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  1. Displayed Username : arsii619 Amount To Request (DMT points) : 200 ($2) Payment option Perfect Money ID : 9751105 I hope i will be paid soon.
  2. it always been a very bad experience whenever this emotion come over too me. greed is one of the biggest hurdle between you nd a successful trader. i have got many times blown account my account just because of this greediness.
  3. i am satisfied with my broker because since i am working with it and opened an account i didnt have any problem except for some minor issue which is the problem or every broker. overall i have got a wonderful experience with my broker with service and support.
  4. dont think it as easy because once you enter in this field with less knowledge you sure gonna lose in starting and if you dont start to get knowledge and practice it you will going to lose more and more. so better not to take it easy start learning and practice and make it easy to earn in forex trading.
  5. for my experience i can say that i cant find any other online business better than forex trading .thought this is really a risky business but once we have control over those risk we can earn a lot of money with good return daily.
  6. the goal for every forex trader is to earn more and more money with daily routine and make their standard of living up and up. i want to make career in forex trading and to make good money and reputation to earn money and pride both. Forex trading is a business with an unlimited opportunity of earning.
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  8. what i advice to newbie try not to do long term trading because this requires a really big sl and tp levels. which i think newbie or small capital traders may not bear. although newbie can depend on small profit and small risk in other words short term trading for their starting in forex trading.
  9. greed is one of the biggest hurdle between you and success in forex trading. i have lost many times just because of this greediness. it is really hard to control this emotions. but i think there are many ways to control this emotions, we have to practice and get more and more knowledge on how to get control of this emotion during trading,
  10. If we step forward with this thinking that we will always try to get more out of it. and we will be never satisfied with which we have got. i think we should get satisfied with what we got but never stop and do more and more and gain more with your knowledge and experience.
  11. My friend. almost every broker has offered the services of free demo account with their official meta trader platform to test their services and trading options. you will find open free demo account in almost any forex broker website.
  12. forex trading is getting much popular then stock trading. though there is not much difference between forex and stock trading but the amount of capital required in stock market is much higher than forex trading as compare to risk also. so most of the newbies and professional traders are forex traders rather than stock trader.
  13. my advice to them that they should not invest their whole money in only any one broker. they should took some part of it and try to invest with different brokers and should test and find out the best brokers among them. sometimes a certain brokers may cheat you with whole of your money. so its better to invest with different broker instead of only one.
  14. Yes. it could be a full time time job or business if we have good knowledge and trading techniques of forex trading. we can earn a lot of money from forex trading with great knowledge of forex trading. the points you mentioned are really important for getting success in forex trading.
  15. I think the free deposit money or bonus for getting experience in real account with real money but not yours. but i really dont think it will achieve success in forex. the free deposit is little amount that you got for starting trade. you will have to need a big amount to invest to making a success in forex trading.
  16. The best advice for the newbie will be that they must first learn and practice the forex trading in demo accounts. because forex is really a risky business. if you start it without any knowledge just want to earn a lot money than you are going to loss everything you are going to invest.
  17. Brokers earn in the way the difference between the buy and sell price is the spread which is the basic income of a broker. you have seen many brokers have different spread they have their price set. other way to earn is their commission on some stock and commodities.
  18. support and resistance is one of the great tool from which we set our Take profit and stop loss position. they are the points where we open and close our trade. many of the professional trades depends on support and resistance level. they are really helpful and profitable.
  19. this is really a useful post. a newbie must and should read some books for trading before going to real trading. they would have then clear the concept of forex trading and they will get good knowledge about forex trading. I would suggest to go to babypips.com. here you will learn the basic and advance of forex trading.
  20. a newbie should first learn the basic of forex trading and then practice this learning on demo account. do ever try to start your trading in real account with your real money unless you have make good practice in demo account. i give this advice to every newbie to trade in demo account for at least 3 to 6 months.
  21. risk is every where in the business. we cannot eliminate risky fully. but many ways to minimize those risks. in forex trading. its really a risky business but many tools to minimize the risk by taking good practice and use good tools like money management.
  22. i think if one is only dependent on this strategy may or may not be in profit every time but i am sure he will make some but good profit with the time. but i think scalping is not good every time. we have to get more knowledge and should good make and big profit by time.
  23. There are many disadvanteges of forex robot. first of all its running some set of rules. it doesnt have any emotions or idea what to do on certain condition when market suddenly chnges. it does it work as instructed either we are in loss or profit.
  24. it depends upon the market condition and the amount of capital and your physical and mental health. and off course your knowledge about forex trading , if you have good opportunity you can executes many trades. but too much trading is also not good for trading.
  25. This is not a big issue. losing is a part of trading and continuously loss is lack of learning and practice. if you are losing continuously. just stop real trading for a while. and practice your trading in demo accounts. i dont advice to quit forex but just wait and practice.
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