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  1. Based from my expereince, I think, beginner traders do not really get serious with their learnings in forex trading. They will just learn some basic technique or startegy and stick with it and stop their learning. I think, this is a fatal flaw as you do not stop learning in forex (or in any other matter in life, for that matter).
  2. I think, its because of the emotions involved. In a demo forex trading account, you do not have to concern yourself with losses as you are not really losing real money. In a real account, its different. Since you will be losing real money, you get to be more cautious which far different from the careless trading you do when you trade with a demo account.
  3. I think, the experience is the same with other beginner traders. I also had the same experience. I thought that I was already ready for real trading as my winnings are numerous than my losses in my demo trading account. But it is different when you trade with real money. For one, there is already lots of emotions involved when you trade with real money.
  4. Yeah, it would be nice to get that rate. I am a new member here and mostly, I focus my postings in the forex sections. I think, posters will not really have a hard time following the rule that says that a poster have to create 15% of their posts in the forex section. This is because the forum's sections are mostly forex sections.
  5. But sometimes, even if the topic of your discussion is a very light topic, it will still get a lot of response. Maybe, it is even better to have a not so serious topic in here so that many members can relate and join the discussion.
  6. Its good to be back posting here in DMT. Its been a while since I last signed in and posted here. That is why I had some problems signing in as I had troubles with my password. Good thing that this password problem got remedied already. And now I can post again.
  7. Creating 300 posts here in a month is a good target. The earnings from these posts can give the poster quite a good amount of money to start or make his/her forex trading. Its starting a forex trading career without even spending a single cent out of your own pocket.
  8. When I got posting a few days ago, I was thinking of doing some posts here because of the positive feedback I read about the forum. Too bad that just recently, this development occured. It would have been great to have many forums around as there will be more earning options.
  9. Well, I wonder how long have been the delays in the processing of payment requests have been going now? But delays are not really a new occurence here in EP. There have been delays in the payment before.
  10. I am having quite some problems in loading whenever I post here in MTV. Its quite slow. I do not experience this problem in other forums. As such, I am having problem reaching my target number of posts in here.
  11. Yeah, I think, 25 posts per day in here is a good target. I have been posting these past few days here and I think, I have already made about 20 posts and might reach 25 posts before I retire and go to sleep. Sometimes, when you are having fun posting, you will not notice that you have already made a lot of posts.
  12. I am back to zero as I have just requested a cash out just recently. But I am not bored with this PTC. I keep on clicking those ads. And now, after just some days, I now have $0.3 in my account. Not that big yet but it seems to me that I am earning fast here.
  13. Wow, that's a very good rank. If that is the case, does it mean that the admin of Neobux is raking in a lot of earnings from the advertisers who come in promoting their sites?
  14. I think, posters do not really have a shortage of good forums. Presently, I think, posters have more than 5 good-paying forums around. I think, that is more than enough to make posters become busy in posting. But, of course, it will be better if there will be more and they will pay more.
  15. In many forums, this tread is also still open. Maybe, the mods of different forums are in the opinion that this forum can not be considered as non-paying forum yet.
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