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  1. Yes, I think its imperative to always look at our performance since it will help us correct a lot of mistakes for sure. I always check to make sure that I'm doing good and that I'm not losing too much. Sometimes in forex, all you do is lose and lose some more so you must back out of the market and wait for a better time or save your money since you might not always be able to make a profit all the time.
  2. You lose a lot of money in a short time so that is more like gambling losing. In gambling you can lose a lot in a short amount of time. Sometimes, the market is so bad, you only see it as a gamble and there is no way to control it but to exit a bad trade so that is how I view trading sometimes. I think you might find it very hard to control forex and it reverses on you whenever it feels like it.
  3. I think you use it for as long as you desire. The demo is really useful for anyone who is serious about trading. You sure can't go without it. I would suggest that you use it as long as its necessary until you grasp the topic fully. Even with some extensive trading experiences, traders can still lose a lot of money. I think a demo helps you but it doesn't guarantee that you will make money in a real account.
  4. You need practicing in a demo but in a real account there is no more practicing since you can lose at a blink of an eye so forex is very hard in a real account. Those that trade knows this. Therefore you should beware of this and try not to trade without learning first in a demo. A demo is very valuable for those that are serious about trading. I think in trading you can be sure that there is a major difference between the two. You will never profit in a real account like in your demo.
  5. If you really analyze it then its not the same but if you trade on a bad day then losing is just as quick as in gambling so beware. Its very difficult to trade in a bad day or to trade overall. Also it depends on what brokers you trade with too. It just seems that some brokers will make you lose and lose and lose and there is nothing you can do about it. I think they might hedge against you. So beware of many market conditions that makes you lose. The losing is just the same in gambling.
  6. I think for newbie they should understand that forex is so risky and that they will lose tons of money if they trade with lots of money right away. I think preventing total loss is so much more important as the first step for the newbie, they must learn how to not lose lots of money. This is the first step to forex. I think the less the better for newbie and even experienced traders lose massively so losing is something that we must all beware of and we shall do better that way.
  7. Its all different with each case. You are buying in hoping to turn a profit. If you buy high then you can't really sell too high to profit so hopefully you will try to catch it while its low. As long as you make a profit then its ok. I think this is a skill that you must learn. You must learn how to buy and sell so that you can make money. Its about profit. You will learn this as you trade and if you lose then you will learn it next time. NO one can tell you the perfect time to buy.
  8. Has anyone notice if the site is any faster cause the last time that I was here the site wasn't that fast. I'm hoping that the admin would correct it since its slow and its preventing me from participating. I think the site is a nice site with no limitation to post and I have some credit over there but lately I can never scroll down the site anymore. It takes like five to ten minutes to be able to scroll down. Anyone with the same problems.
  9. They accept perfect money and paypal. For some country people can't use perfect money so they're stuck with paypal and the admin there never have paypal funding and it takes a long time but they try to make it work. PM will work. I think PM is a great way for some foreign posters but for me I only use paypal but the admin only pay like once per month on it. There is no delay in payments if you use pm and only for paypal users so don't use paypal. I don't know what the deal is but the admin never have paypal funding.
  10. I think I would post there again if the site is not slow and its faster. If its faster then I would definitely go there and post there again. I think posting there is a great thing for me since they have so many topics and the staff is always friendly but such a disappointment but the site load so slowly. I wish it would load a bit faster. I think the admin ought to take a look at that. As soon as its fixed, I will be back there to post. I think he's trying hard to make it all work out again though.
  11. I think as long as you're not spamming and you're giving a good discussion you should be fine. I think they're not that strict but definitely not that easy either. They will put your post in the junk folder if its not up to par. I think you just need to try to do it good. You ought to give it a try. Its a good website to post for cause they pay really fast and the fastest so far online.
  12. I don't know about being consistent though since the market controls us and we have no control over the market sometimes we can't even have the profit that we desire even if we try so therefore just keep doing good and don't be too specific on the goals. I doubt that anyone can keep the goals though. I think as long as you don't lose and you gain profit then its good enough.
  13. I'm quite sure there are many things that brokers don't' tell you. I think they do trade against you and they do cause you to lose. They might have slippage and might have high spread and might have softwares manipulation to cause you to lose. I think there are problems with brokers so I would advise people to go with the best and most trusted and well regulated brokers.
  14. Its necessary for all newbie to use a demo since we learn of all the tricks there and its imperative or else we will lose a lot if we have no skills at all and no experiences. I think its a good idea to practice a lot in a demo but keep in mind that even practice in a demo won't get you that good in a real live account so also use a cent account after a demo to learn some more and in forex there is never enough learning.
  15. I think I like stock better due to lesser risks and great for retirement and great for your future. Some companies like Walmart or Coca cola or American Express are good buys. I think there are more security in stocks than in forex. I enjoy the stocks market a lot and know a lot about it. I like it when its less risky and you can say that you own part of the company.
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