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  1. 6st payment Date: 4/28/2013 9:27 AM Batch: 141820783 From Account: U8495196 (simpleinvestment4all) Amount: $0.05 Memo: N/A Thank you.
  2. 5st payment Date: 4/27/2013 2:05 PM Batch: 141749676 From Account: U8495196 (simpleinvestment4all) Amount: $0.05 Memo: N/A Thank you.
  3. This is proof of payment of the third day and the fourth day is given by the admin to me and I hope that admins will continue to provide payments to investors well until the specified time limit to make a profit is over 3rd and 4st payment proof
  4. admin seems to make a false information on this program in order to attract the attention of investors to invest their money in this program, because I see the total amount of payments that have been granted by the admin to investors is very high at all, I hope that investors can more thoroughly in view of a given information from an investment program like this so we do not become a victim of fraud from admin
  5. investors should be cautious on such huurly program, because we know that the hourly program already has a very bad reputation in providing payment, therefore we should consider well in advance, before you start investing in the hourly program like this that we do not suffered huge losses
  6. a gain of 144% can we get in just 12 days, I believe the admin will give this advantage to the investors, but only a few investors who will benefit, because this program will only run until the expiration of the time limit specified in make a profit, if we invest in the current admin has run for several days, then we will not be able to get a gain of 144% from admin
  7. 4st payment Date: 4/26/2013 8:58 AM Batch: 141598689 From Account: U8495196 (simpleinvestment4all) Amount: $0.05 Memo: N/A Thank you.
  8. 3rd payment Date: 4/25/2013 9:17 AM Batch: 141465026 From Account: U8495196 (simpleinvestment4all) Amount: $0.05 Memo: N/A Thank you.
  9. all traders certainly had a dream about trades they do and of course they will always hope that their dreams become a reality, I think with everything we dreamed of forex trading should be able to be a very good motivation for the progress of our trade and with the dream , we can become more zeal and diligence to improve the ability of trade that we have
  10. I'm sure the forum we can improve skills that we have, because the forum we will get a lot of valuable lessons from other traders and we are also going to get a lot of very good experiences of other traders who would be useful to make us a better trade, other than that we can be a lot to ask and also exchange ideas with other traders who are still things we do not know of forex trading
  11. admin will not likely provide higher profits in just a few hours only to investors, I think this program will never be a good HYIP program, because the admin will only run with a very short time and the admin will not give a good profit to the investor , we should avoid like the hourly program
  12. I am very happy, admin gave second payment today and I hope that admins will continue to give me up with a payment period of 30 days and I will continue waiting for the next payment from this program my second payment
  13. 2nd payment Date: 4/24/2013 9:36 AM Batch: 141330722 From Account: U8495196 (simpleinvestment4all) Amount: $0.05 Memo: N/A Thank you.
  14. many benefits that we can get from trading demo, because the demo trading is a starting place for beginners to gain knowledge and also good experience, other than that we can test to get a good trading system that later we can use the trade the real trade
  15. I only suggest to the beginners to learn and practice first with a demo trading until it can generate good profits from trading the demo, although we use a long enough time to be able to generate good profits by trading a demo, but it is better than we must conduct real trades without having a good trading skills.
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