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  1. Hello, i am bringpeace Now i try to invest in hyip. I make $31 invest in HYIP. If you want join under my link. I will give you 50% from my RCB. For get referral comision is 7.77% Here my link : http://www.duomoney.com/index.php?ref=U0051982 Please post in here your LR and how much you invest Thank you
  2. you right, we need pay for good EA but i found in some IB we can get free EA because we join under they IB. And that IB buy EA then they give it free for member that join under them. I ever try but i didn't like use robot when trading. I more prefer trading with myself.
  3. yes, i don't like use welcome bonus. In policy of broker we must close some lot's until we can withdraw our welcome bonus. If we didn't enough o withdraw it, we can withdraw full our profit because in our profit any welcome bonus
  4. In forex risk to get profit is as big as risk in loss. So if yo want take business, i think we must take business that have low risk. So business like forex we can't use it for main business because it very risk. IF you good trader maybe can use forex as main business but in my country people still have offline job and do forex as side job so thay can trading after they work and get additional income although income from forex is more bigger that they main job
  5. Ye i agree with you, open many position but didn't get profit is not good at all. Maybe if market is in sideway we can scalping and get few pips so if we use third part and get rebate we can get many rebate because that. In my country many people trading under IB and get rebate every week. That good facility because we can get few of our spread. How about in your country?
  6. I more prefer cut loss if i get loss and didn't use hedging. Sometimes i make my hedging position for long time, so i confused when i must open my hedging position back. So better to take cut loss if get loss and didn't try hedging. No matter what kind of hedging like cross hedging or etc
  7. Just to share, my name only have 1 word, so i got problem when i want withdraw my money in PP. Finally i contact PP and i got good result. I can change my name to only word but need scan of my bank account book. So if any get problem like me you can contact and ask for change name in your PP account.
  8. I am not admin Here the plan : You also can found calculator to calculate your profit Here if you want register : REGISTER
  9. Paid to click, so you can get money if you click the ads and wait until the PTC sites validate the ads, it's about 10-30 seconds. In PTC we only get few ads, to get more need upgrade or get refferal, we also can buy referral but need money to do it and we can get comission because we get referral. Just give suggestion, for now it's very difficult get good TC that give many ads, so don't try PTC
  10. Many people try to spammer in this forum. In first time i see any people make more than 10 thread in a day. Now moderator make rules tha make limit thread only 10 in a day. I ask to admin how limit to make thread before moderator aplly the rules. So i only make 10 thread, if i know any member do more, i want do like that but now the moderator make rules and will get deduction if i brake the rules
  11. Here my last payment proof : Still paying Thank you
  12. Finally i get my payment and here my payment : Date : 09/08/2011 11:51 Batch : 69942539 From : U3943563 (GoldenTalk) Amount : $4.00 Memo: GoldenTalk's payment for your 100 posts. Thank you for being the part of our community. I get 4 cents rate Thank you and i will keep my activity in this forum
  13. I can't open this forum, any people get same condition like i get. I want know this forum because rare forum with extension dot in. I hope admin will fix problem and i can open this forum. Need wait
  14. This forum still paid member, i request my payment in here but like before, moderator need time to check post and my payment request still pending, so i need wait ntil i get and don't think anything, this forum is good and still paid member, keep post in this forum
  15. @archu yes, i and other member will try to make more contibution to this forum. We hope member will more active and add more post. I will try to improve my pot and hope for win this game
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