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  1. Username : dhanpreet Amount To Request (DMT points) : 200 Liberty Reserve ID : U4775904 Thanks in advance.
  2. Do : Do make sure to keep a constant eye on your margin. If your available margin drops too low, your broker will make a margin call. If you don't deposit money within 24 hours, they will sell your currency for the current market value, and you can take substantial losses. Don't : Don't EVER invest more money than you can afford to lose. All over the internet are horror stories of people investing their life savings into programs. The best advice is to consider your income and your plans, and make sure that necessities are put first. Substantial losses are sometimes hard to recover. Do : Do utilize stop/loss purchases. These decrease the likelihood of extreme losses. If used correctly, these techniques can actually increase your earnings because it will sell if it gets too high, but continue accumulating as it increases. Don't : Don't make too many transactions at a time if you plan on carefully watching each currencies movement. Multiple transactions cause problems when timing is as important as it is. Keep your purchases to a maximum of 2-3 at a time. This makes it much easier to buy and sell quickly. Utilizing these simple do's and don'ts can save you from a potential lifetime of problems. Just make sure to take care with your spending and use common sense when dealing with money.
  3. Online, Day trading has exploded across America. Some investors have been very successful and boast of huge gains made in incredibly short periods of time. However, there are many others who experience devastating losses because they have not tapped into the 6 critical factors necessary for successful Futures and FOREX Trading. Http://Free-Cash-Site.com Success in any profession can be broken down into a number of critical factors. Trading is no different. A successful trading strategy incorporates the following 6 factors. 1. Determination of An Edge: Trading Futures is a zero sum game. There must be an identifiable edge over the other market participants. 2. Disciplined Execution:There is no point in identifying an edge if there is no discipline to follow thru. Create a plan, stick with it, then determine if the plan is successful. If it is not, change the plan. The important thing is disciplined execution. 3. Money Management: If the risk per trade is too aggressive, then there is the risk of blowing an account. If trades are too conservative, then the opportunity to optimize returns is missed. It is critical to establish the maximum expected draw down of any system and set money management rules accordingly. 4. Create a Trading Plan: A trading plan will determine what will be done in any given situation during the trade day. A plan helps keep one focused on execution and not distractions. 5. Responsibility: Responsibility lies with the trader. Gains, losses, success, or failure is determined by the skill, determination and discipline of the trader. 6. Commitment: There must be commitment to placing every trade according to plan, even through the losing periods where every trade seems to end up a loser. Trading seems to throw up extremes of good times and bad times. One must not be over confident during the good times, and one must not give up in the bad times. There also must be adequate time every day to compare actual performances against the trading plan. by Roxanne Manning
  4. First, read about the success stories as well as the failure stories and be aware that 95% of traders will end in loss. Then decide whether that's a risk you are willing to take--or not!
  5. Forex trading is very unpredictable, everyone is looking to earn extra money online. Forex is one of the best ways to earn quick cash. You just have to know the basic skills of trading, and you will be on your way to making money at home. You don't have to sit around your computer waiting after placing your trade. Just place your trade and wait for the profits to roll in.
  6. 1000$ per day its still possible reached. depend on how much lot each trading we use, if use high lot each trading, such as $10 profit per pips, and get profit 100 pips per day.
  7. This is the newest, fully automated trading robot. The purpose of elaboration was to create the most reliable and effective system of trading on the forex market. It's based on the Elliott wave theory. The robot does not use standard levels of Take Profit and Stop Loss, these parameters are calculated automatically in the process of its work, depending on market conditions. The system is fully automated and does not require manual intervention at any of its phases, it is self seeking point of entry, exit, and also withdraw unprofitable orders in plus. System features: System has worked successfully for 3 years! This proves its reliability and universality. Even at the time of world crisis, when other robots have failed, our system easily passed the dangerous area and brought in profits Can be used on 20 currency pairs System has no parameters that could be optimized, for this reason we are positioning our EA as an universal and very reliable. It uses trend strategy and unique principle of increasing the volume of transactions. Therefore the system can withstand the sharp price fluctuations and recoilless long-term trends Our robot is not a scalper so he did not threaten requotes All updates are free Price USD 199 http://www.fx-pitbull.com/
  8. This is a great EA! It it examines price action on 4 different time-frames. Then, when all 4 time-frames show market movement in the same direction Stork Pro starts placing and managing trades. Stork Pro uses advanced profit-retaining features to maximize returns. Hedging A hedging strategy that can be turned off and on. This helps smooth out the equity curve and increases profits. This feature can be traded by itself independent of the main logic or combined with the main logic. This feature can be used to average in to positions also. Multiple Trade Management Another feature included is Multiple Trade Management. Most EA's place and monitor only one trade at a time. This EA can place more trades as the market moves in your favor. This feature makes large market moves extremely profitable compared to only having one trade on at a time. Dynamic Trailing Stop Unlike traditional trailing stops, our Dynamic Trailing Stop starts out trailing at a distance and as the market slows down the stop gets tighter and tighter locking in profits. This feature helps catch more of a move in the market. Filters Filters allow the user to help filter out bad trades and control when to stop adding trades if you are placing multiple trades. Also comes with breakout filters. Equity Management This EA includes the ability to track profits of all open positions and close all of them when they reach a combined profit or loss. These also allow you to trail by account profit. Money Management This feature automatically chooses the lot size for each order placed. It calculates it by using the risk factor input the user has chosen. It can be turned off or on. Recommended Settings It comes with recommended settings for each currency pair. Take a look at the strategy reports below. http://www.bestexpertadvisors.com
  9. They currently accept alertpay and seems like affiliate program for me than matrix cycle program. we only get commission if our referral make purchase in this site, I don't know exactly what purchase here, maybe purchase for membership, or maybe purchase for e-book.
  10. The information you just shared really sounds like an MLM scheme. People earn from other people's money, without selling any product. Still, why am I thinking of joining...and thanks for sharing
  11. The main feature of the site is they are accepting a lot of methods of funding and withdrawing account , But i didnt had much luck with that i have played with much 0.1 bets and losed so now i am trying to do it their free plays .
  12. The site plans are good giving high roi but yet there are no payment proofs regarding the site.Hope to see proofs about this hyip site...Moreover the site is not opening Really wanna see that has someone got paid or nt
  13. The site giving good profit but it is highrisk.i think they just attract investors to invest and turn away into scam . Be careful guys...Invest at your own risk as it is almost impossible to give 300% in 5 days
  14. I wonder why there are many hyips coming out now with good script, plans and securities. I smell fishy here. Maybe christmas time is just around the corner and many people needs money during holiday season. Be cautious in investment now due to upcoming holiday coz many scammers will come out!
  15. ya abo, this site is worth investing... it is in the early stages with a 1$ deposit and paying well so it can be trusted for a month as far as i can judge !...Moreover it is till paying...Going to invest for sure
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