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  1. the best will be the one according to which it is most convenient for you, and more profitable to work
  2. these two concepts need to be combined, and if you choose a quality broker such as Expertoption, then over time and knowledge will appear
  3. never worked on this principle, all the same, such options do not cause me reliability
  4. why not? the same occupation as others and is suitable only to the liking of a person
  5. well, old broker or not, and most importantly, work reliably and also withdraw money
  6. this is probably really close information to reality, especially when you look at how many newbies just drain all their money
  7. learn, practice, after all, practice is the best training based on the analytics of your actions and deals
  8. look for a reliable option for yourself, for a long time I chose Expetoption, an excellent platform for those who love trading and appreciate the stability and reliability of work
  9. you can work profitably here, only to earn enough you need too much practice and training
  10. I completely agree with you, it all depends on the person himself and his desire to work in this area
  11. a trader must control any of his emotions if he wants to work profitably
  12. The very title of the topic speaks about the most important things in trading, because if you want to improve your results and increase profits - learn!
  13. successful traders work only with reliable and high-quality brokers, this is true
  14. psychology, like other parameters of a person's approach to trading, weigh too much to ignore
  15. skills and knowledge in forex cannot be ignored, because these are the most important qualities of any trader, profit will largely depend on this
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