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  1. It is important to immediately grasp the basic concepts and terms, as you will often come across them as you study the Forex market.
  2. A good broker is an important part of successful trading. You give your money to the broker, you rely on him to execute your trades, you need his help when something goes wrong.
  3. Traders who trade for a long time can spend just a couple of hours analyzing the market, open an order by placing a stop order and profit and forget about their trade for a month
  4. We recommend it to a trader who wants to start with a small start-up capital and amounts. For me, the best option was the amount offered by the broker Amarkets minimum deposit of $ 100
  5. If you learn to manage capital, you can minimize your risks.
  6. First of all, training should be of high quality, and speed is already a secondary point.
  7. Of course, you need to have knowledge before starting trading, but do not forget that the choice of a broker is also important, which is why Amarkets has become reliable and safe for me.
  8. To the developed strategy, which you can easily test on a demo account, you must have a trading plan, then it will be a little easier and more effective.
  9. Forex trading has its pluses and minuses, and you need to take this into account immediately when starting and trading, because as a result, then you will be able to appreciate many advantages.
  10. Patience is very important in trading, because such situations will arise, it cannot be handled in any way.
  11. I can't say that everything always went smoothly, especially at the initial stage, but now everything is more or less leveled out, trading brings pleasure.
  12. You, of course, need to choose a broker for yourself with whom you can trade and are not afraid of deception, and I can say that Amarkets with 13 years old, senior and experienced, and charms is a very good option.
  13. There is nothing difficult in making money through the Internet, you just need to determine your direction and choose the option that will be beneficial for you.
  14. It is very important and effective to define for yourself the boundaries that you do not need to go beyond at least for some period.
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