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  1. FinchPay is a crypto on-ramp and off-ramp service, which lets users purchase and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. In addition, it offers swaps across supported cryptocurrencies at competitive rates. Users can choose between the following payment methods: Visa and MasterCard bank cards, SEPA transfers, GPay, and ApplePay. The list of crypto assets for purchase and sale will expand to over a thousand coins and tokens by the end of 2022. FinchPay provides full disclosure on the exchange rates and the service fee, making the terms of transactions fully transparent. FinchPay is a flagship product by Vilnius-based UAB Finch Technologies. The company is registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider in accordance with Lithuanian and EU regulations. The customer registration and AML/KYC verification is a one-time procedure which only takes a few minutes. The global FinchPay platform is available in more than 100 countries, offering purchases with 65+ local currencies in addition to the US dollar and Euro. For business clients, FinchPay offers B2B and B2B2C solutions and provides their partners with API for integration of their gateway into various crypto and financial products. 24/7 customer support service and refined transaction flow ensure optimal user experience even for first-timers. Both retail and corporate clients will enjoy the reliability, convenience, and simplicity of FinchPay. Customers about us Trustpilot: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/finchpay.io How to reach us? FinchPay official website:https://finchpay.io Email: support@finchpay.io LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/finchpay/
  2. The evolution of Blockchain has opened doors for research and development in this field. Since Satoshi Nakamoto’s introduction of Bitcoin back in 2008 the world of technology changed completely. It gave the world a new advanced technology to explore. Blockchain system has evolved, from solving problems to keeping up with future development, the cycle has not ceased. The reason it has become a huge success lies in the nature of this system, where it is consensus based and works without intervention of any authority. Blockchain records data that is immutable, which is encrypted and given a unique hash. The hash of the previous block is connected to the hash of the new block. To solve the hash and add further data on the blockchain technology a consensus is reached among the nodes that are connected. Consensus protocols still have to face many problems and their latest solutions have also become a problem. POW, POS and DPOS have still failed to provide a solution for Byzantine General problem and double-spending. Blockchain is one of its kind blockchain systems that will use Artificial Intelligence at its core, with dynamic threshold, utilizing all the benefits of POW, POS and DPOS and introducing a whole new system which is much more transparent, decentralized, fast and robust. Libonomy Blockchain Technology System The network of Libonomy Blockchain is explained below, to grasp the working of the system. The AI consensus engine will generate data set of the nodes consisting the analysis of their performance, strength in being part of the blockchain and history of any activity in the algorithm. After the dataset is received it is then passed on to the prediction algorithm. The training of the machine takes place in a learning algorithm which is Neural Network based on the dataset received from the nodes that are connected to the network. The Neural Network is being used to make predictions and dynamically classify nodes into their respective pool with dynamic threshold, as defined by the state engine of the blockchain The first stage of the process involves: The network has become a distributed network with high speed communication and data transfer. The transaction per second of this network is highly competitive against other known networks. Pulse based message communication is used for data writing and sharing on distributed ledger. Pulse based message passing is one of the most advanced techniques to transmit and receive messages. Pulse Based message communication will keep the nodes dedicated towards the network. There is a continuous communication taking place of large datasets of the nodes, while still not overloading the network with the requests. Cryptographic hashing is still happening, while still maintaining immutability and perfect blockchain. Multi Node pools are created for transaction verification, blockchain maintenance, and rules creation. The system is avoiding hard forks, while allowing blockchain upgrades. Gossip communication between multiple node pools is taking place for transaction verification and blockchain is upgraded. Network is being upgraded and the blockchain technology keeps on scaling with a consistent architectural structure. As the signals will pass the gossip protocol will be working to its full potential, then the Virtual Voting will utilize this information to upgrade the pools and data will be shared. Based on the rules accepted and generated by the AI engine and Pools, the State Engine Machine will maintain the system’s state and upgrade it dynamically.
  3. Best wallet ever created in crypto space Visit Here: LIBONOMY WALLET
  4. Blockchain helps in the verification and traceability of multistep transactions needing verification and traceability. It can provide secure transactions, reduce compliance costs, and speed up data transfer processing. Blockchain technology can help contract management and audit the origin of a product.
  5. I think Libonomy has answers to most of the challenges on blockchain technology today like they claim it which clearly demonstrated in the roadmap • Speed • Usability • Reliability • Security
  6. "It is getting harder and harder to keep track of the different blockchains and their use cases. While most of the blockchains come out with their own customized standard, Libonomy works as a universal platform. Libonomy blockchain use cases are a great way for teams to get on board with blockchain technology by understanding how it solves specific business problems. With this solution, you can have everything you need to stay competitive in today's marketplace!"
  7. ProperSix will be the best trading platform: Are you frustrated?, Are you worried about the damage to your online business?. Afraid to invest, Then don't worry about that. Now I will introduce you with a company where you can invest and get amazing benefits. The name of the company is ProperSix.com. It is more secured and more trusted site to invest in. It use the latest technology of blockchain that's why it is more secure and fast. It offer lot of facilities to its client. It's membership annual fee is so low. It has its own token PRO6. This token client can easily access every section of this platform. You can find lot of luxury product here. It is very popular for its casino. Propersix Casino is exceptional and completely decentralized casino in the world right now. More Information, Best Trading Platform -https://propersix.trade
  8. 🙏🏻 What is cryptobtcmixer.com? cryptobtcmixer.com is a service where you can exchange your Bitcoins for newly anonymized Bitcoins. Bitcoin tumbling or Bitcoin mixing is the way toward utilizing a service to make your Bitcoin purchases and payments untraceable. Immediately mixing your Bitcoin is the best way to make your Bitcoin payments impossible to follow. This secures you against hoodlums, hackers, or utilizing Bitcoin for exercises denied by law; it additionally secures you against legal implementation. cryptobtcmixer.com: The best rated Bitcoin Mixer in 2021 https://cryptobtcmixer.com is a service where you can exchange your Bitcoins for newly anonymized Bitcoins You can quickly mix your bitcoins with 👉🏼 t.me/crypto_mixerbot , which is integrated into the "blockchain" network that you can use in Telegram.
  9. Hello Guys, Let me known. I am Leaon Luongo, I am the New treader In the Cryptocurrencies Sites. But at the moment I don't like at bitcoin sites. Moreover, the sites of the coins is very expensive bita. So I think, as a new investor to the site is not right now for me. I should invest in less expensive sites, few days latter it's may be come to better positioned. But I still have not heard much better site. If you hear one of these sites, if try to tell me...
  10. You must seek the help of professional cryptocurrency wallet development services before picking the wallet of your choice. A bunch of hackers peep through the third-party crypto wallets to grab your assets! Be wise and seek expert advice! https://www.blockchainfirm.io/blockchain-wallet-development-company
  11. The working of the system is not too complex, an overview of the system needs to be addressed before moving forward to the technicalities of the system. When the nodes join the Libonomy Blockchain system, the AI will run its analysis on the nodes. The analysis is carried forward on the contribution and participation of the nodes in the blockchain. The data regarding the capability of how far the nodes are willingly taking part in the blockchain is gathered as well as the speed of the transactions and communication is gathered, all this information is combined to understand the nature of the nodes in the respective system. Once, the analysis is completed the data is transferred to the algorithm which then classifies the information depending on the nature of the nodes and assigns a pool to each one of them. Libonomy is one of its kind 5th Generation Blockchain that has achieved the goals of innovation and creativity with great success. The kind of innovation it advertises attracts and reaches out to masses that have the knowledge that the system is fulfilling its role of greatness. Many only talks about a new system of blockchain but Libonomy is on its road to fulfill that ideology already. The uniqueness of any organization becomes its trademark and the uniqueness of Libonomy is that it offers its clients to explore beyond their imagination and think out of the box.
  12. WEBSITE | MEDIUM | TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK SWFT Blockchain, One stop, cross-chain 💸 Your go-to crypto wallet and payments app for 200+ cryptocurrencies. SWFT Blockchain is a next-generation, worldwide cross-chain transfer protocol and payments network. SWFT Blockchain’s technology combines blockchain, machine learning and big data to enable direct swaps between over 180+ cryptocurrencies. SWFT Blockchain’s cryptocurrency transfer platform and wallet app features one-click in-wallet transfers, decentralized transfers, red packets, and peer to peer payments using SWFT Pay, offering a fast, affordable, and secure cryptocurrency experience. SWFT Blockchain has received funding from top VCs including Draper Dragon and was one of the dozen startups in the first ever batch at Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator. 💱 SWAP - Swap directly between any 2 currencies at the best rates and fastest speeds and with super low fees of 0.1%! Forget about using BTC/ETH/USDT as intermediaries. 💳 PAY - Send over 190+ currencies instantly to anyone, anywhere, for free. Like sending an email. 🧧 RED PACKETS - Share crypto love with up to 5,000 people by sending a red packet! 💵 GROUP COIN - Participate in exclusive token sale events and earn passive income with our lock programs! 👛 WALLET - Take advantage of all these features and more, including cold-wallet security, 2FA, & Touch/Face ID in our all-in-one wallet app available on the iOS App Store and Google Play! Use Swftcoin (SWFTC) for 50% off on swap fees on SWFT Blockchain! SWFTC is listed on top exchanges! Check it out! coinmarketcap.com/currencies/swftcoin Download now to enjoy a fast, affordable, and safe crypto transfer experience: Get it👇 🍏 http://bit.ly/SWFTiOS 🤖 http://bit.ly/SWFTAndroid 🌐 http://bit.ly/SWFTWebSwap
  13. ProperSix has a different system where every one of the stages will use the Blockchain innovation and bolster each other in generally keeping up every one of the frameworks. ProperSix Blockchain will be in front of innovation in such manner which resolve the crypto trade and with the formation of new digital money, ProperSix will use the Next-Gen Blockchain to run decentralized crypto trade which will offer to exchange for people in general and private part too. Blockchain With their Blockchain, they will have a completely decentralized Exchange for installment with Cryptocurrencies, for example, our very own PRO6 Token and FIAT (Euro, USD, GBP and that's just the beginning). The Exchange will be controlled by our very own fifth Gen Blockchain. ProperSix fifth-gen Blockchain will be interoperable as it were that as opposed to having different blockchains for crypto like BTC, ETH, DASH, and so forth. The blockchain will deal with them all on a solitary stage, in this way evacuating the issue of moving to various stages for making exchanges on each coin. ProperSix fifth-gen Blockchain is going to give each individual on the planet a capacity to utilize our foundation and complete exchanges with all the bolstered blockchain, with a lot quicker, less expensive, straightforward and decentralized way. The Decentralized Exchange will be the first of its sort, and interoperable decentralized Exchange in the crypto network, which nobody has grown at this point. Their exchange is a crypto exchanging stage where clients even today can exchange with a lot quicker exchange speed, they will guarantee the exchange speed of more than 6000 TPS (exchanges every second). The more we scale the quicker we get! The exchange is verified by some progressed engineering arrangements, for example, hot and cold wallets with the encryption and restricted access of database, IP confirmation, and Hydrogen MFA check. This makes their Exchange one of the most secure available. Why ProperSix ProperSix utility Token will be changed over 1:1 to a security token when the Exchange and our Coin will be propelled during Q3. The PRO6 Token is organized like an offer and increments straightforwardly in connection to the organization's deals and income. They're not a theoretical Cryptocurrency like numerous others, our worth is administered by the income and increments in esteem for every exchange in the Casino just as indifferent items and administrations. Sign up with ProperSix Signing up with PRO6 is very easy, you need to follow a few steps like: • Enter your Full Name • Verification if you are human or not • Join ProperSix Telegram group • Join ProperSix channel • Like FB page • Follow on Twitter • Comment on Bitcointalk announcement thread • Provide your ERC20 compatible wallet address Requirements • Facebook Account • Twitter Account • Bitcointalk Account • Telegram Account At the point when customers register with the ProperSix gambling club, they will get an individual wallet number and allowed access to buying tokens to use in the club. Moreover, a different trade administration will enable customers to money out or make further applications.
  14. Hi Guys I am Raymon. I am New trader in online section. I want to know about Cryptocurrency Exchange. I need to know about the different Exchanger and it's facilities. Can you guys help me in finding a Exchanger which provide me a lot of facilities?
  15. Best Online Casino popularity is increasing day by day. People are presently heaps of interested by the games. You will be ready to simply earn money from this platform. But it is a heap of significant to hunt out the proper company. As a results of most of the companies are fake or unsecured. exclusively few of those are real. In this case I counsel you a company referred to as ProperSix. Presently you will be able to raise that what build it's different?. ProperSix Casino is safer than the other Best Online Casino inside the planet. Because it use the most recent applied science Blockchain Technology that build it safer than the other casino. It provide it's own token to it's consumer. Mistreatment this token purchasers can simply play the casino. It supports not only the Cryptocurrency but jointly the other currencies like fiat. More Info, Click on Best Online Casino
  16. A cryptocurrency wallet is a software application that shops exclusive and also public secrets and also engages with numerous blockchain to enable individuals to send out and also obtain electronic currency and monitor their equilibrium. If you want to utilize Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you will require to have an electronic pocketbook. Cryptocurrency pocketbooks are software programs that keep your public and private keys and user interface with various blockchain so customers can check their equilibrium, send money and conduct various other procedures. When a person sends you bitcoins or any other type of digital currency, they are essentially signing off possession of the coins to your purse's address. A cryptocurrency wallet is specified as an electronically safeguarded system that stores non-public and public keys made use of for deals. This is a sensation which enables you to send out as well as obtain digital money, monitor and also handle your cryptocurrency possessions. It makes the purchase procedure risk-free as well as very easy. On ther other hand Crypto developers provide service of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development , Bitcoin mlm software, ICO development, cryptocurrency exchange development etc.So, If you want to develop a software on cryptocurrency wallet then we will provide you best service. Because We are the NO.1 Blockchain Company in the world.
  17. Crypto developers are the best software programmers has very well aware of the technology, terminologies, and operational procedures of different cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms. We are in the blockchain developing platform for more than five years. We have 30 professional programmers who are expert in coding languages such as, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rail, C#, Node.js, and others, which are commonly used in the cryptocurrency-related different type of mobile apps and web services with the blockchain. We have successfully finished more than 300 cryptocurrency-related development with the highest client satisfaction. We have completed several projects with completely new blockchain development including crypto wallet, crypto MLM, Cryptocurrency wallet app on Desktop, iOS, and Android. asically we develop all types of crypto related desktop, mobile, and online based application like ICO development, STO development, STO development, IEO development, real estate tokenization, art tokenization, stable coin development, crowd funding platform, local Bitcoin clone, crypto payment development, and all types of blockchain development. Recently we developed most renowned crypto wallet Cloud Token Wallet clone. cryptodevelopers.net
  18. We are in a world of rapidly increasing innovations, and as new inventions unfold every day, there is a need to keep in mind that more discoveries are still to be made. It is an utmost necessity for you to stay updated and also keep up with the latest trend so that you don't become obsolete. Now that the world itself has shifted from what it was some centuries back to a new level, virtually everything is currently going digital. It seemed impossible some years back, but as of today, the digital currency has come into existence. Everyone is familiar with the physical currency, which is in constant circulation worldwide. But now, those currencies have evolved to the digital phase, where you don't have to see them physically, but then they exist, and you can spend them just like the physical ones. Cryptocurrency reduces cost of transactions Digital currency (popularly known as cryptocurrency), has brought so much convenience and particularly it ensures that transactions are kept discreet - by making it easy to carry out financial transactions without a broker. It has also solved the problem of inter-mediation cost. Ordinarily, when you perform online transactions, you get to pay a compulsory processing fee to the financial institution that you use. This makes transactions a little more expensive. Everyone wants convenience, and that is why there is a continuous rise in the level of usage of Cryptos. And by 'usage,' I mean trading. Relative to when it came into existence, there is now increasing use of cryptocurrency, and as such, crypto trading is on the rise, and it continues to evolve every day. Crypto is gaining wide acceptance Crypto Trading has a lot of benefits, and it has the potential to change the whole financial environment. One of the most in-use cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. As of today, there is approximately 18 million Bitcoin in circulation all around the world, so imagine how many more are in circulation (taking into account other Cryptocurrencies). Those who invested and started trading with cryptocurrency as soon as it came into circulation have reaped the rewards and are still reaping it up till today. The same is going to happen for those who start cryptocurrency today. The whole digital currency atmosphere can become overwhelming and too cumbersome to handle. Well, that is just as a beginner. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics and how the whole thing works, your next step is to decide now which trading site you will be using. Tokenai is a digital currency contract trading site. With Tokenai, trading has gotten even more straightforward. You can perform all your crypto trading on this platform because it has an excellent interface, which also makes it easy for new traders to understand. Asides simplicity and ease-of-use, security is also critical. Digital currencies are not physically visible, so you need a platform where there is an unwavering level of security; which is what Tokenai offers. Getting started on Tokenai So 'how do I get started?' You may ask, well, it is as simple as you have imagined it. Preferably, on your mobile, open the BFA app (Blockchain Financial Application), and you will see two call-to-action buttons pop up. You will click on 'Signup' and it will take you to a page to fill out a simple sign up form. Fill the form with the right information, and you will have to input your mobile number, as a verification code will be sent to it. After getting the verification SMS, click on the 'Sign up' button that is displayed below. You will get a 'Registration success' message, and it will take you to your account page. Easy just like that! On Tokenai, there is also a demo account for users through which users can go there to see how different cryptocurrencies are fairing in the market. This gives the users an insight into how the trading will look like. One exciting thing about Tokanai is that you don't only get to trade. They also provide regular news and updates on every happening in the cryptocurrency space. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, you need a platform that offers simplicity, ease-of-use, and more importantly, safety and security. Tokenai encompasses all these attributes on their platform, and it is one of the very best to go with, you will not regret that choice. All further information at: http://www.tokenai.com
  19. To celebrate our ecosystem expansion, we will commence a series of reward system using multiple modes: lucky draw tickets distributed by our bots “Elon Mas” and “Candy Mcash”; QR-based top-up cards, claimable airdrops, etc. This incentive program will also be introduced in a series of events that will be organized for Midas in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Kazakhstan etc. in the near future. To mark the 1st in the series — Midas Bitcoin Meetup in Kuala Lumpur on the 6th of August, we are excited to announce the Lucky Draw tickets program as follows: 🚀 Total prize: 50,000 MCASH coin worth 1,500 USD 🚀 250 lucky rewards of 200 MCash each And each new user will receive an instant ticket (4-digits 0000–9999) to win upto 8888 GOT (God of Go token). Try now and win instant airdrop: https://medium.com/mcashchain/bitcoin-meetup-kuala-lumpur-6-august-2019-6b7cbe9424ab Midas Bitcoin Meetup in Kuala Lumpur on the 6th of August: https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Weekly-Meetup/events/263269824/
  20. Bitcoin Stash Planning Hard Fork From Bitcoin Cash The Bitcoin Stash team is comprised of a group of former Bitcoin Cash developers and community members that have become dismayed at the current outlook of BCH. We are sure that you are aware, but a multitude of factors show that there is disaster on the horizon for Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin ABC is proposing a contentious hard fork for no reason, Craig “Faketoshi” Wright is moving ahead to fork his own coin (Bitcoin SV) out of self interest, and Bitmain has revealed an extremely large BCH holding which they intend to rid themselves of in their now controversial IPO. As we see it, a price and hashrate collapse of the chain is inevitable. We have decided that we must take action now, to rid ourselves forever from the bad actors that plague this chain. We are planning to hard fork from Bitcoin Cash on November 15th. With the hard fork, we will not be increasing the maximum block size or following the tokenization/ICO platform roadmap of Bitcoin ABC. However, Bitcoin Stash will be implementing replay protection and continue using the SHA-256 mining algorithm. Additionally, Bitcoin Stash will incorporate merged mining with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. With merged mining, Bitcoin Stash will solve the security issues that currently hamper Bitcoin Cash. As a minority chain, Bitcoin Cash is struggling to obtain substantial hash rate, and this has only been made worse following its recent decline in price. As of 9/25/18, the hash rate of Bitcoin Cash only totals about 6% of that of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Cash hash rate has been continuously declining ever since a peak of roughly 15% of Bitcoin’s back in May of 2018, and we do not see this situation improving. Merged mining will lead to Bitcoin Stash obtaining a much needed higher hash rate since the chain will consist of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Stash miners. As a result, there will be three benefits that will be immediately realized. First, Bitcoin Stash will be less susceptible to a 51% attack which has recently plagued other chains such as Bitcoin Gold and Verge. Second, a single entity such as Jihan Wu’s Bitmain or Craig Wright’s CoinGeek will have a difficult time forcing any consensus breaking changes as they now must muster a much higher hash rate to do so. And thirdly, merged mining will also increase security on Bitcoin since miners will see greater profitability and will no longer have to choose between mining one chain and missing out on the other. Because of this, Bitcoin Stash will not only be a more secure and decentralized version of Bitcoin Cash, but it will also benefit the current miners of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. After the fork, Bitcoin Cash holders will be able to obtain an equivalent amount of our coins if they hold the private keys to their wallet. If they do not, we will release a list of exchanges supporting Bitcoin Stash as the hard fork approaches. We will also have more exciting announcements to make regarding the technical features of Bitcoin Stash, so please follow our Twitter (@BitcoinStash), Instagram (@BitcoinStash), Medium (@BitcoinStash), and continue checking our website https://bstash.org. Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitcoinstash Website: https://bstash.org Instagram: https://instagram.com/bitcoinstash Medium: https://medium.com/@bitcoinstash Read More Articles Inside Bitcoins https://insidebitcoins.com/news/bitcoin-stash-planning-hard-fork-from-bitcoin-cash/179276 Blockonomi https://blockonomi.com/bitcoin-stash/ Bitcoin Exchange Guide https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/bitcoin-stash/ ICO News Watch https://iconewswatch.com/2018/10/01/bitcoin-stash-legit-bitcoin-cash-bch-hard-fork-cryptocurrency/ Watch on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ycqMEINhtT_RfZV3x0NpQ/about Join Us on Telegram! http://t.me/bstash
  21. _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ POWH.RU An Ethereum Blockchain Managed Smart Contract Economy In 3-Dimension __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ What is POWH? In a nutshell, POWHRU is an ETH Token, which rewards you for holding it. Every buy order increases and every sell order decreases its price. Additionally, every single POWHRU transaction has a 10% fee, which gets split up proportionately among all P3DRU owners. This means that if you buy in before others do, you will benefit from dividends and a rising token value. Even when people are selling and your POWHRU tokens lose some value, you get dividends. Buy P3DRU __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ POWH Community WEBSITE | TELEGRAM __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Q&A 1. Is POWH a scam? - No. While POWHRU uses a sort of pyramid system, it is not a scam. A scam would allow the creator to profit at the expense of the investors, while this token runs on a smart contract, which makes this impossible. There have been already many different attempts at stealing the ETH, as the contracts ATH was at almost 20’000 ETH. The good thing about ETH Tokens is, that they are open-source. You can go over the code yourself to verify that it is legitimate! 2. What is the minimum investement? - There is no minimum investment required for this token; however, I recommend buying at least 5 tokens so your masternode is enabled. 3. What is a masternode? - In actual cryptocurrencies, Masternodes are nodes that hold a defined amount of coins, to prove that they are invested into the coin. In return, these nodes get a cut of the transaction fees, as miners do. With POWHRU, the masternode is just a “marketing term” for a referral link. 4. Can I refer myself? - Yes, but you will need two accounts. Here is a quick guide: Buy 5 P3DRU tokens with your first address. Create a second address on Metamask, and send your ETH there (Leave a little bit behind so you can reinvest on the first address). Copy your masternode link, delete your cookies and visit the site with your link. Buy the tokens and enjoy a 3.33% Cashback 5. Why should I invest? - This is a coin that reacts very well to price surges, as the token value goes up and the investors get dividends.
  22. Coin Beer Limited 0.15% hourly forever I AM NOT THE OWNER OF THIS PROGRAM SIGN-UP Features Licensed Script Unique Design SSL, DDOS Security Plans 0.15% hourly forever Payment Processors Bitcoin Payeer Perfect Money Referral Commission 5% Minimum Invest 10$ (USD) SIGN-UP Monitoring http://hyiperhyiper.net/details/lid/286/ Risk Warning http://hyiperhyiper.net/news/id/2/
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