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  1. I better pick forex compared with HYIP. because there has been a profit from forex with the armada markets
  2. Dear, Dear Forex Trader, Armada Markets is proud to welcome you to our website. We are a leading spot FX and spot precious metals broker. We are a global company serving both institutional and retail clients from all over the world. Armada is a registered foreign exchange and metals broker by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (nr VVT000289, FRA000029) in Estonia, a member country of European Union and the Eurozone. We are also a partner of LMAX. Service Advantages Armada Makets is an open, public company with outstanding management reputation Armada Markets has a license from the Ministry of Economic Affairs to provide spot Forex, gold and silver trading Safety and segregation of client funds Friendly multilingual client support and dedicated personal account managers guidance, every client is a Gold Client at Armada Markets Responsible risk policy towards client funds as protective margin level at 30% limits client maximum losses Worldwide client base 20 languages in our trading platform
  3. For Scalping, we need trusted broker : - Leverage up to 1:500 - Trading allowed during breaking news and extreme market volatility - Positive slippage, guaranteed no requotes - Average execution time is 0.25 seconds - Extremely low floating spreads starting from 0 pips or fixed spreads starting from 1 pip
  4. demo contest is the best place to test our abilities and the type of trading. one of the best places for this type of trader scalper is armada markets. Average execution time is 0.25 seconds
  5. Hi, I had been hearing there are many statements in the forex business, in general, there are two statements: 1. Easy to earn money in forex 2. It's hard to earn money in forex As a trader, where the above statement true?
  6. trading plan is very good indeed. a trader who recorded and then discipline his plan will benefit in trading. I think trading plan similar to the economic calendar as a standard for fundamental analysis.
  7. I just suggest theforex broker for smart clients and scalpers. why i say that, because forex broker give the trader spreads as low as 0. that spread are suitable for scalpers and for the long term trader give more advantages
  8. in demo trading we can use the large lot. although floating negative, trader psychology will not be affected. but it would be different if the floating negative is real account
  9. Demo trading is good for beginners in the forex business. so that they know in advance about the forex. fleet market provides an opportunity for beginners to make a demo account.
  10. indeed, difficult to control emotions. especially when the trading position was negative.
  11. forex has now become a part of global trade. take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign-exchange_reserves, Now some countries are investing in forex. as a trader we can take advantage of price movements while using money management. and right now,
  12. yup, we could try demo account and if there is a chance we can free welcome bonus. armadamarkets.com have a $15 welcome bonus
  13. I believe the armada markets as my preferred broker that provides the lowest spreads and excellent performance
  14. I'm trying to trade off of armada markets with an initial capital of 15 euro free as a welcome account
  15. I am now trying to trade in the armada market that offers low spreads even to zero. I think the trader definitely choose the lowest spreads
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