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  1. For example, I made my choice more than 2 years ago, trading expertoption became this choice for me, at first it was difficult, but then everything went as it should, and the profit always grows
  2. knowledge, experience, desire - all you need to be a good trader
  3. As for me, the question is even posed incorrectly, it is not important how much you want, it is important to find the right path to this!
  4. as long as necessary, you always need to understand when a trader is ready for a real account, for example, I once used a demo from Expert Option and now I'm only glad for it, a very practical option for parsing what's what
  5. in such a business as trading, I always compare greed with excitement, and this is the mistake of most traders
  6. this is not an easy option for earning money, this is an option that requires a person to have his best qualities and also a large piggy bank of knowledge
  7. trading is a great way to make money online, many of them earn only by this
  8. it all depends on the broker itself, in many cases you may just be blocked with all the funds, it all depends on your choice, for example, I am confident in my expertoption broker and have been working with him for more than two years
  9. for many, this is just a hobby and a favorite thing!
  10. I've learned all the basics already in the process of working with trading Expertoption, supports and managers at an excellent level!
  11. I disagree that everything is so simple, everything has its own price
  12. in general, of course, the list can be made even larger, because there are a lot of such items
  13. you can earn online and even very well, as an example - I work now on the Expertoption online trading platform, the profit is very good, and since the deposit is small, everyone can try
  14. for me, all success depends on the platform, now I work with Expertoption and the conditions they offer are very cool and profitable, so the profit is good
  15. you always need to combine different options, this will give the best option for you!
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