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The post rates are moderate but associate with the minimum payout, the minimum payout seems to be slightly high.

It should lower its minimum payout to at least $3 so that more members can reach payout easier.

It doesnt really matter what is the minimum payout in here because the forum has got no activity this days, admin did not even care to clear out spam in payment section.I think he just left it open and have no time to post a news about anything.

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I think its time to close this thread already. Its a scam site. I just join the site to know that its a scam site. what a waste of time. I spend two days posting and browsing rules only to realise that theirs just too many spam to make this site a paying site. Theirs no mod at all that control this site or any admin in here.

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0.02 per post for every sections is really very low rates because the forum does not have alot of sections , so the profits from this forum will be very low , also I see that there is a hacker or spammer attacked the forum , you can see that in the payment section .

Dude, you are already not updated. This forum already made some spam bots to make it as their home as every section we will able to see them posting and spamming as for advertising and making the forum messy.

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Any forum site that is going to start operating online should get a good moderator to clean the site from spammers.A forum site cannot exist for long without one.It is a new forum site and from what i have read here,there is a problem with payments which is not at all good.

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