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Greed is the most dangerous emotion

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Greed is the most dangerous emotion for trading. Most of the traders lose money just because of this greed. And there are s trader who is mistaken greed as hope. Greed is when you have no trading plan. You trade all day long. After a profitable trade, you open another trade in the hope of making money. But we should control our greed if we want to stay in the market and make profit for long. I am trading with Eurotrader broker that has over 100 trading instruments. You can choose your best from here.

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Greed and consequential overtrading or revenge trading is certainly a dangerous thing. Some confuse greed with confidence, and while confidence is needed, we must not overdo it. 

It's better, especially in the beginning, if one focuses on progress and learning and tries to forget about the money as much as possible. That way it's easier to resist giving control to the emotions.

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Greed is an emotion that is very terrible. Trading with that emotion is more likely to cost you valuable money. I tell every trader to give up this greed. If a trader can never get rid of this greed, he will never be able to continue trading. There are many traders who trade in the hope of making more money. I think it's one of the worst emotions that can hurt you.

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in general, greed in forex leads only to losses, even if you look at how they choose a broker, many do not look at the fact that a broker can be scammers, but see only beautiful promises in advertising, for example, I made a choice of a broker on the advice of a friend, and very much I am pleased that I have chosen a reliable and high-quality broker - Amarkets

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