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  1. Never heard of this broker. Its important for us to be careful about these things, as if we are not sure then we may end up losing big time. So its must to be very careful with way and approach.
  2. Yes, it is very important for us to work with a good broker, as that way only we will be able to gain. So that is why we need to be very careful with these things. So finding out about right broker is important.
  3. From my experience, I believe achieving success is not the hardest part, but it’s about maintaining it which becomes the toughest thing. So, it’s vital that we always focus on trading with good strategy and keep on working hard to improve upon, if we do that then we will be able to maintain good results and will be able to do things nicely. But, if we try to chop and change too much than it will be impossible to maintain success and profit making, so I always focus on that and thanks to FreshForex broker, I find it easy. It’s mainly to do with the superb conditions with tight spreads from 0.1 pips to 101% bonus on deposit which is useable plus much more!
  4. Yes, it’s so critical to have quality broker, as it can make huge difference to how we perform, if we are not having broker that we can rely or trust upon than we will never be able to perform well, so we got to have good broker that’s trustworthy in order to perform at best of our ability. This is why I go for FreshForex, as not only they are highly reliable and trustworthy, but have all top ingredients that makes trading pretty like able for me.
  5. There are definitely unlimited profits to be collected from Forex, but we just need to make sure we have good strategy and method to work with, as that’s the best way we will be able to work it out. I am fortunate enough to work with FreshForex broker, as they are too special with having small spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while there is also 300% deposit bonus which is use able and really helps me with working nicely.
  6. I strongly believe that we should firstly focus on having good plans before making investment, as it makes no difference to how much we invest and all that things if we don’t know how to utilize things, so firstly we need to understand that. It’s also vital to understand our strengths, as only than we can pick up for better work. I do it all nicely through FreshForex broker due to their mighty 101% bonus on deposit which is ideal setup for investment and is something that keeps me entirely comfortable and at ease with working and it really helps when our mind is at peace since we can maintain discipline and create better plans and strategies to work out.
  7. Starting is often the hardest phase for anyone, but it can worked out nicely if we are determined enough, so the first thing we need to get is working towards having enough determination and dedication towards the work, if we do that then everything else is going to settle down itself easily. I was able to do it all easily with FreshForex broker, as they are awesome with having small spreads, high leverages, bonuses and many freebies, so all that has worked nicely for me!
  8. It’s no doubt that both are very crucial, but what is one point that you considered most important? For me, it’s all about learning well, as experience is what comes automatically, but education needs to be gained by hard work and putting in 100% effort. I am lucky enough to be with FreshForex, as due to them, I can easily work out everything and that’s with their demo, which makes it so very special.
  9. Without any doubt its one of my favorite brokers. There are so many benefits here, from low spreads to bonuses and much more, its just super good.
  10. Demo account plays very important role, but only if we truly understand the value of it. I believe if we understand how crucial demo account is then we can gain plenty. I am fortunate enough to be with FreshForex broker, as with them, I can operate in much better place and that’s demo.
  11. We just need education and experience, if we have that then we will always find thing easier to manage out, but without that, it’s a long battle. I do it all nicely and easily through OctaFX and with their mighty offering having educational guidance and epic demo.
  12. Loss and profits are part of Forex and Life, so no one is running from it. If we try to do that then we will only invite trouble for our self and will take backward step. But, if we learn to handle losses and bad trades then it will the step forward towards achieving success. For me, it’s all easy and do able under FreshForex with their lovely educational guidance and then there are several other factors too that plays out nicely for me.
  13. We don’t need brokers to complete our dreams; if we have the ability then we can do it by our own way. We just need broker that can be relied upon and is trustworthy, as only then we will be able to perform well. I go for FreshForex, as they are ever so special by all means with having razor thin spreads starting at 0.1 pips while there are over 130 instruments to select from, zero balance protection, swap free account plus daily market updates too! It’s in true sense helps me with performance.
  14. Risk is there with all work, so its not possible to take it away. We should just work towards handling the risk better, as that way we will lead to safety. I find it super easy via FreshForex broker through their Rebate Program, its really nice and comfortable.
  15. Biggest mistake in my view is about not learning properly followed by wrong broker. So all these things is what makes working easier and comfortable, if we want to be successful then it is must that we work with a trustworthy broker.
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