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  1. It is obviously not possible for even an expert to trade without any losses at all. So it’s just about maintaining and reducing losses as much as possible. I try to do that easily and smoothly through FreshForex with their outstanding setup which counts for low spreads to high leverage, smooth trading platform and best part that actually reduces losses big time is the Rebate Program, it’s sort of ideal thing for this.
  2. Yes it is same for those without education. If you learn Forex trading in proper way, it is no longer a gambling for you. But without it there is no doubt it is gambling. I work with FreshForex and I feel so good with them due to multiple reason through their lovely educational setup and also outstanding customer service. All this works perfectly and helps so much for one to work efficiently.
  3. Frankly speaking, I think trading should be done as long as you are comfortable doing it. The biggest problem is when we try to force it, which is something that has never worked and never will. So, we got to ensure to get this part right. I always do it according to the situation. I mostly use Market Analysis with my broker FreshForex to check out possibilities and after that I make my decision.
  4. A quality broker can make so much difference for anyone, and that’s the reason it’s so much better to go for that only. I am very happy and comfortable with my current broker FreshForex, as they are truly a revolutionary company. I love their 200% Deposit Bonus, which gives me the real comfort to work smoothly.
  5. Anyone starting up in trading must understand the risk of this market. If we feel that there will be zero risk, it is a foolish thing to even consider. So this is where we have to be wise and take this into consideration. I do just that and with FreshForex broker, my part becomes so much easier using 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus of theirs.
  6. I really don’t like following signals. I more prefer going for analysing and I get it free via FreshForex broker. As thanks them, I am able to work with comfort and this is far better than signal services because you know a proper logic behind doing every trade which is next to impossible in signal using thing.
  7. Just by using common sense and tight money management way. If we manage to do that successfully, it will really help us right. I find it all super simple with FreshForex broker and with their smooth trading platform. One can smoothly work here using low spreads, high leverages, no issues over slippage or re quote and have got stuff like rebate program as well, this is just all very ideal.
  8. The simplest formula is to focus on analysing well. If we analysis correctly and in right direction, we will always and for sure always start fresh only. I have least concern thanks to FreshForex and their bundle of support that counts from low spreads to high leverage, smooth trading platform and there is lovely 101% tradable deposit bonus too. All very much picture perfect.
  9. It is for important to do Risk/money management right because that’s where your safety comes in. I find it incredibly easier via FreshForex broker using 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, as it’s something to really help with performance and allows with making one comfortable.
  10. When it comes to mighty business like Forex, it’s just not possible for anyone to go on to be successful without suffering some bad experiences inbetween, and brokers are one major issues for many. But should that be the reason to STOP? No, it shouldn’t be instead a bad experience needs to be used as the stepping stone towards achieving bigger goals. I too had experiences to forget, but not anymore with FreshForex! It is not just a great company to work with, but got fascinating features that makes one highly safe, secure and happy with everything! There are MANY reasons why FreshForex is considered as the BEST out there. With providing service in over 252 countries, over 20 international awards, completely regulated/licensed, zero balance protection, instant payments and much more. It is a type of broker that you TRULY feel blessed to work with, at least I feel so!
  11. When we talk or think about the Swap FREE Account, it is mainly to do with Islamic stuff, where it is prohibited to trade WITHOUT it. However, with the way trading is working and the uncertainty that’s coming in the industry, there is a major need of long term orders, therefore, Swap FREE Account is no longer just Islamic thing, but also necessary for everyone! But with majority of the brokers not willing to allow everyone such facility, it’s tough to move forward. But inbetween that, it is FreshForex that is truly shining with their Swap FREE Account option! With FreshForex everyone is allowed to open and trade through Swap FREE Account. With such luxury, it really makes trading so much simpler, easier and beneficial, especially beginners. With that one is able to trade confidently without having to worry about extra fees/charges and once you got such freedom and comfort, it also boosts the results to help generate profits consistently!
  12. In today’s time, it has become extremely challenging to make money through just one way, as far too often it becomes not enough! So, to have something else to do that can be worked aside, it’s almost a necessary practice! And it’s fairly common to see people investing in Shares/Stock and Forex as the way to generate extra income, but is it that easy to be able to manage it through? Well, it’s not exactly that way but now it will be that way! Come FreshForex, the broker that’s not just extra-ordinary but also set examples when it comes to how broker should be! With FreshForex, you can make Forex trading the EASY and ideal source of income for yourself with having some of the most fascinating features and facilities, especially the feature for Market analysis. With that everything is covered, from daily/weekly forecasts to financial news, calendar of events, trading session timetable, and much more, it really makes the trading EASY, SIMPLE and PROFITABLE!
  13. This is a COMMON problem, and is the reason why we see such high rates of failure in this industry. If we want to be successful, then we need to give education value. It is ONLY way we will be able to achieve greater results and perform well. I am grateful to FreshForex, who really helps me a lot with things. They have wonderful 7-step educational system, which really takes us on track in doing things right!
  14. I have myself loved becoming part of these webinars and educational setup. I think this is what other brokers should be following, as a successful trader is not by features and facilities, but it is by guidance and that's why this company is so very special.
  15. In the highly risky world of trading, it is not easy for beginners to settle themselves in, especially in situations where majority of the brokers are after your money! So, imagine a broker that is created just for you, a broker that’s created for your comfort and easiness! Stop imagining, because you can get it for real! The broker that needs no introduction, having done it all in the industry since over a decade, FreshForex. The broker with over 20 International awards, it stands for quality and the worldwide recognition they have received! And that after spending over a decade in the industry where most vanished after just few months! Enjoy it now with low spreads, high leverage, zero balance protection, no slippage, bonuses and endless more features, it just runs on and on, it’s a broker that’s only for YOU!
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