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  1. nBTC New Bitcoin nBTC is an open-source initiative and proposed fork for bitcoin, that intends to take Bitcoin blockchain to POS from POW. nBTC Airdrop is coming soon!
  2. WISE TOKEN ANNOUNCEMENT – UNPRECEDENTED COMMUNITY COMMITTED OVER 14,200 ETH SO FAR! Wise Token is pleased to announce an unprecedented community response community Invested Over $6 Million In 8 days with over 40 days remaining. #WiseToken #ETH #Uniswap #cryptocurrency #blockchain #digitaltoken #exchange #Defi #CryptonaireWeekly #platinumcryptoacademy
  3. HOW BUSINESSES CAN BENEFIT FROM UTILIZING THE ATROMG8 ECOSYSTEM Applied blockchain ATROMG8 offers many benefits to businesses, fast transaction time, different payment options, security, saved transaction costs and more. #ATROMG8 #cryptocoins #BETROM #Blockchain #exchange #cryptocurrencies #ecosystem #CryptonaireWeekly #platinumcryptoacademy
  4. CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING – THE WISE TOKEN IS A GAME CHANGER! WISE ecosystem and token is unique and creative, capable of providing unparalleled opportunities to investors to earn high returns CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING. #WISEtoken #ETH #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #blockchain #digitaltoken #exchange #Defi #Uniswap #BTC
  5. INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS – QUIVERX INVESTMENT APP FOR ALL Investment management applications like QuiverX simplify asset management while offering complete transparency, security and traceability. #Investment20wallet
  6. Paxful Paxful is a global marketplace to securely trade Bitcoin with millions of users, using 350+ modes of payment. Create a free account today.
  7. SwapsDefi WHAT IS THE NEW? Welcome to SwapsDefi What Is SwapsDefi? SwapsDefi is your Crosschain shop which enables the swapping of one Defi Tokens with Ease. SwapsDefi is a multiplatform that's built to meet every need of crypto users. Swapsdefi has the following features: Swap. An enhanced UI that makes it easy to trade Defi Asset with the lowest Gas fee in the industry. Although, we proud ourselves with the lowest gas fee, our cross-chain Robo advisor quickly tap into liquidity pools to provide available services. The Robo-Advisor will focu
  8. YFIDapp YFIDAPP (YFID) Announces A Game-changing Decentralized Finance Project YFIDapp is an upcoming decentralized finance project committed to creating an elaborate and intuitive ecosystem for the participants. The project is made of five modular products that work in tandem to deliver high-yields to the lenders and borrowers engaged in the network. A great addition to the thriving, multi-billion dollar DeFi ecosystem, YFIDapp will focus on promoting an inclusive and lucrative network to all. The five products offered under the YFIDapp banner ar
  9. VALYRIAN FINANCE VALYRIAN FINANCE DEFI PRESALE &LAUNCH SOON – 100% Community Owned Project VALYRIAN.FINANCE INTRODUCTION The cryptocurrency industry is based on a simple premise: people should be fully in control of their finances. While it seems like a simple and obvious statement, the current systems are far from providing financial services that are truly under the control of the people who use them. The Team at VALYRIAN.FINANCE ($VALYRIAN) has worked hard in developing a unique Deflationary Burn Token that addresses these challenges. PROBL
  10. Pull The Rug Finance Non Fungible Tokens have already proven and solidified their value and capabilities even in the short time they’ve been around. They have several different roles and provide a great deal of utility. Some are considered a collectible item and are valued by those who hold them and seek them out. Other NFTs are being utilized as legal documents and proof of ownership ledgers, although this form of utility is being developed. One such project which combines NFTs with staking/farming rewards is called PulltheRug.Finance. PulltheRug.F
  11. BICO BICO ICO is a fundraising activity for online entertainment platforms. As for the development prospects, it certainly exists, because the online gambling market is growing at a rate of about 10.8% every year.
  12. BitNorm BitNorm is a new player in the crypto-space. We aim to alleviate the maintenance overhead burden endured while trying to keep track of trading signals, the latest crypto news, blogs, and user sentiments. It features: - A cryptocurrencies and related services indexation engine, - A cryptocurrencies social media platform actualized using blogs, forums, scrolls and chat, - Useful analytics of cryptocurrencies and related services presented in easy to understand and highly customizable views and widgets, - And much more. Be sure to check
  13. BETCONIX Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that the BETCONIX exchange has been taken over by GN BetConix ST s.r.o. The updated exchange will be launched in 40 days. Our goal is to create a convenient and transparent exchange for users. The main asset of our exchange is our users, so we are open to dialogue around the clock. We will be happy to answer all your questions. coo@betconix.com -managing director of GN BetConix ST s. r. o. In the nearest future, our project will be able to offer you the full range of the mai
  14. WELCOME TO THE TRIPLX ($XXX) BURNING ROOM WE ARE NOT LISTED YET**BEWARE OF FALSE CONTRACT LISTINGS triple ($XXX) is a deflationary token with a staged burn starting from 2% up to 10% of every transaction. This concept is rewarding the strong hands that we need for the success of this project. HODL will pay you back. WE HAVE CREATED TRIPLX TO BE FAST AND FUN In the current state of the crypto market, you cannot be careful enough, so TRIPLX is leaving all decisions up to the community to vote on We believe transparency and safety is the key to a succe
  15. Miny.cc Get easy passive incomes with our crypto cloud mining. Miny.cc is a crypto cloud mining company with large computational power that offers you the opportunity to mine without having to buy expensive equipments. Invest as low as 0.25 ETH and mine BTC, ETH, LTC through our cloud, and earn today! Plus get daily bonuses from our generous affiliates program!
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