business and crypto project
  7. Crypto affiliate programs are the same as any other affiliate program out there. Anyone who has a voice out there can join the crypto affiliate programs. Making money online is not hard anymore with different crypto affiliate programs. I can monetize any of my platforms be it a blog, YouTube channel, Twitter handle, a Facebook or Instagram page, as long as I have people who listen to me. It is time to rise up and earn some crypto with affiliate partners and make money out of my internet time.
  8. In this paper, we will be dissecting the new Cryptocurrency platform that trades without internet connectivity. The location, status, and internet connectivity charges will no longer matter. With the Call IVR SYSTEM Option, one can either call or SMS to complete a transaction. There have been delays in Cryptocurrency trading due to delayed transfer confirmation processes. Another big challenge has been the internet connectivity in some areas or the costs associated with it. The most interesting part of this platform is the way it transacts. It is very fast and incorporates everyone who has a p
  9. One of the most promising use cases of the technology is a decentralized exchange. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Blockchain plays a huge role in dealing with the problems associated with the use of centralized exchanges and also keeping track of digital assets in an efficient way. Today, decentralized exchanges manage between 1% and 5% of the total trading volumes. This figure is even expected to grow to around 20% in the months ahead. While there are several cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, a new exchange that is about to birth and promises to revolutionize the curren
  10. Since the creation of Ethereum, the decentralized Finance movement has been at the forefront of blockchain innovations. Decentralized Finance applications are permissionless; anybody with a digital wallet and a strong internet connection can interact with them. A new concept that has emerged from the DeFi movement is yield farming. At its core, yield farming is a way to earn rewards as a crypto holder using liquidity protocols. With yield farming, there is no point keeping your digital assets idle when you can put them to work. In view of the above, the team behind RiveMont is pleased to
  11. Forex and crypto are the biggest financial markets in the world with most fluctuations. Millions of people come to the forex and crypto trade across the world. So, you need to have at least basic training to survive here. So, knowledge is a must for every forex trader. Bitcoin Profit App has a ton of real information about forex, bitcoin, finance, and economy. The most amazing thing is that registration is 100% free, anyone who is +18 of age can register and explore more about this private brokers by experts choice where unlimited possibilities to earn in the Forex/Crypto/CFD market are a
  12. This article refers to Mr. Philipp L. We will not write the whole last name of the respective person because we don’t want to harm his reputation long term. We want to give him a chance to change to a better. This person gives income claims and guarantees to his students for 5 figure income opportunities but the vendor does 100% know that the income proof cannot be delivered within the money back guarantee. I have 2 family members who got themselves into a debt trap since they invested their last life savings for the offers provided and endorsed by click funnels and Mr. Rüssel Branson.
  13. With many options available for investors, yield farming seems to be very popular among these options. It is another means whereby investors can earn income from investing in digital financial assets. Today, we have seen the impact cryptocurrency is making in the financial industry. We are experiencing mind-blowing innovations with the help of cryptocurrency. Taking advantage of these potentials is essential, especially if you are an investor. Liquid mining or yield farming is a sure way of generating incoming using your cryptocurrency. Liquid mining allows you to invest in crypto
  14. Since the advent of blockchain technology, Ethereum smart contract has so many use cases that have benefited crypto enthusiasts. While there are lots of smart contract-powered investments, one that is offering royalty to Ethereum holders is Tecnieum. What is Tecnieum? Tecnieum is a Blockchain based Decentralized Application that runs on Ethereum Smart Contract Network for Ethereum Investors with a Contract Address: 0x93d46cb0c4980c93e227ee0e094187e9d57f49de. We offer a Blockchain Technology Royalty for Ethereum Investors by allowing our sophisticated Bot trade for Ethereum use
  15. This is the greatest broker of all-time, and there is no an inch of doubt, as I believe it is must to be with a good broker that we can rely and trust upon.
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