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  1. Do not forget that forex is not the option where there is a stable and specific wage.
  2. I try to watch the market thanks to the analysts of Amarkets, where they give their recommendations.
  3. It is very important to learn how to create strategies, so you need to look and disassemble the finished ones.
  4. I prefer technical analysis, it is not easier to trade with it.
  5. Only through difficulties and certain losses can a good skill be developed
  6. The winners are those who are not afraid of difficulties and go to their goal.
  7. In fact, you can give a lot of advice, but go through all the steps yourself, then the experience will be more and the income is better.
  8. Success is achieved precisely by those who really strive for good earnings and make every effort.
  9. Some losses can indeed be prevented, and I take the advice of Amarkets analysts and really help me a lot.
  10. When experience comes, it is really much easier to trade and prevent risks already easier.
  11. Success comes to those who spare no effort or time.
  12. Without a good broker, you will not get no profit, not the pleasure of trading.
  13. But many do not even leave deals for the weekend if there is no urgent need for this.
  14. How and where to place a stop list you can learn at webinars.
  15. At the moment, I am completely satisfied with trading with the broker Amarkets where there are good relations on the part of managers and, of course, bonuses that cannot but rejoice
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