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  1. I have never used Payneer, so I don’t know exactly what it is but all I can tell you is that check https://fx-list.com/ because there you can find brokers that has this deposit option. But I do know that most popular brokers don’t have such option. Anyway, hope this helps.
  2. I love making investment in real estates and recently I saw Austin texas housing market predictions 2020, which really made me jump with joy. There is huge potential there for investment, but since I don’t have a lot of idea about that location, I am really looking for people who belong from there for their views over it. From all the facts and figures available, it looks good but with having confirmation from someone, it make decision making a lot easier.
  3. It’s important to judge any broker our self instead of going with what others say. I would suggest trying https://www.retail-insider.com/articles/2019/12/finding-a-profitable-forex-broker-a-new-guide-for-retail-forex-traders, as it covers a lot of valid points one needs to look at.
  4. Not just exchangers but even big hands are involved in this dirty game…
  5. If you have anything to do with Binance, you can now see very clearly that this brand has nothing to offer. This is what I have been telling everyone around me. Now, the sign is even clearer than anyone can imagine.
  6. Third-quarter for 2019 started off with a bullish momentum pulling the general crypto market out of the cold depths of the ‘Crypto Winter.’ While the gains in Alt. coins have waned since then, Bitcoin has temporarily stabilized creating a support base around the $9,000 mark. In the future, Cryptocurrency, tokens and other digital assets will become mainstream assets that belong to everyone. Technological advance will lead us to adopt the Blockchain, as well as Cryptocurrency, sooner or later. Through CoinZoom, it is expected that this adoption process can be accelerated by carrying out the concept of “Future Investment”. Currently, exchanges on the market are relatively expensive and unfriendly to new users. This becomes a barrier to the growth of digital asset adoption. Such a problem is coupled with a less than optimal security system, resulting in rampant hacking cases, thus making newcomers more likely to be afraid to get involved in this market. CoinZoom emerges to overcome this problem by providing a simpler but powerful services and risk management tools, coupled with a layered security system. All this is further complemented by the CoinZoom Visa Card, making CoinZoom the next generation crypto exchange for customers. Unlike most digital asset exchanges which charge high fees for every transaction, CoinZoom’s fees are reasonable. This is because they want to remove the barrier hesitant for people to trade. Their goal is to provide good service to the crypto community and to the people. CoinZoom also provides a beautiful platform that is equipped with updated features and an easy user interface. Features Of The CoinZoom Platform First-grade Security: Simplicity does not mean that CoinZoom removes features for expert users, since the features attached to CoinZoom are the features intended to accommodate all groups, from beginners and experts, to enterprise level customers. CoinZoom is very concerned about customer security; therefore 98% of assets are stored in cold storage. Plus, there is a highly encrypted personal data of users along with been regulated by relevant agencies. Premier Fiat Gateway: Card to crypto. Customers have a wide variety of funding options, including Visa and Mastercard, ACH, and wires. The very few global exchanges that allow funding with Visa and Mastercard, charge customers a service fee of 4% - 10%. CoinZoom has the lowest Visa and Mastercard fee in the world of just 2.99%. CoinZoom Staking: CoinZoom Staking initially supports two tokens – Dash (DASH) and Algorand (ALGO). CoinZoom clients can now generate passive income while assets remain in their secure CoinZoom Exchange wallet. The new service allows users to earn passive income in the range of 7-13% yield per year. Digital Wallet Security: CoinZoom has chosen BitGo Trust to serve as our institutional qualified custodian and digital wallet security provider. BitGo is the world leader in Digital Wallet security. A key factor in their selection was custodial assets held by BitGo Trust Company are insured for up to $100 million USD through Lloyd’s, the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market. Their services solve the most difficult security, compliance and custodial problems associated with blockchain-based currencies, enabling the integration of digital currency into the global financial system. CoinZoom Visa Card: CoinZoom is an approved Program Manager with Visa. The CoinZoom Visa Card allows customers to spend both fiat and crypto with their CoinZoom Visa Card at over 53M merchants globally. The CoinZoom Visa Card can also be used at any global ATM that accepts Visa. CoinZoom’s VIP Rewards program is an integral part of the Visa card. The CoinZoom Visa Card is available in the following VIP levels: Select, Preferred, Gold, Platinum, and Black. https://www.coinzoom.com/cards/ Early Access Reward Top 200 people that refer the most friends will win either a Black, Platinum, Gold or Preferred CoinZoom Visa Card, plus get early access to trading and use of the CoinZoom Visa card scheduled for fall of 2019. https://www.coinzoom.com/early-access/ In addition, those rewarded will get early access to trade cryptos of their choice and also activate their CoinZoom Visa Card for the 2019 fall. Here is how you can be part of this program; ● Visit https://www.coinzoom.com/ ● Click on the "Get early Access Button" ● A new window will pop up ● Enter your first and last name ● Enter your email address ● Click on the register now and win button. Ready to get started? Visit https://www.coinzoom.com/ for more information. Further information at: https://www.facebook.com/CoinZoom/ https://twitter.com/GetCoinZoom https://t.me/coinzoomcommunity CoinZoom – A crypto exchange that provides you with a simple and secure way to buy, sell and spend cryptocurrencies.
  7. Usually Tether is the pioneer yet I don't know whether the business will develop with only 1-2 names. It must be joined with others. Also, at exactly that point things will be paid attention to.
  8. I believe we need to do things smartly instead of being greedy. I trade with really careful way and approach; it’s easier through OctaFX broker because they have lovely educational setup which really covers it all. They are amazing with keeping it all very simple as well, so that suits newbies really nicely. I also like the support I get which is available 24/5 while there are many other ways too through which we can contact them via live chat, phone call and more!
  9. My advice would be plain and simple; it’s to learn as much as we can. It is ultimately the way we will be able to succeed and will be able to make money consistently. I do just that and under OctaFX, it’s easy as it gets. I operate on ECN account which comes with as low as 5 dollars and have no issues over slippage, re quote or any such thing which allows me to be absolutely comfortable and relaxed with doing everything.
  10. I believe any bonus is profitable which gives us freedom instead of restricting us. This is why I operate through OctaFX which is one of the class companies with been licensed by FCA and got excellent service including 50% bonus on deposit scheme, it’s fascinating to work with such broker and helps me out well. The greatest advantage is no restrictions or hidden policy which is often common theory behind the bonuses that many other brokers offer but nothing like that is here.
  11. We should try to use stuff that we are comfortable with. I am trading with OctaFX broker and under them; I use their cTrader platform which is amazing. It is advance and have all the latest technology which really helps and enhance my chances as per profit making is concern. I can make good profits due to that and never have to worry about slippage, re quote or any such issue which always keep me entirely comfortable as well with working.
  12. You can’t really leave these sorts of things, as it is part of human’s structure and it can only be controlled not left. The best way to do this is through right level of money management and approach. If our approach is correct and if we do trading with common sense then we could be in for big money spinning job. I am lucky enough to have great support from OctaFX, as they are amazing with low spreads, high leverage, bonuses and all so many facilities to work around.
  13. I have been trading since last 8 years, it has been really thrilling journey for me with many ups and downs, but fortunately, I have been able to rise through it. In last 3 years, I have really taken big stride; it’s all thanks to support of broker like OctaFX, as they have made things easier for me. I love it through their ECN account which can be operated with as low as 5 dollars and comes with no issues over slippage, re quote or any such things.
  14. It is priceless to have low spreads for scalping or even during news trading but then you need to think about security as well. If the funds are not secure or if you make profits and if you can’t get it than it doesn’t mean much to have low spreads. I am fortunate enough that I work with OctaFX, as with them, I am fully secure with them regulated by FCA and are also a true ECN which too an award winning one, so after that low spreads from 0.1 pips makes me feel pretty good.
  15. I don’t agree. If you ever get into mindset that making profit is linked to amount you have then believe me you are in deep hole. You need to know that skills are ultimate and if ever you will succeed, it will be based upon your skill level not anything else! I am not sure how you came up with such list. As most of them are struggling and it’s easy to spot it. Anyhow, I work with OctaFX and if there are suggestions to be put, I will suggest them with having 50% bonus on deposit as well.
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