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  1. The only factor that I consider is safety and security, and that’s where I am 100% right with FreshForex. They are perfect in all departments, and that especially to do with having low spreads, high leverages and then there is 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus too, so nothing else can be expected.
  2. It’s same for those who have no clue what it is. But poles apart from those who have even little knowledge. One major reason why people get confused is due to a lot of scamming companies that advertise both in same way. So we have to be careful of such companies.
  3. I never prefer Stock Market, as you require heavy investment yet returns are not good. And there is huge fees that one has to pay to the broker, so all this is just not worth the time for anyone at all. I personally will not wish to put myself into this stuff.
  4. Yes, I agree with this. A true trader is one who trades according to the situation instead of trying to manufacture something, as that’s okay but it’s not real way of trading. I always trade according to the situation and the best way for me is through FreshForex using their Rebate Program that gives extra room to work with and helps me perform.
  5. I feel very strange that far too many people out there are such who feel that education is optional to succeed in Forex. However, the reality is very different, as it’s the most important thing if you are to succeed. I am proud of my broker FreshForex, as they have major educational section to help people understand the value of it. I feel it’s must that we understand the importance of it.
  6. Emotions are one of the biggest hurdles for traders and this is where we have to be extra careful with our approach. It’s not the easiest of things to manage but all very much doable. I find it a lot simpler using FreshForex broker, as they have lovely structure that I enjoy working through. It counts from their low spreads, to high leverages and then there is also my favourite cash back facility, it’s all nice and simple.
  7. It’s not so easy to become a successful trader, as we have to be extremely hard working to manage it right. The most common way is to have strict risk/money management along with analysing the market right. As these are the ingredients that gets you the results you are after. I find it a lot easier thanks to FreshForex their fantastic setup from controlled spreads to bonuses, it’s all superb.
  8. Very few brokers can stand anywhere near to this. It's such a pleasant company to work with. I feel truly privileged and proud that I work with such epic broker!
  9. Consistency is the main ingredient if you are to become successful but if not then you are not going to move anywhere. I find it simpler with FreshForex, as they have great setup to help one trade in much better way. Thanks to stuff like low spreads, high leverage, rebate program and more, it helps you a lot.
  10. Everyone plays out to make profits but it’s certainly not so simple. Its where having proper plan, executing it and keeping confidence in it is vital. I am lucky enough to be with FreshForex, as thanks to their bonuses like 200%, it gives you extra room to work freely and able to generate good amount of profits.
  11. If we are just starting up our trading day, it’s so vital to do proper analysing, as that’s how you go to achieve success. I find it super easy with FreshForex broker using their Market Analysis facility, it’s stunning and helps so much in multiple ways. So with such proper route, it just make working easier for you.
  12. In past the importance of broker was not so much, but now it’s critical for your success. I am fortunate to be trading with the very best in FreshForex. I feel so very important here as I always great super treatment and more so, it’s with their luxurious features including 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus to many other deals, it just makes you work with great comfort.
  13. It’s very straight forward that success in Forex is entirely through education and knowledge, and there is just no other way. It’s not so simple to get it but with hard work it’s all possible. I find this super easy with FreshForex, as they have lovely educational setup that helps you a lot with getting to the right station of success.
  14. I have done monstrous research about stable coins and found a few with high potential however the main stop as of now is Tether, a great deal of getting to accomplish for other people.
  15. I have worked with many companies but nothing like this one. It’s so pleasant for you to work here because there are endless benefits, which makes you not only comfortable but also gives you the edge as trader. So that’s really what we have to do in order to ensure success for our self.
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