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  1. It is important not to lose track of the orders placed and not place order as speculating or gambling. Brokers are essential when traders need help in speculation and analysis. FXB Trading has helped solved the brokerage issues of many a trader in the CFD market.
  2. This business with all the ease of possessing, no need to rent a place, no operational costs, not looking for customers, employees, suppliers, no competitors, and much more, making the human factor (Psychology, mindset and mental) becomes increasingly dominant as a factor key determinants of success. A lot of people are impatient, not diligent, not committed, not serious, inconsistent, not focused in learning and practicing Trading.
  3. USD/CHF: wave analysis The pair can grow. On the 4-hour chart the upward correction is developing as a wave (2) of the higher level, within which the wave А of (2) is forming. Locally the third wave of the lower level iii of A is developing. If the assumption is correct, the pair will grow to the levels of 0.9800–0.9877. The level of 0.9647 is critical for this scenario. Register and get the in-depth insight into the latest news in market and investment trends. Daily News, Economic Calendar, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Forex Market review all offered FREE.
  4. The foreign exchange market is now considered to be the largest market in the world. The huge success of the market is down to the fact that it deals in the only asset in the world that possesses complete market liquidity: money. The foreign exchange market deals essentially in the trading of currency, which means buying one currency by exchanging it for another. The value of currencies relative to each other is constantly fluctuating. It allows people to gain a profit by buying a currency during a period of stability and then selling it off if the value of the currency rises. The dollar is often considered to be the most stable currency as the American dollar is known for its solidity and stability. However, this once highly regarded currency seems to be experiencing a downward trend. Several factors have resulted in the depreciation of the American dollar after an unexpected foreign exchange volume growth of currencies being exchanged in the market. Recently, America has made certain economic and political moves that many countries considered to be hostile. In addition, America’s political strategies have had the opposite effect in certain countries where it was trying to gain political power. An example of this is America’s involvement in the lifting of sanctions against Iran. America’s under the table economic war against Iran has always been linked to nuclear weapons. The United States used its powerful economy and its status as the world’s major cultural exporter to leverage Iran’s abolition of its developing nuclear program. The economic sanctions imposed by America and the other four permanent members of the UN security council (UK, France, Russia and China, as well as Germany) negatively affected the Iranian economy, which in turn resulted in massive depreciation of the Iranian currency, the Rial. This resulted in the appearance of a unique trend among Iranians. They changed the Rials they possessed into dollars in order to retain the value of the money they had earned. However, recently the economic sanctions imposed upon Iran were lifted after Iran agreed to cancel its nuclear program. The result of this was a steady increase in the value of the Rial, so people who had invested in the American dollar converted their money back into Iranian Rials. As a consequence, there was a flurry of activity in the Foreign Exchange Market as the sudden overflow of dollars into the market began to undermine the value of the dollar. Moreover, there are several middle eastern countries with strong currencies that were pegged to the dollar. This sudden depreciation of the dollar ended up creating a financial climate that forced investors using these currencies to change to different currencies which further increased the volume of foreign exchange being conducted. Source
  5. Loss is a part of the risk on forex trading. Just don't be greed on this business. Greed is really very harmful and extremely dangerous for a Forex trader and we should avoid it during trade in our live account because when you trade with greed you can earn a good money or you can lose all what you have so we should not take a risk to lose all the equity we have, we should trade with proper analysis which are technical and fundamental.
  6. Scalper is a term for traders who tend to collect a small amount of profit (5 - 10 Pips scale) by using open & close position strategy quickly and repeatedly every day, or commonly referred to as scalping techniques / techniques. Thats why should using brokerage that giving fast execution.
  7. I think we cannot avoid loss but we can managed the risk of it. Using stop loss is one of the way to managed the risk of loss.
  8. I am prefer to choose forex since many advantage given to traders such as high leverage ratio, low minimum deposit and forex market also provide good volatility everyday especially in major pair. trader can take advantage in daily volatility and because the range sometimes is very wide, traders could get good potential profit.
  9. Yeah, sir.. and we are charged for the first withdrawal only, if we want to withdraw profit from the welcome bonus...
  10. Yeah, you're right sir.. I believe every broker will make improvement to make their clients more satisfied, include FBS broker..
  11. I trust FBS to invest my money in forex.. It's reliable and trusted broker... And fbs has get several awards for their consistency in providing services...
  12. Absolutely, and therefore before we request this bonus, we read the terms and conditions first, first you know about its withdrawal so we will not feel this bonus useless .. If the terms and conditions for withdrawal profit from bonuses given by the FBS, I think it's not too complicated ..
  13. Agreed.. We can open FBS micro account by making a deposit of only $ 5 ... And if we make a deposit using LR, we'll get a bonus of 3%...
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