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  1. Cryptocurrency trading is a rapidly growing business that enables investors, entrepreneurs and enterprises to exchange cryptocurrencies for assets like fiat money and other digital currencies. Blockchain developers merge artificial intelligence (AI) with cryptocurrency trading platforms to enable efficient and secure transactions. Artificial intelligence has had a huge impact on the future of bitcoin. This is largely due to advances in big data, which have made AI more versatile than ever. AI-powered cryptocurrency trading platforms enable investors to identify unique profitable patterns and trade accordingly. Brokers and traders can reinvest their savings in viable cryptocurrency projects using such platforms. If you take a look at the crypto space, there are several AI-powered crypto trading platforms. But one platform that's like a game-charger is the B-cube.ai platform. Let's take a look at what B-cube is about and what they have in stock. About B-cube.ai: B-cube is a French-based startup using cutting edge software, designed to provide a simple and secure online trading environment for customers of all levels of experience. The powerful decentralized trading platform incorporates a sophisticated system of trading indicators and Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision-making tools which allows users to intuitively build cryptocurrency trades and build wealth. B-cube.ai is responsive, secure and accessible to all customers, no matter the background or level of trading experience. They use an artificial intelligence algorithm to predict price trends on popular crypto markets. Based on this algorithm, they analyze alternative data and use machine learning to generate trading signals. The signals are only visible after you’ve registered on their platform – the registration is free until December 31st, 2019. Why Trade On B-cube.ai? B-cube.ai is not only a platform to assist traders with technical analysis, it also provides sentiment analysis and opens a wide range of possibilities that permits Artificial Intelligence to develop financial models. The platform is a simple-to-use system for trading in cryptocurrencies. Customer defines their goals and trading parameters and the system does the rest. B-cube.ai ties into their client’s cryptocurrency exchange account and uses AI Bots to make trades on the client’s behalf. Unlike other systems, B-cube.ai customers don’t need in-depth experience in the cryptocurrency market to begin using their platform. The simple to use program allows their customers to start using the tool immediately – no complicated learning curve. In early November 2019, B-cube.ai released their MVP only for the trading signal part. Plus, their strategies which are developed in-house are doing great on Exchanges such as Binance and Bitmex. New users on the B-cube.ai platform would enjoy free registration until the end of December 2019. Benefits Of Using B-cube.ai Platform ● Bot: Profit Proven and Time Tested AI trade bot. The bot protects users’ money by automatically capping their losses. ● Forecast and Predictions: B-cube.ai accurately forecast the value of an asset. They provide precise inputs which investors need to manage their cryptocurrency investments better. ● Transactions: AI precisely forecasts the risks and uncertainties associated with crypto trading, to minimize loses. It provides a comprehensive market analysis to channelize trader's direct investments towards greater profitability. B-cube.ai enables traders to effectively conduct transactions in the crypto market. ● Trading Signals: Compared to other platforms, B-cube.ai has amazing trading signals which users can leverage to see results and smile to the bank. As soon the bots are activated in the second quarter of 2020, this benefit will stop. Competition Awards The following are the competition awards earned by B-cube.ai across Europe: ● First price at Centrale Numerique 2019 competition from alumni network ● First prize startup stage at Startup Live Budapest 2019 ● First price at Open Blockchain Startup Pitch Night Budapest 2019 Wondering how to get started on the B-cube.ai platform? Visit their MVP link via https://www.b-cube.ai/
  2. Most people often suffer massive losses at online trading than the success they ever desired. It is important to know that online trading remains a unique ballgame from investing. When talking about online trading, you will not find any fixed regulations. Online trading success comes from a set of special practices that traders have used over the years. Trading today is beyond someone using a phone to buy and market stock. Poor trading sizing, having the wrong mindset, holding on to losses, over-trading, black-and-white perception, looking for instant gratification, risk-reward ratio too low, going in without a plan, not working with a mentor, and looking for shortcuts have made many people fail at online trading. Internet trading remains a habit of selling and purchasing financial products or items via an online trading service. Currencies, futures, options, bonds, and stocks can all be traded on the internet. These trading platforms are often created by internet-oriented brokers and can be available to people willing to make some money from the market. People can place orders to sell and buy, educate themselves on their investments, and also make a considerable amount of cash without leaving the comfort of home or contacting a broker. Online trading is cheaper, convenient, and can almost eliminate the middleman. People have the opportunity to monitor their investments when engaged in online trading. With online trading, you can have a better understanding of your money. One amazing thing about internet trading is that it comes with faster transactions and investors can have greater control of their funds. The quest to learn, trade and make better profits has become a difficult task for many people and traders. This is where a unique platform called The K² Proprietary Trading System comes into to be tried. K2 Proprietary Trading System: First of all, the K² Proprietary Trading remains a unique concept that people can embrace today. With the concept of the K² Proprietary system, it is possible for people to regularly improve their trading accounts. Most importantly, anybody from all backgrounds can use the system to understand how trading works and make a profitable amount of money. The K² Trading Community gives you the opportunity of surrounding yourself with only like-minded people across the globe to trade and make a consistent profit. One thing people will notice about the K² Proprietary Trading System is simplicity. It implies that the system takes away the difficulties in reading complicated charts and indicators. The developed patented indicators of this platform are what the K² system uses. Following the simple step-by-step procedure of the system will help anyone to consistently remain profitable. Using the K² system helps anyone to handle the intricacies of the volatile currency market. The platform has a 24/7 support team that can help traders enjoy online trading. According to the creators of this system, it remains the key to financial liberty because the K² concept is changing the industry. People looking to gain a unique edge in online trading may give the K² system a try and become consistently profitable. IF You don't believe in what is written above: You are welcome to join https://t.me/K2tradeschat and figure it out yourself by checking the History! Get further information below: https://www.k2trades.com/
  3. Since the advent of the internet, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, cellphones and other connected devices are now consumers’ preferred method of payment; thus, causing the digital payment industry to blossom worldwide. As this industry continues to grow, the power dynamics and the inherent benefits of blockchain technology are shifting further in favor of digital and omnichannel providers; hence, attracting several providers to the space and also forcing a lot of companies to collaborate, diversify, and consolidate with a view to capitalizing on the growing revenue opportunity. Despite the gains of the payment industry, there are several challenges and problems bedeviling the industry. High processing fees, geopolitical tensions, regulatory changes, long account reconciliation times, and funds not reconciled into merchant accounts for several or more days are some of the problems militating against the progress of the industry. Plus, fraudsters are having a field day exploiting vulnerable investors and payment providers. With several payment processors or service platforms to choose from, how do you know which service provider is best for your business and your customer’s experience? In this post, we will walk you through some of the reasons why you should consider using OkGlobal Coin Switch as your number one service platform. OkGlobal Coin Switch is a blockchain-powered investment and services platform you can access online. The platform aims to be the future of global payment and individual currency management. They have a cryptocoin known as OkGlobal Coin. OkGlobal Coin is highly profitable because they reinvest profits from payment processing, insurance financing, currency exchange and other investment holdings/valuations into the coin ledger. OKGlobal coin is a standard cryptocoin that will operate on its unique blockchain. It is currently an Ethereum ERC20 token and will migrate to its blockchain prior to the launch of the beta testing for the SWITCH instant payment platform. So, if you worry about the decrease in the value of your money as inflation climbs, this service provider has got your back. Problems Identified By OkGlobal Coin Switch And Solutions It is a known fact that most of the payment processors on the market charge high fees just to process a single transaction. As such, it has a direct effect on consumers’ revenue and profit. So if you are looking for a platform that charges less, 90% or higher reduction compared to what other providers are charging, then OkGlobal Coin Switch is the partner you need. For a fact, OkGlobal Coin Switch will help you save thousands of dollars since they don’t have per-transaction fee and charges only 0.1%. Another problem that OkGlobal Coin Switch has resolved is the issue of waiting for several days for a deposit to reconcile into merchant accounts. Take for example, if you operate a restaurant and you need to pay your suppliers, which means the supplier has to wait for several days for the card processing company to reconcile with your bank account. With OkGlobal Coin Switch, crypto coins or fiat currencies would be available instantaneously in merchant accounts. Also, most service providers require that merchants lease or buy card processing machine, plus require a phone line dedicated to the machine to operate efficiently. But with OkGlobal Coin Switch, payments are made via customers’ free phone app through the OkGlobal Coin Switch platform. The Money Project By OkGlobal Coin Switch The first registered, regulated and compliant international blockchain project of its kind aimed at the complete disruption and takeover of banking, finance, exchange and payment processing via a living reactive decentralized autonomous organization, DAO. A living DAO that operates globally to replace faith based problematic fiat currency and bring back the use of real "money" which holds an intrinsic value backed and guaranteed by assets and investments, that will rise in value to beat inflation rates and be used globally without threat of loss, theft or unfair confiscation. The business/profit model of OkGlobal Coin DAO can take over and dominate any financial industry it enters due to the disruptive model of simply beating inflation rates in order to offer its participants "money" that is backed by real assets and increases in value to eliminate inflation loss. There are no known competitors with this model to date. Security Token Offering Launched: PHASE 1 November 15, 2019 - February 15, 2020 100% 1:1 Bonus 0.004 cents/coin 5 billion for sale, 5 billion allocated for bonus Funding Goal $20 million = 0.002 cents/coin for initial Phase 1 investors Security token sale is currently ongoing and will end on the 15th of February, 2020. If you are passionate about getting back real money backed by more than simply faith and will grow to offset inflation rates, participate today with by visiting www.okglobalcoinsg.com to get started.
  4. When Cryptocurrency came into existence a decade ago, no one foresaw the potentially huge impact it will have on many people. It has created scores of millionaires over the years. However, due to the fluctuating values of digital currencies, many people pass up the opportunity to earn great money through Cryptocurrency. If that applies to you, 247Bids has opened up another opportunity for people to earn through its platform. An innovative platform, 247Bids, has come on board to allow its users to place bids on auctions via the platform. Lowest Unique Bid and Reveal Price are the two exciting auction formats they offer for you to participate in! Unlike typical auction websites, to bid on 247Bids you must use bids that you purchased via one of their bid packs. They offer many different price ranges to choose from so you can decide how much you want to spend! 247Bids extends this opportunity to registered members of its platform only. Thus, you must sign up on its website to become a member and have access to the opportunity. To register for an account, click the icon beside the “Sign In” menu at the top right-hand side of the website, you will be directed to the Sign-Up page where you supply the required information. After filling out the Sign-Up form, tick the User Agreement section as an indication of your willingness to abide by the rules and regulations guiding your operations on the platform. You can submit the form when you are done with that. After submitting a well-signed form, 247Bids will send an email verification link to your supplied email address. Check your email and click the link to complete your membership registration. Whenever you wish to access the platform, click the “Sign In” menu and provide your login details, notably your username and password. Check the “How it Works” section of the platform for a step-by-step analysis of how you can perform several functions on 247Bids, including how you can bid for auctions. When you are done with the review of the platform, you will find amazing opportunities to acquire digital currencies. It is left to you to take advantage of the opportunities or not. Once you have logged in, proceed to the next stage: Purchasing a Bid Pack with accepted popular cryptocurrencies or via PayPal. The available purchase options you can choose from are shown in the image below: After purchasing the bid pack, find the auction you wish to win and start your bidding! For more information, please visit them at https://247bids.com/
  5. With Bitcoin hovering around the $7,200 level, it should be noted that its journey thus far has transitioned from being cautiously optimistic to a roller-coaster ride. The future, however, looks to be stuck in limbo until Bitcoin makes its next move. Bitcoin’s Current State In terms of network, Bitcoin’s hash rate aka the lifeline has come down from its ATH to 93.5 million TH/s; the network is secure as ever. The number of unique addresses as of 26 November 2019 was 380,403, a 64.53% reduction from its ATH during the peak of the 2017 bull run. Source: BTC/USD TradingView In terms of price, BTC has slowed down since its volatility is moving sideways. Multiple indicators are not exhibiting any dichotomy for Bitcoin, or any clear bias. On one hand, the price is consolidating in a falling wedge pattern, indicating a bullish bias. On the other hand, the simple moving averages [SMA] are indicating huge bearish bias. Will bulls overcome the bearish sentiment and triumph? Will the bears knock the bulls down to the ground? Dissecting one of these scenarios will help opine on what to expect for Bitcoin. The Looming Death Cross The bearish scenario that is looming over Bitcoin is the ‘Death Cross.’ Death Cross is when the 50-day SMA crosses below the 200-day SMA. Infamously, this indicator lit up before major economic downturns in 1929, 1938, 1974, and 2008. It is also important to note that there were times when the death cross appeared, but proved to be a false indicator. With the data available for Bitcoin dating back to January 2012, this indicator has flashed six times and it is clearly depicted in the chart above. So, what’s so special about this? The first major bull run in 2013 pushed the price of Bitcoin to the $1,100 territory, following which there was a bust cycle. During the bust cycle, the death cross was formed on 9 April 2014. The bulls tried to take BTC back from the bears, but failed. This caused an ephemeral golden cross, followed by another death cross, which was the nail in the bulls’ coffin. This bear cycle lasted for more than 300 days, following which another golden cross was seen. Like the fate of the previous golden cross, this one failed as well, and was immediately followed by another death cross. The bulls finally snatched BTC from the bears, forming another golden cross in early 2016, a development that led to another euphoric bull run which pushed the price exponentially. This was the 2017 bull run. The 2018 bear cycle was brutal, if not more excruciating, than the 2014/2015 bear cycle. Death Cross Autopsies Source: BraveNewCoin Liquid Index TradingView Although the death cross is supposedly a bearish indicator, from the above data, it can be inferred that the returns are rather mixed and do not represent a common deviation. 30 days into the first death cross, BTC prices witnessed a major downturn of -47.89%. The price recovered over the next couple of weeks, but failed to show any positive return. Interestingly, over 14 and 30 days into the 2018 death cross, BTC’s price surged by 11.32% and 32.67%, respectively. The price finally conformed to the death cross’ bearish bias and yielded a return of -17.36%. Eventually, 180 days into the death cross, BTC showed negative returns. Speaking to AMBCrypto, Scott Melker, a trader at Texas West Capital and a DJ, opined on the Death Cross, stating, “I don’t give much consideration to golden and death crosses. I find them to be lagging indicators, especially on higher time frames – a result of past price action, not a predictor of what price will do in the future.” With respect to the current death cross, formed on 25 October, the price has surged by 18.5% over 14 days, and dropped by -7% over the last 30 days. Although the price has collapsed by a huge amount in the last few days, more data is required to suggest the next course of action. Looking at the technicals, the bounce is just a pitstop for the bears. End Result: Bitcoin’s Bearish Case True as Scott Melker may be, moving averages are usually lagging indicators and do not give a real-time reflection of the price. The death cross has been a differentiating factor that, in a vague sense, separates bull cycles from bear cycles. For example, the April 2014 death cross lasted for 560+ days, indicating a long-lasting bust cycle. The 2018 death cross was also followed by a bear cycle that lasted 388 days, until the golden cross appeared on 23 April 2019. Since April 2019, the supposed bull run was in full force for 185 days; after which, a death cross manifested itself and has been looming over Bitcoin for more than 20 days. The bearish case for Bitcoin could prove that April 2019’s golden cross was a fake-out, one very similar to the July 2015 golden cross. The 2015 ‘fake golden cross’ was proceeded by a death cross, which pushed Bitcoin close to its previous bottom. As mentioned above, the bearish case for Bitcoin seems likely and Bitcoin could mirror a similar move from the past, more precisely, the move could be from 2015. If that were to be the case, are you prepared to stack more sats? Source of article: https://eng.ambcrypto.com/dissecting-bitcoins-death-crosses-from-the-past-btc-could-mirror-2015-setup/
  6. The online gaming industry has seen exponential growth in the last decade and the major factor that has led to this is evolving technology. The digital infrastructure has seen a rapid development leading to better opportunities and advancements. The way users use smartphones has certainly redefined the way technology is consumed. Owing to the growing influence that smartphones have on our day-to-day lives, there has been a constant upswing in the online gaming sector. A high-speed Internet with a smartphone is an unrivalled combo for anybody who is tech-savvy, a gaming enthusiast, and a movie buff or simply habituated to the Internet. Gaming is one such pass-time that attracts millions by the day. With better graphics and concepts, these online games offer a thrilling experience to the gamers. Due to notable transformation in the gaming ecosystem, there has been a shift from traditional board games to online gaming. These online games appeal to every individual from every age bracket. From kids to 60-year-olds, everyone has a preference. From crushing candies and smashing balls to rolling the dice and playing the cards, there are immense options available for them to explore and choose from. Due to the elevating demand for these games, there have been new portals and segments that are entering this ever-evolving industry. With each passing day, these portals see money continuously pouring in and the numbers of gamers rising. It will not be incorrect to quote that today the gaming industry is one of the most promising markets and has a lot to offer. With game developers introducing innovative graphics and concepts, continuous progress in technological developments, increased investments and a rapidly growing audience, the future of the online gaming industry is set to only roll higher than ever. If you take a look at the global online gaming industry, there are hundreds of gaming platforms that gamers visit to play their favorite games. However, out of all these platforms, one platform that seems very different is the Youniq Exerglobal gaming platform. Founded in 2017, Exerglobal is a blockchain-powered group of companies offering different services ranging from cryptocurrencies, mining, education, game development, cannabis, and investment. If you are an online gamer, Exerglobal gaming platform is where to be. Exerglobal is the ultimate destination for playing, discussing, and creating games. With so many games from AAA to indie and everything in-between. Enjoy exclusive deals, automatic game updates, and other great perks. The platform uses X pension coin token (XPC) for in-game purchases. The token is available in premium, lite, and invest formats. The premium, lite, and invest tokens are traded for € 0.95, € 0.50, and € 0.85 respectively. Benefits Of Playing Games On The Youniq Exerglobal Platform • Game Hubs: Everything about your game, all in one place. Join discussions, upload content, and be the first to know about new updates. • Broadcast: Play live games with the click of a button, and share your game with friends or the rest of the community. • Available on Mobile: Access Youniq Exerglobalanywhere from your iOS or Android device with the mobile app. • Early Access to Games: Discover, play, and get involved with games as they evolve. Be the first to see what's coming and become part of the process. • Purchases Made Easy: You can purchase in-game features using their X pension coin token (XPC). The games have a direct link with XPC; thus, if you own XPC, you will receive micro payouts from every game. Wondering how to start playing Youniq games on the Exerglobal platform? Visit https://youniq.exerglobal.com to create an account for free and start playing any games of your choice.
  7. The best way to prepare for the future is to make the proper arrangements from today. Talking of financial security, one excellent way to get prepared is to invest in the ASG Coin. Launched on the 10th of March, 2018, this is one cryptocurrency that is gaining more prominence by the day. One very unique thing with the ASG Coin is that it is the ideal method of payment for kindergartens. As a parent who is thinking of how to add value to the lives of your children via your cryptocurrency investments, ASG Coin is the way to go about it. As a parent or a guardian with a pupil in a nursery school, there are many advantages for you in making use of this digital currency. It is ideal for getting payments done for parents who have kids in schools. Payment of regular fees and services of the teachers can be done using this digital currency. But it does not stop there. As a matter of fact, you are contributing even a lot more to the education sector. The profits from the system are often utilized in the construction and establishment of brand-new nurseries and educational facilities for the kids. These are kids that come from the poorer sections of society. Hence, by making use of this digital currency, you are not just giving the best of education to your children or wards, you are also giving other needy kids out there a chance to have a good education too. ASG Coin is particularly well-suited for this purpose. Although it started in Italy, the goal of the founders is to ensure that this amazing product gets all over Europe and even beyond. By keying into it as an investor, you are also contributing massively to what is already a very laudable achievement. The founders think that education is a fundamental right and that no one should be deprived of this asset in any way, especially because of financial reasons. ASG Coin has been developed with the main goal of boosting and giving support to the educational sector. It is a service for the sake of humanity. It is to achieve this noble goal that a total sum of 300 million ASG coins has been provided. Part of the plans is to make these coins available on not less than five exchange platforms. That way, the charitable project will get all the support that it needs. So, if you want to enjoy your normal thrill of having cryptocurrency transactions but you also share a deep-rooted passion for the advancement of the education sector, all you need to do is to invest in the ASG coins today and you will be more than glad that you did. There is no better way to prepare for the future than to ensure that the next generation of leaders gets the very best of education today. Invest your money in the right causes today and assist in educating children for a better tomorrow for us all. You can find all further details at https://www.asgcoin.org/
  8. When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, there is nothing better than doing so with Boosted Pro. For those wondering what this is all about, Boosted Pro Coin is not the typical crypto coin. Apart from being the only coin allowed on the platform, users and investors alike are able to accept the Boosted Pro Coin as a type of payment for services or products offered. That explains why all the coins are utilized until the moment where two-thirds of the coin has been put up for sales and is already with buyers. There is no better way to prepare for the future than getting on with the Boosted Pro Coin trend. It is a very carefully thought out concept and idea. As an investor and stakeholder, there are several benefits that you stand to gain from Boosted Pro. For example, it is very easy to check the total of the coins in supply directly from your dashboard when you log in. But that is not all. If you also bring in your friends, relatives, and loved ones onto the platform, you have more gains. This is because Boosted Pro has an excellent referral program in place. With this, you stand to get 10% on every transaction. The possibility of also sharing the same platform or network with scammers is also not there. This is because the brains behind Boosted Pro have taken time to put in place a vigorous KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. In fact, the KYC is taken so seriously that you need to complete the KYC verification before you are able to buy coins. Before any investor can adhere to the rules, you have to pass through the identity verification phase. This is done by submitting several relevant documents. This way, unscrupulous elements are quickly removed from the platform. Hence, you are very sure of dealing only with honest and sincere dealers. Boosted Pro is a very reliable network to do all the trading transactions. Also, for those who are interested in DWE/BPC and BPC/DWC trading, they will be able to do so from early 2020. This will be via the Boosted Pro Brass X feature. The entire system has been designed to make life very easy for you. For instance, you can easily access and make use of any BTC address you possess on any platform or wallet. The online platform is very user-friendly and quite descriptive. It really takes trading to a whole different level of experience. By buying into Boosted Pro, you are going to be able to tackle and cope better with economic risks. This is because cryptocurrencies allow you to diversify financial portfolios as separated from government debt and central bank participation in the global economy. The United States dollar is the principal means of financial transactions and it is under a lot of pressure. That is not the case with cryptocurrencies. For one, they are borderless and are accepted in different parts of the globe. Using Boosted Pro Coin (BPC), you are able to enjoy secure and trustworthy transactions without any of the inherent risks. All further details available at: https://x.boostedpro.com/ https://launchpad.boostedpro.com
  9. Investment and trading platforms are growing to become one of the top options for new investors to get involved in the financial sector. And even experienced investors may find opportunities to save money and improve their portfolios with one of the available investing platforms. Humаnѕ аrе gеnеrаllу bаd аt mаkіng dесіѕіоnѕ, рrосеѕѕіng lаrgе аmоuntѕ оf dаtа аnd hаndlіng ѕtrеѕѕ. That's where Bullioncaste Assets Management And Investment Company comes handy. So What Is Bullioncaste Assets Management And Investment? Bullioncaste is a platform comprising of investors and professionals whо аrе ѕресіаlіѕtѕ іn thе fіеld of vеnturе саріtаlіѕm аnd аngеl іnvеѕtіng. They are committed to value investing; as such, they strongly believe that asset prices will reflect their true value over time. Through diligent research and the application of qualitative skills based on experience and quantitative investment tools, they identify underlying assets and securities that will outperform over time when building investment solutions for their clients. Bullioncaste's research is carried out using a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches, beginning with the evaluation of trends in global financial markets and assessing their implications on regional and domestic markets. Bullioncaste investment management approach involves five integrated steps: a comprehensive understanding of their clients, the assessment of economic and capital market expectations, the design and implementation of an agreed investment strategy, the continuous monitoring and rebalancing of their clients’ portfolios, and the transparent reporting of performance. They believe investment risk should be properly analyzed and understood. Thus, their investment solutions entail the adoption of robust risk management practices that adequately and efficiently capture, measure and manage risk. What Bullioncaste Does Bullioncaste offers their clients the opportunity to create investment solutions based on a diversified portfolio by investing in global and domestic markets across multiple asset classes, including fixed income, money market, publicly and privately listed equities, real estate and commodities. They build strategic partnerships with each of their clients – including retail, ultra and high net-worth individuals, financial advisers and institutions – in order to fully understand their financial requirements, and to develop products and services that deliver optimal returns while effectively managing risk. In sustaining the trust with their clients, their highly experienced asset management team upholds the principle of transparency in executing all its investment decisions. This process of corporate governance is ensured by the ongoing due diligence carried out by their dedicated Investment Management Committee. Benefits Of Partnership With Bullioncaste The following are some of the benefits of partnership with Bullioncaste: ● Registered Company: Bullioncaste is a registered company in the United Kingdom. Your funds are save and secure with them. ● Security: All data on financial operations as well as personal data are effectively protected with SSL certificates and additional services on encryption of data transfer. ● Customer Support: Bullioncaste understands how important having reliable support service is to their clients. Bullіоnсаѕtе іѕ a ѕоlutіоn thаt brіdgеѕ реорlе’ѕ nееdѕ аnd соnflісtіng humаn ѕhоrtсоmіngѕ іn alignment wіth thе сurrеnt есоnоmу аnd іn рrераrаtіоn fоr the futurе. Wondering how to get started with them? Visit https://www.bullioncaste.com/ for more information on how to sign up for free.
  10. The blockchain is one of the distributed ledger technology (DLT), which utilizes timestamps and cryptography to produce permanent and unalterable records. There are private blockchains that allow the storage of records. However, records in public blockchains are held concurrently on several computers throughout the world. These computers check each other continuously to certify that the information in the blockchain is accurate and reliable. Importantly, any information created can also be updated. However, such information remains permanent, as one cannot erase them. Because of this, the blockchain technology produces a single and auditable source of transactions. Additionally, the blockchain doesn’t only provide master records of all information, it also allows people to interact in a peer-to-peer transaction without requiring any central or third party. The financial industries were the first to adopt the blockchain technology. The blockchain has penetrated various areas in the financial industry; beyond the financial industries, we have seen its usage in different industries such as the real estate, energy, and healthcare sectors. Interestingly, these industries use the blockchain to store and manage important information such as patient records, contracts, workflow, audits, contracts, etc. Bqintel is an intelligence data platform, which has 3 dimensions. These dimensions include the use cases, industries, and projects. The data intelligence platform provides clients with database for their commercial uses. The use cases aspect of this dimension deals with the tracking of the blockchain and looks out for key trends while expecting winning use cases. Examples of these use cases include company equity distribution, supply chain process, and interbank information sharing. The second aspect, which deals with industries focuses on providing high-level business insights that encompass various sectors and industries. These include cryptocurrency, blockchain, energy, banking, and finance sectors. However, the project's dimension focuses on the monitoring and evaluating of both private and public projects through an assembly of financial and technical metrics. Examples of these projects include Hyperledger, VAKT (Founded by BP, Shell), and Ethereum, which is a community-driven platform. What We Do Bqintel has deep expertise across various markets and industries, exceptionally positioned to deliver blockchain and integrated analysis. We provide a quarterly comprehensive review of distributed ledger technology platforms. These reports cover both private and public platforms. Furthermore, they are geared at providing a visible distinction in key dimensional areas including data confidentiality, validation of time, consensus mode, and scalability. We have provided analysis on a list of blockchain and distributed ledger technology platforms, which include Cosmos, Corda, Concordium, Cardano, Libra, EOS, Dfinity, Neo Nano, Iota, Qtum, Hashgraph, Ethereum, Zilliqa, Vechain, Tezos, Stellar, Quorum, and Qtum. Additionally, we have access to over 10 APIs, which provides us with consistent data throughout the blockchain environment. BQ Intel scans, amasses, structures, and examines data from over a hundred data sources to provide clients with relevant insights and reports for decision-making. We present to our clients and users important business-centric insights after filtering diverse blockchain news and updates. Our Approach At BQ Intel, our focus is geared at driving business value with limited exposure to technical details of the blockchain. Our reports are based on three qualities, which include regularity, consistency, and comprehensiveness. In terms of regularity, we ensure these publications are published at least once every quarter. Furthermore, we provide reliable and relevant updates while using a top-down approach to cover the entire blockchain value chain. Final Word Having accurate information about blockchain technology cannot be overemphasized as a professional or business media company. Undoubtedly, the blockchain has revolutionized the way the world works and lives. However, blockchain isn’t the end but a means to an end. You need the right team of specialized research analysts to cover the financial and technical landscape of your cryptocurrency exchanges, DLT token fundamentals, and initial coin offerings. This is where you need BQ Intelspecialized research analysts with experience covering the blockchain and distributed ledger technology landscape. Further information at: https://www.bqintel.com/
  11. Do you want to make passive income trading forex? Then take advantage of the FXGM ZA’s WebPROfit and MobilePROfit trading platform. PROfit is an easy to use platform that provides you with the most advanced features. The platform is suitable for any type of trader. You can trade on your phone using the mobile app or on your computer with the web-based version of the platform. With WebPROfit, you don’t need to download the platform to your computer. WebPROfit provides various trading tools, financial news, real time charts and analysis.
  12. How do you guys think this is normal and okay? This is illegal and just because of our mindset that it’s common is allowing these thief to continue!!!
  13. Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, has made many puzzled faces and causes for concern with their latest token burn for Q3 in 2019. Various insiders and crypto analysts were somewhat shocked when the statistics for Binance’s token burn were released. The exchange burned over 2 million BNB, which was the equivalent to around $36 million dollars. https://twitter.com/BinanceChainBot/status/1184698712276295681 The large amount burned is almost the same amount as the previous two cycles of 2019 combined, only adding to the surprise of commentators at the token burn. Binance determines how many tokens it burns by the amount of profits taken for each quarter and trading volume. If Binance burns 20% of all its profits, means this latest quarter must have been a good one. The Block’s Larry Cermak certainly thinks so, claiming Binance had their second highest profit amount. His tweet said: “Since Binance burns 20% of profits, we can deduce that it made approximately $186 million in profit in Q3. This is the second-highest quarterly profit” Many have seen this burning as a signifier of the many successes of Binance, but others have called into question the validity and sincerity of the burn. How can Binance burn so much despite the dip in trading volume across the industry this past quarter? Binance burn may not be all it seems? As previously mentioned, much of Binance’s burning decision is made on the basis of trading volume. However, this also causes some bemusement as Binance’s trading volume for the previous quarter was higher than Q3. The surprising nature of Binance’s burn did not go unnoticed by Cermak who stated on Twitter: “Binance’s spot volume dried up in the last few months. The market has been dead and yet Binance just burned the equivalent of the second-best quarter in existence.” Binance it would seem are not sticking to their white paper which states, “every quarter, we will destroy BNB based on the trading volume on our crypto to crypto platform”. The exchange is clearly making up the rules as it goes along, illustrating a lack of genuinity. The shady nature of the token burns does not end there. Another troubling aspect to Binance’s token burning is the amount they are actually burning. Their white paper claims they will destroy 50% of their circulating supply, with a starting point of 200 million BNB and an end result of 100 million BNB. However, some adding up of their burned addresses and current supply reveals that Binance has more than the 200 million BNB they had stated in the white paper. The formula being, 48,461,324 burned +185,474,825 currently =233,936,149 total. Clearly, this is yet another incident and PR disaster for Binance. This is on top of the hack earlier this year, which left the exchange 7,000 Bitcoins worth about $40 million out of pocket. Partner that with the KYC hack in August, which saw its customers personal details leaked, perhaps Binance and security do not go hand in hand. Now with these less than squeaky clean token burns, the reputation of Binance is on the line. Source of article: https://www.coinomi.us/binances-token-burn-creates-more-questions-of-the-exchange/
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  15. In the crypto space a lot of people think that a market maker is a trader, or a group of traders, with a large amount of capital and a directional bias who is able to push the market around. In other words their orders or trades are so large that they are capable of moving the price significantly to suit their needs. While maybe these type of traders do exist, it’s not what a market maker accomplishes. Rapid advancement in technology, increase in the number of trading venues, increased market participation and high trading volumes, have all made markets little more complex than before. Market participants play an important role in today’s ever-changing markets. A key market participant in an exchange’s trading structure is the Market Maker. This article covers how the Templar Fund is revolutionizing the market making industry. What Is Templar Fund? They are crypto market-makers, building scalable, self-adaptive algorithmic technologies to support sound and efficient markets. The Templar Fund democratizes liquidity in the digital asset space by deploying for their clients proprietary, scalable, and self-adaptive algorithms. Their partners can choose from a range of bespoke service solutions to create unique financial markets within the emerging digital asset space The Templar Fund provides the tools and support needed to help create the digital asset markets they are all working towards: Liquid, stable and transparent. Built by a team of engineers and market experts, their systems are designed from the ground up focusing on accessibility, control, and transparency. Their clients have access to all the necessary data needed to make critical time-sensitive decisions together with our in-house experts The Templar Fund earned its clients more than 50% in 2019. Who Templar Fund Work With Brokerage Firms Brokers play a central role in secondary markets. Providing convenience, transparency, and swiftness through partnering up with the right technology players is where Templar Fund comes in. With an array of turn-key services, they enable liquidity and optimal trade execution on demand. They partners with brokerage firms that value professionalism, transparency and security. They should not only be connected with the right institutional players but also have a clear differentiated value proposition by bringing a new innovative service to the market Digital Assets Issuers The tokenization of assets is one of the most exciting socio-economic dynamics of Templar Fund. Liquidity needs within these highly fragmented markets will be ever-increasing. They believe the key to success on a market is trust. They accomplish this by building order books that are consistent, have a healthy amount of liquidity and present a fair spread. Decentralized Exchanges Decentralization, both as a philosophy and technology is embedded in Templar Fund’s values and vision. They deeply understand that with the dream of disruption comes the challenge of finding traction and usability from day one. To help decentralized exchanges with liquidity, Templar Fund provides deep and healthy order books at the tightest spreads possible. Their unique approach allows them to quickly attract organic volume and adoption and have allowed them to work with the largest decentralized exchanges to date. They partner with decentralized exchanges that challenge the status quo and uphold the values of high performance, UX and transparency Centralized Exchanges Exchanges play an essential role in the fast-growing digital asset space. Facilitating entry and exit to market while at the same time providing a platform for token issuers to gain traction and exposure is what drives Templar Fund to help exchanges thrive. They help kickstart new exchanges - any size - from small to large, providing consistent tight spreads to build efficient markets and kickstart low-liquid markets to grow a base of unique emerging trading pairs Why Templar Fund Is Unique? ● Low-Risk Approach: Templar fund's market-making trading desk offers clients access to low risk market. ● Fully Automated Income: With Templar fund, you will earn profits with a professional grade trade system that is operated by financial experts. ● Fully Transparent: All transactions are made public so that you can have confidence in the system ● No minimum investment: You can invest any amount, nothing is too little. ● No KYC required: Templar Fund does not require ID documents from their clients ● Webinar For new clients: As a way of onboarding new clients, you will have access to free webinar. ● Liquidity Every 30days: Templar Fund ensures that there is liquidity every month. ● Reasonable Fees: Templar Fund charges no admin fees & 25% profit share Passionate about the crypto space? Let Templar Fund guide you. Visit https://templar.fund/ for more information.
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