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  1. PSYDOGE (Psychic Doge) is the most rewarded BNB reflection token on the crypto ecosystem. The project allows users to earn the biggest BNB rewards just by holding Psydoge on the BSC protocol. Psydoge is designed and developed by a team of experienced blockchain experts, including developers and marketers. Being a hyper deflationary token, early adopters will enjoy massive gains both in the short or long-term. Psydoge has a token with the symbol "PSYD." PSYD is the native currency of the Psydoge ecosystem. Users can use the token to make purchases and payments on the Psydoge network. Also it will be supposed to launch their own platform of copy trading through Binance Futures with holders able to expect further profits by following Psydoge's own strategy and accumulative experience of futures trading. How It Works 15% of every sell order and 10% of every buy order will be stored in the form of BNB in the Magic Crystal Ball. These tokens will then be redistributed to users proportional to their holders every 3 hours. The transaction occurs automatically and there is no need to wait or claim your rewards. Additionally, 2% of the transaction will be added to the liquidity on Pancakeswap automatically. Benefits of PSYDOGE Being the most rewarded BNB Reflection token, PSYDOGE is a movement that rewards participants with BNB giveaways by holding the token on the Binance Smart Chain. Other rewards that you stand a chance to earn include redistribution rewards, fun card games, and buyback programs. The Psy Bet Game Psydoge has a bet game that you can take advantage of to make more money if things work out in your favor. You can bet your PSYD token to get more BNB rewards and level cards. With a random game, you can select 6 level cards. Plus, each card comes with different token reward values. Tokenomics ● Project Name: Psychic Doge ● Token Name: PSYDOGE ● Symbol: PSYD ● Total Supply: 1,000,000 ● Decimals: 18 Interested in PSYDOGE? Then get the Trust Wallet or Metamask to get started NOW. Further Info At: https://psydoge.cash/ Telegram: https://t.me/psydoge Twitter: https://twitter.com/psy_doge
  2. The decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has empowered lots of developers and crypto enthusiasts to start minting Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). One NFT to watch out for is the AI-generated BNBPunks. What is BinancePunks and what makes it special? Read on to find out! What Is BNBPunks? BinancePunks is a first-of-its-kind Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) that grants full access to users to participate in a wide range of projects, including Soulja Boy NFTs and Juicy J NFTs. BNBPunks has a user-friendly marketplace where you can trade the token for profits. Interested participants can mint the token on BinancePunks.io, as minting is now live. Participants can also trade the token on Lootex.io. For every 1,000 to 2,000 mint, the price of the token increases; thus, causing a deflationary NFT floor price. The initial 1,000 punks priced at 0.4BNB are now 0.5BNB at 2000 to 3000 mint. As the project gains traction, the price will increase to 0.55 and will continue that way. All the revenue that would be generated during the NFT sale would be allocated to marketing and development. The team at BNBPunks is constantly hosting both free and premium giveaways, with more than 30 Punks given away already. Only minters are allowed to participate in the premium giveaways so that they can earn premium Punks. On the other hand, the free giveaway is open for everyone to participate. What Makes BinancePunks Special? Being a unique NFT that grants early access to every project on the BinancePunks protect, BNBPunks is suitable for every crypto enthusiast and investors. The purchase of BinancePunks is made on a random basis so that it will give credibility and fairness to everyone that will participate in the process. Secondly, your identity will be private throughout the project until project completion. Plus, there is no first come first serve arrangement; every participant is given equal opportunity to get an Ape, Zombie, and BNBPunks Alien. What's more? BNBPunks has 10,000 unique AI-generated NFTs with more than 100 traits of different rarity to choose from. However, once the NFTs are minted, they are gone and cannot be re-minted. For those with the original BNBPunks, it confers a grandfather position whenever any project is launched on the ecosystem. Another reason why the project is special is that BinancePunks can be exchanged on the BNBPunks marketplace or LOOTex exchange. During the public mint sale, there is no limit to the number of BinancePunks you can purchase. However, once the supply exceeds 10,000, you won't be able to get BinancePunks at the mint cost. So feel like joining the BNBPunks bandwagon? Then visit the BNBPunks official website via http://binancepunks.io to get more info. BinancePunks is a unique NFT that grants early access to token holders to enjoy the benefits that come with any project launch. In some weeks to come, Soulja Boy NFTs and Juicy J NFTs will be launched on the BNBPunks Launchpad. The team at BinancePunks has the marketing skills and expertise to deliver value that's not replicated anywhere else.
  3. PlutuSwap races against time in the development of its Automated Market Maker platform, which they promised that when launched, it will be the choice DEX/AMM platform for the Cardano Blockchain. Plutuswap is a decentralized exchange using the Extended Automated Market Maker (EAMM) protocol as its backbone, built on the Cardano Blockchain Infrastructure utilizing the UTXO mechanism. AMM based decentralized exchanges works by replacing the traditional order books with liquidity pools that are pre-funded on-chain for both assets which will facilitate instant swaps and trades of the pairs. The liquidity on decentralized exchanges are made possible by Liquidity Providers who generate passive income on their deposit through trading fees based on the percentage of the liquidity that they provide. Automated Market Marker (AMM) based Decentralized exchanges has gained a lot of momentum with the massive Outburst of Blockchain Technology. Capitalize on AMM: PlutuSwap.com aims to capitalize on the widely accepted AMM based Decentralized Exchange protocol and they are one of the first pioneers of this mechanism on the Cardano Ecosystem as it develops and with the alonzo hard fork coming up in few days which will enable project owners and developers create and deploy smart contracts on the cardano blockchain. Smart contracts are computer codes that will execute functions when predefined conditions are met. With this, users can create new native Cardano tokens and further extend the usefulness of Cardano. PlutuSwap Ecosystem: The PlutuSwap Ecosystem will also include Stake Pools, Liquidity Provision, Novel Token Launch Mechanism and a Cross Chain Trading Protocol which will be powered by its Cardano native utility governance Token $Plutu, which has a total supply of 100,000,000. PlutuSwap Initial Stake Offering for Early Adopters is ongoing as you can be one of the first holders of the $PLUTU tokens. You can join the ISO to become holder of $PLUTU tokens through the details below: https://plutuswap.com
  4. MiniBNB team is proud to announce the presale starting on 10th August, along with launching an exciting redistributive token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a tiered giveaway. MiniBNB holders will get double rewards with redistributions in MiniBNB and have a chance to get BNB in a weekly tiered giveaway. Additionally, holders will also be given an opportunity to join the MiniBNB club that will offer them exclusive benefits. MiniBNB’s tiered giveaway is reported to include the concept of a Giveaway Wallet that will collect redistributions in BNB and give them back to the holders weekly. There will be 15 wallets chosen for a BNB giveaway every week where 5 wallets from each of 3 tiers will be selected. The tiers will giveaway BNB as follows: the top tier will be given 50% of the Giveaway Wallet, the second tier will be given 30% of the Giveaway Wallet, and the third tier will be given 20% of the Giveaway Wallet. The tiers will be based on MiniBNB token amount standing as seen on BSCscan where Tier 1 will include the top 100 wallets, Tier 2 will include wallets 101-1000, and Tier 3 will include wallets 1001 and beyond. MiniBNB has also recently announced a Launch Giveaway event they will be hosting 48 hours after the token launches to the public. The premium items seen in this promotion are set to provide a substantial kickstart to the project and are bound to peak the interest of individuals looking to get into unique tokens. The Launch Giveaway will include two Tier 1 holders to have a chance in getting a 1 Oz gold bar each from the royal mint in the UK, one Tier 2 holder to have a chance in getting an M1 iPad Pro, and one Tier 3 holder to have a chance in getting an Oculus Quest 2. This Launch Giveaway event is separate from the weekly BNB giveaways that are on schedule to occur after launch. Current tokenomics reported for MiniBNB include a 200 Billion token supply and an 11% fee on all transactions divided as follows: 3% Marketing Wallet, 3% Redistributions in MiniBNB, 3% Giveaway Wallet, and 2% Burn. All MiniBNB holders will also be extended an invitation for an exclusive membership to the MiniBNB Club that will offer them further benefits. Further details of the MiniBNB club including requirements and detailed benefits are to be announced soon. MiniBNB will have an initial private sale followed by a presale on Aug 10th 9AM PST via DxSale. The most up to date information regarding MiniBNB and information on current and future giveaway events can be found on their website: www.minibnb.co Media Contact Telegram: https://t.me/MiniBNB_token Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiniBNBtoken Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Minibnb-100930668947275/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minibnbtoken/ Website: www.minibnb.co
  5. When we talk about scalping, it is a kind of formula that sits around low spreads and fast execution of trades. And in line with that is the broker we should pick. And this takes me to https://fx-list.com, a very reputed place where we can figure out quality brokers easily. And that too with setting specific parameters. As scalper, it's ideal way forward for one to choose the trusted company.
  6. The global pandemic that rocked the foundation of the world indicated how our fiat currency doesn't have value. The manipulation from governments and devaluation has impact investors significantly. What if you have the opportunity to store your money where its value doesn't depreciate? Although the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, you cannot deny the rewards and opportunities it creates for everyone. Today, central banks and governments are setting up policies that affect the financial market while manipulating traditional fiat currencies to favor their country. Crypto Pote Token has announced its utility token – POPE. POPE will be an option to store in for value against inflation as well as a good way to create passive income without any past experience knowledge, since just holding the POPE tokens allows earning a part of the transaction fees paid by users. The POPE is a BEP20 token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain network with only 10,000,000 POPE in circulation. The limited quantity in circulation makes it a scarce token for investors and hard for anyone to manipulate. There is a 2% fee on every transaction, which is redistributed to investors. According to the team, half of the fees will be burned, which helps increase the scarcity, whereas the remaining half of the fees are redistributed to the holders based on their investment. Probit Listing Activated. Listed on Probit, the token is available for pre-sale for two months. During this period, 1 POPE is equivalent to 1 USDT. After the expiration of the two months, any unsold POPE will be burned. To secure investors' funds, 40% of the pre-sale money will be reserve peradventure a dump takes place. Everyone can trade the pair (POPE/USDT) on the platform. With this, everyone can trade (buy or sell) and profit without depending on a centralized exchange. PancakeSwap Exchange Besides trading the token on Probit, you can swap POPE on PancakeSwap exchange. To do this, you need to access the PancakeSwap exchange, enter the contract address of POPE and swap your currency (BNB or USDT) to POPE. With this, you are a holder of the POPE token. The full-proof planning ahead! To ensure the success of the Crypto Pote token project, there are plans to burn any unsold token. Additionally, the creator's wallet will only hold 10% of the supply while the other gets burnt. There are also plans to list the project on other major exchanges and develop the project ecosystem. If you want a token that gets scarce with time and rewards holders without any manipulation in the future, then the POPE token is the answer. Further Info At: https://cryptopotetoken.finance/ https://www.probit.com/app/exchange/POPE-USDT
  7. With lots of different businesses springing up on a daily basis, one of the major challenges that business owners face is the lack of access to funding to scale their businesses. For this reason, the concept of crowdfunding started gaining limelight. With crowdfunding, business owners can raise funds to pursue their business ideas or expand their existing business. With the number of crowdfunding platforms on the internet, it can be overwhelming and confusing to choose one that would suit your preferences and business requirements. However, one funding source or platform that has reinvented the crowdfunding marketplace to enable startups to access funding is CryptoPoolMirror (CPM). What is CPM, benefits of CPM, and how do I buy CPM tokens? Read on to find out! What Is CPM? CPM is a community-focused project with no absolute power. It is designed and built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It is the future of funding and it accelerates startup growth by offering the required tools and resources for startup companies to gain traction. CPM has an Ethereum-based utility token. CPM is managed by a team of volunteer members and private individuals (tax specialists, KYC firms, project managers, consultants). The mission of CPM is simple - to serve as the go-to platform where startups seeking funding can turn to. Businesses in the crypto space can use CPM to run their ICOs from any location in the world. Factor that makes CPM standout: The thing that makes CPM standout is innovativeness and uniqueness. The members will have to contribute by choosing one of the 3 packages proposed on the funding program and by the leverage of the group will raise up to millions GUARANTEED. ONE small contribution and the power of the group will make all the magic through a well though mathematical formula that wins most of the time. No need for advertising, No need to refund the money received, No need to look for investors. The membership will provide the funding, business relationship for partnership, ability to invest in other project at their early stage before the public and much more. How Will CPM Benefit Me And My Business? There are so many benefits of participating in the CPM project. Participants will coast home with lots of rewards. They will also have the opportunity to access funding to expand their existing business or start a new business. There are other reasons why you should consider joining the CPM bandwagon. First, CPM is 100% community based. There is 0.02 ETH membership fees for Token holders and new participants to become members of the community during the pre-launch phase. However, for Token holders, there are benefits for buying the token at it early stage. As once the listing happens, the market value will dramatically grow due to the endeavors of the members. Secondly, CPM is partnering with Ethereum due to the latter's global acceptance to guarantee stability and sustainability. The token will be used to support starter programs with a view to building liquidity. Lastly, CPM is backed by several projects. Being a project-backed token, CPM will always remain valuable all year round. If one project is not performing too well, the rest projects are sure to keep the token afloat. Additionally, CPM gives you the opportunity to invest in a wide range of projects all in one place. How To Buy The CPM Token Buying the CPM token just got easier on the CPM official website. Launch your browser and visit the CPM official website. If you are a new user of the site, create a new account and then navigate to your dashboard. But if you are an existing user, simply login straight to your account. Once you land on your dashboard, add your ERC20-based wallet address. This is the address you'll use to receive the token. Click the "buy token now" button. Enter the token amount you wish to buy and proceed to make payment. Once the admin confirms your payment, you will immediately receive the token in your wallet. Do you want to access funding to start a new business or expand your existing business? Then visit the CPM official website: https://token.mycryptopoolmirror.com/ You can watch the video presentation from the below link:
  8. The best of humanity is manifested when we help those in need. We live in times in which so many are in need of assistance. Among the needy, it is arguable the most needy of all come from the animal kingdom. Animals which have been abandoned, or are disabled. Their fate is most often binary: Death, or to wander aimlessly, surviving day-to-day. CaliCoin was created to help this very special class of needy animals. CaliCoin admires and draws strength from these animals and their will to survive. CaliCoin even coined a term for these animals. CaliCoin aims to help “Animals of Determination”—“AODs” CaliCoin is a unique charity token and a donation platform devoted to helping AODs. CaliCoin smartly marries the dual affinity many crypto-enthusiasts have for animal welfare, and hence provides a safe, transparent, and seamless means to help AODs around the world. CaliCoin is built on the Ethereum Network, which means every transaction is transparent and highly protected. Currently, there are 100 Million fixed supply tokens with the coin listed on multiple exchanges. To ensure transparency, the CaliCoin team conducts rigorous due diligence on AOD charities before admitting them into the CaliCoin system. The prospective donor buys desired CaliCoin amount and selects the charity of their choice. They also have a choice to distribute equally across all CaliCoin charities. The CaliCoin site provides a direct Wallet-to-Wallet transfer from the Donor Wallet to the AOD Charity Wallet without any fees or commissions. Donors can rest assured 100% of their donations go directly to the animals. CaliCoin Token Distribution Here is a breakdown of the 100 Million fixed quantity of CaliCoin Tokens: • 40% ICO; Initial Float • 20% Early Backers & Investors; Initial Advisors* • 15% Team* • 10% Member Veterinarians* • 10% Reserve • 5% Bounty Programs Buying CaliCoin Token The seed funding of the CaliCoin project began on April 5, 2021, with parallel listings on ProBit and UniSwap. Probit: https://www.probit.com/app/exchange/CALI-USDT Uniswap: https://calicoin.me/buy-now-on-uniswap/ CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/calicoin Further detail at: https://calicoin.me/
  9. WOTA is a digital asset trading company, introduces fair, easy-to subscribe Ethereum growth plans in their newly released mobile app “WOTA: Amplify Your Crypto”, now officially on the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore. WOTA trades on Binance WOTA consists of a group of veteran traders trading on the Binance Exchange since they started nearly three years ago from Jan 2018. WOTA specializes in Ethereum stock growth by trading against “Altcoins”; Since inception, WOTA has helped their private portfolio clients to achieve returns of up to 150% APY and pooled portfolios with returns of up to 15% a month based on past audits on their Ethereum principal. In terms of Total Value Locked (TVL), WOTA recorded its highest number at the peak of Ethereum’s all-time high in February 2021 at approximately USD19.7M. Subscriptions for Ethereum growth By introducing Amplify subscription plans through the WOTA app, WOTA aims to reach as many crypto communities globally to provide a seamless and efficient way of growing Ethereum stock. Unlike many decentralised finance (DeFi) projects that offer high yield returns through “farming”, WOTA offers low barriers of entry where users can simply register, deposit a minimum of 0.1 ether and tap on one of two subscription plans to begin earning every month. WOTA is CeFi, not DeFi WOTA is however recognized as a centralized finance (CeFi) organisation which eliminates the need for lengthy and complex procedures to start earning on the Ethereum blockchain. It operates by pooling all user’s funds, trading it on Binance and returning profits transparently to its users based on Amplify profit sharing scheme; The best part is, unlike DeFi projects, users get to enjoy monthly “harvest” (profit shares) without costing them any additional gas fee. Refer a friend referral programme Since the release of the WOTA app, the company has also launched its referral programs to promote the platform where affiliates, partners and influencers are able to benefit from sharing. Every registered user is provided with a unique referral or introducer code where it can be shared with friends and included in the referral field upon signups. Introducers stand to earn an attractive 5% from the referred user’s monthly earnings. For more information, please visit www.enterwota.com or reach its media at media@enterwota.com
  10. Although it might seems all so simple but concepts like Blockchain or Bitcoin is not possible to be figured out all so easily. Hereby, its must to have full understanding of these things. As often people ask stuff like Is Bitcoin defi, and so on due to recent DeFi popularity. So until and unless we don’t have clear answers, it will always push us on the backseat when it comes to leading in the field. So we have to be very very careful with the decisions we make.
  11. The global financial ecosystem presents lots of exciting opportunities for investors to increase their portfolio or diversify their investment. However, the ecosystem does come with its inherent challenges. But with too many investment management providers on the internet, it can become overwhelming to choose the best one that guarantees a decent return on investment. However, one provider that has shown continuous progress in terms of delivering decent ROIs, managing different investment portfolios, and helping investors to live the life of their dreams is DGCBOND. DGCBOND is a leading investment company with its headquarters in London. It is a registered company with registration number 12556762. The company offers different financial services, including Digital Gold such as Paper Gold or Gold exchange-traded fund, crypto investment and mining, digital assets, and forex trading management. DGCBOND also offers corporate bond services, including trust, stockbroking, securities brokerage services, corporate fund management services, as well as financial asset management. DGCBOND Investment Packages? DGCBOND offers eight investment plans for you to choose from. These plans are further grouped into two categories, which we will explain below: Category 1 The category 1 is called Digital Gold Category and it comes in 4 packages, including the following: ● Basic plan: Minimum and Maximum amount to invest in this plan are $20 and $150,000 respectively. ● Silver Plan: Minimum and Maximum amount to invest in this plan are $3,000 and $150,000 respectively. ● Gold Plan: Minimum and Maximum amount to invest in this plan are $10,000 and $150,000 respectively. ● Platinum Plan: Minimum and Maximum amount to invest in this plan are $100,000 and $150,000 respectively. Category 2 The second category is called Corporate Bond Category. This category also has 4 packages, including the following: ● Essential plan: Minimum and Maximum amount to invest in this plan are $300 and $150,000 respectively. ● SME Plan: Minimum and Maximum amount to invest in this plan are $5,000 and $150,000 respectively. ● Corporate Plan: Minimum and Maximum amount to invest in the corporate plan are $50,000 and $150,000 respectively. ● Enterprise Plan: Minimum and Maximum amount to invest in this plan is $150,000 for both plans. DGCBOND Bonuses This investment management provider offers two bonus tiers to its investors. The first bonus tier is the welcome bonus. Upon opening of a new account on the DGCBOND platform, you would be instantly rewarded with a 10% bonus once you make your first deposit. The good news is that you can withdraw the bonus anytime you so wish. The second bonus tier is the referral bonus. As a registered member of the DGCBOND community, if you are able to convince your friends and family members to also register on the platform, you are entitled to the referral bonus. The referral bonus is further grouped into three tiers - Ordinary members, Representatives, and Brokers. Ordinary members and Representatives can earn anything between 5% and 10% referral bonus depending on your level. For Brokers, any user on the broker ladder can earn anything between 1% and 30% bonus. These bonuses can be withdrawn at any time. Wondering how to get started with DGCBOND? It's simple, visit https://dgcbond.com/?create-account to create a free account. While on the registration page, you would be required to complete the form with your correct details or information, select your preferred payment method, create a 4-digit security code, review your application, and submit the form. DGCBOND accepts deposits via Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bank Transfer. If you any challenges during the registration process, feel free to reach out to their customers support desk via Email: hello@dgcbond.com or any of the social channels below: ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/dgcbondofficial ● Instagram: https://instagram.com/dgcbond ● Telegram: https://t.me/dgcbondofficial ● Facebook: https://facebook.com/dgcbond ● Whatsapp: https://wa.me/+447852635590 ● Livechat: https://tawk.to/chat/602815019c4f165d47c2ffb9/1eue9448a You can also visit their official website for more information about their investment packages via https://dgcbond.com/
  12. There is a wise saying “A good plan completes 50% of a job”. Before making investments to any financial market, I finalize my plan first. The first step of my plan was choosing a good broker or platform. Also I came to learn one thing is that learning is the first and foremost part in any business. But having lots of personal and official work it was really impossible to handle all of the investments issues for me. Therefore I had to choose an investment platform that is WOTA. Why did I choose it over any platforms? Yes, there is a very specific reason that is to confirm profit 35% to 50% with 100% trust.
  13. A crypto coin is an alternative currency that is not linked to any one particular currency. But we are seeing something really different than before that is news sensitivity. Once Elon Musk started talking about it the price is just getting up day by day. As a crypto trader I did not miss that chance once I saw a news on Shysatoshi blog about Elon Musk, I took part in Bitcoin and Doge and I got a handsome profit from it. So its must to follow up on with such Crypto currency blog for crypto fans. http://www.shysatoshi.com/
  14. Seeking for investments where you feel comfortable and secure? With the right platform, that desire is not impossible. Now is your chance to do that by growing your Ethereum with WOTA. While there are hundreds of investment platforms on the internet, the WOTA platform stands out due to its potential-profit sharing opportunity that it presents. With WOTA, you can choose to reinvest or accumulate your earnings every month or your capital at the end of your subscription. How does WOTA work and why should you join the WOTA app? What Is the Wota app (enterwota)? WOTA is an investment platform where you can grow your Ethereum with ease. For the safety of your deposited ETH, WOTA maintains a corporate account with Binance where the funds are deposited and utilised for trading. Therefore, your funds and transactions on the WOTA platform are safe and secure. What Are The Benefits Of Joining WOTA? Wondering why Ethereum enthusiasts are drifting towards growing their Ethereum with WOTA? It's simple! WOTA is your platform of choice when it comes to reaping decent earnings on your Ethereum investment. Find below some of the reasons why Ethereum investors prefer WOTA to other platforms: Growth Potential: The WOTA platform is an investment hub where you can invest your Ethereum and watch your investment grow. Plus, there are no hidden charges or terms to affect your capital, except for a small 0.5% fee that would be deducted from your subscription principal at the expiration of your subscribed Amplify plan. No Deposit Fee: Tired of all the investment platforms that charge a fee to deposit your capital? Then give WOTA a chance. WOTA doesn't charge users to deposit their Ethereum. However, only a flat fee of 0.005 ETH when withdrawing your earnings or profits. Referral Rewards: To further reward users for their loyalty, WOTA operates a referral program. If you can convince your friends or family members to register on the WOTA app via your referral link, you would be rewarded with 5% of whatever amount the person has profited. The referral reward is credited on a monthly basis. Safety: All transactions on the WOTA platform are secured using latest industry best practices. As a matter of fact, WOTA holds an active corporate account on the Binance Exchange platform where your deposited ETH is traded after being accumulated in a secure cold wallet. How To Grow Your Ethereum With WOTA Here is a step-by-step guide on how to grow your Ethereum coins on the WOTA app: Step 1: Download the WOTA app Download the app from the Google PlayStore or Apple Store. Install the app and register for a WOTA Ethereum wallet free of charge. Step 2: Deposit Ethereum After downloading the WOTA app, the next step is to send ETH to your Ethereum wallet. Step 3: Select a Subscription There are two Amplify plans on the WOTA app, therefore choose a subscription that you are comfortable with. The minimum amount of ETH eligible for subscription is 0.1 ETH. Step 4: Reinvest Or Accumulate The next step is to reinvest or accumulate your principal at the end of your subscription plan. Remember, the profits you earned would be credited to your wallet on a monthly basis. Visit the official website via https://enterwota.com. From the website, you will learn everything you need to know about Wota (enterwota). You can navigate to the frequently asked questions section to peruse the questions and answers, should in case you have anything still troubling you. Alternatively, you can reach out to their customer support via Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. The customer support team members are always on the ground to walk you through any stage of the process.
  15. With the increased adoption of blockchain technology for wealth creation, the need to take advantage of blockchain to generate passive income cannot be overemphasized. In a bid to give more crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to increase their income streams, the team behind Psychic Finance is pleased to announce the introduction of its yield farming and prediction market. Psychic Finance is a blockchain-powered platform that gives investors the opportunity to earn income from yield farming and on the prediction market. Psychic Finance has a native token with the symbol PSY. Users can pay for transaction fees, buy goods and services on the Psychic Finance protocol with the PSY tokens. In fact, users can stake PSY to earn a decent return on their investments. If you choose to join the Psychic Finance's prediction market, your PSY tokens can earn you extra income. We will talk more about the prediction market in the next section. How The Prediction Market Works As with other prediction ecosystems, the Psychic Finance prediction market rewards those who predict an event and it comes to pass. Most of the events that you'd be predicting are related to the crypto space. For example, if a participant predicts that by March 2021, Ethereum price will level up with the price of Bitcoin, he/she will receive PSY tokens for the correct prediction. You can use your earned PSY tokens to purchase more NFT prediction cards. This will enable you to earn extra income. However, keep in mind that the reward that is paid out to you is as per the value of your NFT card. How Psychic Finance Is Different From Other Crypto-based Projects Psychic Finance has a fun and exciting prediction market where users can place bets, list predictions, and participate in game voting for profits. The project gives room for participants to challenge the outcome of a bet if they feel aggrieved. The project allows participants to serve as betting executives, referees, or predictive registrants. About Psychic Finance Psychic Finance is a Binance smart chain project that gives crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to earn income from yield farming. The project combines the power of innovative farming and NFT to present investors a world class farming experience. At its core, Psychic Finance consists of three markets, including farming, NFT, and lastly the prediction market. Psychic Finance parades a team that is highly knowledgeable in yield farming and the prediction market. With their knowledge and experience, they continually strive to bring innovations to the project. You can get further information on the Psychic Finance website; other media contacts include Telegram channel and Telegram group. In addition, their Medium page can easily be accessed, while other social media include Twitter as well as YouTube.
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