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  1. I didn’t realize before how wonderful Linkedin autopilot is, until a colleague advised me to try https://octopuscrm.io/ a powerful and very easy-to-use software that will help you grow your business through your Linkedin profile. Now I have been using it for about two months now and I really see the result.
  2. To be honest, when our company needed software development, it took me a long time to find the right IT specialists. For one simple reason - I constantly had to focus on the main activity of our company and there was simply no time left for searches. Then I remembered what "delegate" is. And I remembered that the 21st century is already and there are outsourcing companies that are ready to do the necessary work for you. Develux provided us with a dedicated development team https://develux.com/dedicated-team, with which we work closely to this day. Their solutions help us stay ahead of our comp
  3. Hello. I know Window Washing Pro Company https://window-washing-pro.com/residential-services/power-washing-services/ does all kinds of cleaning. Our director hired them to clean up our facility. And I heard that I spoke very flatteringly about their work. Moreover, now they are already using technologies that allow not to damage the surface of the facade, but only wash away dirt, mold and other contaminants. So the choice is correct! I myself plan to contact them to clean the windows and make the house look good.
  4. Who can develop software for a finance and banking company?
  5. I have completed Probability Theory in Distance Calculus and am very happy now. I can say that I am truly proud of myself and my successes, because I feel how much more versatile my knowledge has become. In general, I believe that probability theory is the subject that every citizen should take note of, since knowledge from this area is very helpful in life. If we talk about some other knowledge, I can also suggest Basic Statistics, which will be very useful for future accountants and managers.
  6. My wife and I want to find a donor egg, where to go?
  7. Hallo. Nee, deze vraag is niet voor mij bestemd. Ik ben over het algemeen geen meester in het opmerken van iets nieuws. En ik behoor gewoon tot het type mensen op wie de uitdrukking "een oude vriend is beter dan twee nieuwe" kan worden toegepast. Ik zie deze analogie in absoluut alles. Als ik iets leuk vond, dan zal ik het ding "bedekken" of wat het ook is. Het gebeurt ook met games. Ik ben in principe niet geïnteresseerd in casino's als zodanig. Ik speel maar één spel - blackjack en alleen bij blackjack77nl.com/ . Waarom zou ik naar updates zoeken als alles hier bij mij past.
  8. It is difficult if you do not understand anything about this. For web developers, the web design agency is the main type of work in which they will definitely help you. First, the idea of creating your site is born, you voice your thoughts and wishes to the developers, they form for you, which is coordinated with you. And then there is a gradual filling of it with content, relying on the needs of modern customers, focusing on the movement of the market and the position of your competitors. As a result, you get an individually designed product.
  9. I contact Avenga https://www.avenga.com/industries/pharma-life-sciences/ with the most daring solutions and ideas that will help bring your best ideas to life. I know they are second to none when it comes to pharmaceutical software development. So you can cooperate with them and be sure that everything will work out. They provide an opportunity to create a product that will create pharmacovigilance and drug safety solutions. So let it work out for you! Wish you luck!
  10. I have been working in our logistics department (supply of beer equipment) for over 7 years. I think people who work in this area will understand me if I say how difficult it is to be a department head. It's a ton of information, constant responsibility, and lots of distractions. And not so long ago, we contacted the company https://exoft.net/logistics-software-development/ on the organization of personnel management in order to increase the productivity of employees, to establish the work of our single chain, to strengthen cohesion and even to automate some processes.
  11. Guys, who is transporting frozen eggs?
  12. I want for myself a site with goods and communication. What foundation to take?
  13. So, we need to think. A product tracking software needs a very good and reliable platform so it doesn't let you down. So that later there would be no problems, especially financial ones. I hope you understand this? I hint that in our time there is a great risk of running into scammers, so I recommend not to run into questionable ads and advice. I recently developed my mobile site and they helped me with the development of the application here https://otakoyi.com/technologies/flutter , maybe they will help you too? We invested in time and budget, I'm very happy.
  14. I can't answer this question exactly, but I know for sure that SecureAge https://www.secureage.com/products/endpoint-protection-platform offers this opportunity to its customers in the educational field. It is better to ask them for more details on the conditions for obtaining a grant for this matter. When I started my banking business, I also turned to this team to get reliable protection. You understand that banking is not a joke. And it all came out, a clear way to use and work in the background.
  15. How to check a spouse for treason?
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