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  2. See, you don’t necessarily need to look at easiest way. As never any easy route has taken anyone anywhere worthy. However, there are many wise way we can approach things, as it is what will help us benefit and gain. One of the top Investment Platform in my eyes is eInvestment. Although, there are many benefits to list out but main meal for me is it’s been licensed properly, so the safety measurement is ensured. While rest stuff like their team having combined experience of 90+ years, it’s simply astonishing fact and reason of my high preference.
  3. We are incredibly excited to announce a new Phemex Video Competition! The goal is for our users to create a video of any length about our products or services. There will be a total prize pool of up to 1 BTC or 10,000 USD. Duration of the competition is from 8th June 2020 to 10th August 2020. Winners will be announced 7 days after the submission deadline finishes. 1. You must upload your video to Youtube.com 2. You must include “Phemex” somewhere in the title. 3. You must tweet your video or link @phemex_official and 3 other traders that you follow. 4. You must include #PhemexVideoContest in your tweet 5. If you have a referral link, please include it in the description of your video. If you do not, create an account on Phemex.com and retrieve your referral link. Please make sure you follow every single one of these rules for your submission to be fully considered. You can choose any of the following types of content to feature in your video: 1. Highlight a specific benefit of trading contracts on Phemex 2. Highlight a specific benefit of Zero-Fee Spot Trading on Phemex 3. Highlight the advantages of using Phemex when compared to other exchanges 4. Present any Phemex feature or service with a live tutorial You can choose to make your video in any of the following languages: English, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, or Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese). (Optional) In addition, you can also dedicate a portion of your video to introduce your personal crypto experience and background: How did you get started, Best and worst trades, Where do you see the crypto industry in the next 10 years, A feature you would like to see in crypto exchanges. Be as creative as possible. Your video can include slides, animations, live-action, or anything else that you can think of to make it more interesting and informative. In order to join the Contest, you need to do the following: 1. Write your Telegram username and Twitter profile link below (To this contest thread) 2. Upload your video to Youtube.com 3. Your video must include “Phemex” somewhere in the title. 4. Tweet your video or link with @phemex_official and 3 other traders that you follow 5. Use #PhemexVideoContest hashtag in your tweet... Visit https://phemex.com/references/articles/phemex-video-contest for more details As long as a video meets the requirements presented above, it will be reviewed and scored by at least three members of the Phemex Team. Judges will pay attention to the video’s originality, quality, and informativeness. In the interest of fairness, the judges’ scores will only account for 50% of a video’s final score. The remaining 50% will be determined based on a combination of the number of likes, retweets, and the overall engagement of the video. Videos will then be ranked based on their final scores. The total prize pool and the number of videos awarded will vary depending on the final number of submissions. In addition, if we receive more than 50 submissions, the max shared prize pool will either be $10,000 or 1 BTC depending on which is more valuable at the time. By submitting a video following the requirements detailed above, you agree to give us permission to re-use or re-post your videos across any of our other platforms at any time. Only one submission is allowed per participant. If we detect any cheating or multiple submissions, all your videos will be immediately disqualified. Phemex reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of this campaign without prior notice.
  4. As a crypto trader or investor, one of the best ways to stay on top of your game is to follow up on crypto news and market analysis. Reading crypto-related news from reliable news mediums cannot be overemphasized because it gives you the leverage to take advantage of the crypto market and make money in the process. From knowing when to invest, how to choose the right investment portfolio, to understanding the dynamics of the market, and everything in between, crypto news can help enhance your trading skills. In fact, the big difference between a successful trader and a not so successful trader is that the former followed up on the latest happenings on the market. Having the knowledge of the coin you are interested in beforehand helps to mitigate the risk of losing your hard-earned money or it helps prevent the market forces from devaluing your money. Aside from the crypto market, reading crypto news would also empower you to know the happenings in business, commerce, trade, and the economy at large. If you are looking for the best crypto-related news medium, one blog you need to give serious consideration is MyCryptoNewsToday. MyCryptoNewsToday is your one-stop destination for crypto-related news. Whether you are a Bitcoin or Ethereum investor, this news site has got you covered with all the latest news on the market. Whether you live in India or you are resident in the United States, you have direct access to MyCryptoNewsToday via your Smartphone or PC. Why You Should Be On MyCryptoNewsToday Some of the reasons you should read crypto-related news on MyCryptoNewsToday are as follows: ● MyCryptoNewsToday provides in-depth news and analysis of all major coins on the market. ● The platform carries crypto news of the world. ● Regardless of where you live, you have access to daily MyCryptoNewsToday news. ● You would be well-informed on any coin of your interest. Visit https://mycryptonewstoday.com/ and select your news of interest to read. One guarantee you would get on MyCryptoNewsToday is that there is more than enough news to read on a daily basis. Stay updated with MyCryptoNewsToday!
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  6. The forex market is considered to be one of the most exciting and fast-paced markets in the world. Historically, the FX market is predominantly the domain of central banks, large financial institutions, and wealthy individuals. However, with the internet penetration, an average individual can now participate in the market and make consistent profits with the right knowledge and trading tools. If you desire robust trading knowledge to accelerate your trading skills to the next level, a powerful online trading course is a no-brainer. While there are hundreds of online training courses on the internet, one online course that's like a game-changer in the industry is Fast-Track Forex. This course is specifically designed for those that want to start from the scratch. In this post, we will walk you through what Fast-Track Forex is, the benefits of going through the online course, as well as what's included in the course. About Fast-Track Forex Fast-Track Forex is a leading forex trading course on the internet. According to the creators of the course, the course is designed for those who desire a change in their trading skills and want to make consistent profits within 24 hours. If you have tried every known strategy, yet, you still fail in your profit making drive, Fast-Track Forex is for you. If you stare at your screen all day without knowing where or how to get started on the FX market, this online course was designed with you in mind. What You Will Learn From The Course The following are some of the things you will learn if you go through Fast-Track Forex: ● How to analyze the FX market and choose the right currency pair to make consistent profits ● How to monitor the market to determine the right time to enter or exit a trade position ● Understand the basic difference between equities and forex ● How to use technical indicators to trade on auto-pilot ● Knowing what to look out for when choosing a forex broker Features Of Fast-Track Forex ● 100% money back guarantee: If you don't make any profit within the next 30 days after going through the course, you can seek for a 100% refund of your money. ● Safe and secure payment gateway: Your credit/debit card details are safe after making payment. You can equally use PayPal or Stripe to process your payment. ● You will have access to a private mastermind Facebook group for further mentoring ● Lifetime access to all 5 modules (26+ video lessons) What's Included In The Course? ● 5 core modules ● 26+ in-depth video lessons ● PDF attachments for higher level training Wondering how to join Fast-Track Forex? Simply visit http://www.fast-track-forex.club/access, click on "get course details," enter your full name and email address, click on "get access now!" Thereafter, click on enroll and proceed to complete the purchase form. NOTE: It is the #1 forex trading course in the world voted by Yahoo Finance https://finance.yahoo.com/news/top-6-value-packed-courses-224000654.html
  7. For those who haven’t heard WGRT is going to be listed on OKEx soon. And what usually happens when a governance coin gets listed in a top exchange, is that it skyrockets. We’ve seen this happen with MKR, which I also own. How much more for an already popular platform WaykiChain. So what I did is I bought some WGRT from the Wayki-DEX. I’m not gonna wait for the listing. It might be too late to buy cheap. I’m still going to participate in the IEO (duh!). But just to be sure that I get enough I’m buying ahead. This is why I think buying WGRT now is like buying pennies on the dollar. You’re literally paying a fraction of its real value. Right now, you could buy it at $0.033. But as soon as it gets listed and become tradable on a popular exchange, I’d bet it’s gonna reach $0.1-$0.2 really really fast. Mark my words. You do not want to miss this opportunity.
  8. Making profit with crypto trading requires both the use of skills and technology. Gone are the days when people want to do everything by sheer energy or trial and error. These days, with the advent of modern technology, we act smarter by using software and other related devices to hasten the course of nature and save a lot of energy and resources. It does not make sense to start a trade and then stay glued to your laptop to monitor the market's progress or trend. Should there be any issue with your internet network or nature deciding to play a smart one on you, your hard-earned money could disappear into thin air in seconds. With Revolution Trade, you no longer need to stay all night to monitor your trade because the system is automated to do the dirty jobs for you while you come to take the spoils at the right time. What is Revolution Trade? Revolution Trade is an automated trading software that helps you in increasing your profits in the crypto trade. The software also gives you access to manage your investment 24/7. You do not need to take unnecessary risk while trading; the Revolution Trade's experienced team does that on your behalf. With their assistance, you can boost your profits by up to 2.5% per week. How Revolution Trade Works Revolution Trade is easy to use. It only involves passing through three processes, and you are done. 1. Start Revolution Trading Bot Download Telegram to your Smartphone or Desktop and join the bot via this link. 2. Deposit BTC Make a deposit of BTC valued between $50 and $50000. Each deposit remains active for 300 days. The Revolution Trade team handles your deposit according to the highest standard of modern portfolio management and ensures your funds are completely safe, using the safest security protocol. 3. Take your profits The average profit is up to 0.5% daily (Monday to Friday change to 2.5% per week). Once the deposit is confirmed, it becomes active the following Monday, prepared to start earning profits. Profits are distributed every day (Monday to Friday). Payouts are made once every week. The following are the possible profits from trading with the bot: • Up to 2-2.5% ever week • Up to 10% of profits in 4 weeks • Up to 130% in the first year Advantages of Revolution Trading Bot Some of the advantages of trading with the bot include: 1. Your funds are safe. 2. Your profits are calculated daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. 3. You can withdraw your earnings every week. 4. Withdraw your capital at the end of 300 days or reinvest it. 5. You can trade on both BTC and other Altcoins. Affiliate program Revolution Trade has a referral program that enables you to earn passive income based on the turnover of your network and the Revolution Trade community. Once you place a minimum investment amount of $50, the first referral level becomes active. It is advisable to place a minimum investment amount of $250 to gain from all referral levels. 1. Level: 15% daily 2. Level: 10% daily 3. Level: 5% daily Profits and Affiliate commissions are released every Friday, using BTC. You can also write a review about Revolution Trading bot on Reddit, Twitter, Bitcointalk, or Medium and get $3 worth of BTC for free to your bot balance. https://www.revolution-trade.com/revolution-trade-bounty/ The team promises investors guaranteed profits. However, we advise that you start with the least possible investment and study the system before committing more funds. Further info at: https://www.revolution-trade.com
  9. Are you looking to buy Vitamin C Powder (Ascorbic Acid)? Then visit https://www.blackburndistributions.com/vitamin-c-powder-ascorbic-acid.html to purchase with 10% discount available via using the code “VITC-10-OFF” Reasons to purchase from Blackburn Distribution: 1. Our Vitamin C is sourced from the EU and passes through multiple quality control processes ensuring that our ascorbic acid is of the highest quality meeting pharmaceutical standards 2. Shipped within 1 working day subject to stock 3. 10% discount available https://www.blackburndistributions.com/vitamin-c-powder-ascorbic-acid.html
  10. I spoke to my friend yesterday who happened to be a Chinese national and so we came across the topic of Waykichain and WGRT. I know they have caused a ruckus in forums and socials and so I think it’s best to share what we’ve talked about to the world. According to my friend, Wayki is in essence, China’s response to MakerDAO. I mean that’s not how it was planned from the start, but more or less, it’s the direction they’re heading now. And they’ve gotten a lot of support from both local and national government entities, despite being a blockchain project. Now, once the WGRT IEO concludes, the Waykichain system can finally be more available to several thousands of users, which would allow the system to run in full operation. And this is where it gets really exciting. Let’s take a look at some of its features. As a WGRT holder, you are entitled to governing the network, receiving monetary reward from the liquidation penalties and stable fees, and your coin will keep going up in value forever. You see, WGRT is a deflationary coin since its supply is constantly being destroyed by the system to keep itself stable. As a holder, you are entitled to the increase in value driven by the scarcity of this asset. And for as long as the Wayki system is in place and runs smoothly, you will continue receiving all these benefits. For now, you can only trade WGRT on the Wayki-DEX, but very soon, you can buy as much as you want in the upcoming IEO.
  11. There is no special tip at all. It’s all about just simple formula for one to go with to be able to do trading or exchange in smoother way. My personal opinion is around Secure Bitcoin Purchase since nothing else matters, eventually. And that’s where Rocketbit is a very important name in my eyes. One of the simplest, securest and comfortable place to buy Bitcoin from especially for beginners. The support is also equally excellent here which makes it so cool.
  12. Are you a forex broker looking for a forex merchant account to send or receive payments from your clients? Then count yourself lucky for stumbling on this post. As you may already know, operating and maintaining a forex merchant account has several risks like lack of regulation, exchange rate risk, credit risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, as well as leverage risk. These risks have made it different for business owners to create a merchant account. While there are several forex merchant account providers on the internet claiming to offer premium-quality services, one company that is like a game-charger in the industry is iPayTotal. iPayTotal knows the ins and outs of the forex market to meet the needs of every forex broker that comes their way. Let's see what iPayTotal has in stock for its numerous customers. iPayTotal is one of the leading forex merchant account providers that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide forex brokers with the best payment solutions available. The company's goal is to help merchants set up affordable payment solutions that accept major credit/debit cards and alternative payment methods. iPayTotal guarantees a full-fledged payment gateway which you can add to your company's website or any payment software you are currently using. The payment gateway prevents financial fraud and blocks any suspicious activity. Why Choose iPayTotal? Here are why you should consider registering on iPayTotal: ● The company provides comprehensive solutions to all sizes of forex businesses. Whether you own a sole proprietorship forex business or your firm has more than 500 employees on its payroll, iPayTotal uses its cutting-edge technology to provide quality services to suit your payment processing needs. ● The forex merchant account the company will create for you can accept up to 100 currencies in more than 196 countries. ● You will be able to withdraw all your profits directly into your local bank account. ● As soon as your account is approved, your starting rate is as low as 2.5% only. ● iPayTotal complies with all known regulations for you to securely transfer your customers' data. ● iPayTotal uses fraud scrub technology to detect and reduce fraud attempts on the platform. You can be rest assured that your funds are safe and secure. ● The company has a robust customer support team that will guide you through every struggle you encounter. ● You can track all your transaction in real-time iPayTotal promises to deliver top-notch services that guarantee lowest rates, flexible terms, and fast approvals. The company can help your online trading firm with payment processing needs in view of the inherent risks in the forex market. Are you passionate about getting started with iPayTotal? The registration process is pretty simple and straightforward. All that is required of you is to visit the iPayTotal application page and create a free account. Before your account would be approved, you would need to upload supporting documents. A list of the documents would be sent to you via email, therefore ensure you provide a valid email address. The company would also send you newsletters and update on their company's services via email. Once you are able to verify your email address and upload the relevant documents, you would be one step away from enjoying affordable payment processing solutions you would ever find on the internet. Get all further details from: https://ipaytotal.com/forex-merchant-account/
  13. I’m sure some of you have heard of WGRT, the upcoming governance coin of WaykiChain. If not,, then do you even crypto bruh? WGRT is the new talk of the town. Simply put, WGRT is the regulator of the WaykiChain system. It keeps the network going, keeps the stablecoin WUSD stable. It is the most important element of WaykiChain, obviously. As a decentralized system, the WaykiChain Team wants to implement on-chain governance for its ecosystem, similar to MakerDAO’s MKR. The difference between WGRT and MKR is that MKR is not fully supported by any national government. But WGRT and WaykiChain are. They’ve been hiding the details but a reliable source has already leaked to many Chinese outlets that WGRT and China’s digital yuan (central bank coin) will be integrated. This reminded of that time back in early 2017 when NEO had the support of China as the “Ethereum killer, which made it skyrocket to unprecedented levels. Unfortunately, NEO failed at that but I am almost certain that the same meteoric rise will happen with WGRT. But this time, it will be more massive. It might not happen for a few months, but just to be safe I’m buying as soon as WGRT is available. It’s one of the new gems out there. See for yourself https://www.waykichain.com
  14. It’s impossible to say where things are going to go ahead, so we have to just work out with planning and try to be careful with our approach of things. I don’t think we can be sure about where the Crypto industry can go as it’s impossible to predict. It’s where we must be open to quality options and my preference is for Akoin Cryptocurrency. As one obvious reason is Akon, it’s by him and who is not aware of that gentlemen?
  15. Investment in the forex niche means different things to different people. Some have been able to make massive profits and gains while others lose big time and get added to the list of losers which nearly goes upto 90% in comparison to people in profits. One of the things that guarantee success when doing forex trading is the use of the right strategy or method. But let’s face it that very few people in this era got so much patience or capability to do that consistently. This is where trading signals or copier can be highly beneficial and that is precisely what I am going to talk about today. A signal copier service in the shape of Waw Forex Signals. It offers the very best when it comes to forex trading that will help in minimizing loss and maximization of profits. With Waw Forex Signals, the trader has to do nothing, we give the full solutions, all you need to do is join and the rest is done for you – with no stress at all! This is made possible by Waw Forex Signal through the reliable forex copier provider known for churning out the most informative notifications and suggestions to trade. The fact that Waw Forex Signals come with a trader copier means greater ease of trading as the signals are executed automatically and generates consistent profits. WAW Forex Trade Copier With the Waw Forex Trade Copier system, it will automatically copy signals from the Master Account into yours. In simplest terms, the users account is hosted on the Main Server & WAW Forex trades are copied directly to your trading account with complete transparency to keep track on it. Tested, Trusted & Customer-Oriented Over the past 5 years in the business, Waw Forex Signals has carved a solid and very reliable niche for itself as a forex signals trader copier and that explains why its stakeholders are often impressed with the results and reason for me to talk about them in this review. At Waw Forex Signals, there are seasoned, trained, and highly-experienced hands who generated these very result-oriented forex signals and allows you to use it via the Waw Forex Trade Copier for trading. Waw Forex Signals truly stands out and of all the forex trading platforms out there, it is one with a world-class pursuit of a customer-oriented goal and objective. With this venture, the primary goal and objective are to ensure that confidence and trust are restored to all traders across the globe. In the forex business, few things are greater or more important than confidence and trust. At Waw Forex Signals, there is the understanding that there can be a lot of complications with markets and it is for this reason that the platform is always ready to assist traders with all the tools and services that they need to move to the next level. Reasons to go for it Waw Forex Signals strongly believes that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. As a respected forex signal copier provider, the management of their signals is done manually. This is possible because the signals were generated in the first instance by highly-trained analysts with years of experience, and they utilize various manual trading strategies when doing the business. Using any Forex Signal service should be done after strong research and here are some major points why Waw Forex Signals should be first on the list to use. • Fully Automated Copier System • Over 5 years of service in the industry • Over 3k client based with nearly 90% satisfied. • 76% Winning percentage in the past 5 years. • Fully Hosted Account Service (No need VPS) • Custom Risk Management, Ability to Customize Lot Size. • Support All Brokers & Accounts Types (MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM & LMAX) • Trial is available from $19 with a 1-week duration. • Refund policy without question asked available with the duration of the first 3 days. • Easy to contact customer service via Email and Telegram Conclusion If you are an amateur or even a pro when it comes to forex trading, one certain thing is no one wishes to sit in front of the computer the whole day, so that’s where you could make use of a reliable service such as Waw Forex Signals Copier. Check it out today https://www.wawforexsignals.com/ and start your journey towards achieving success in your career.
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