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  1. forex is not gambling, because forex trading has knowledge (not chancy), and people rarely master it because they have to learn self-taught and from experience.
  2. You must keep in mind that the level of price volatility moves increases when the news is released, and it is quite difficult to guess where prices will move.
  3. in my opinion, the business objective is to build cooperation between 2 people or more in buying and selling and mutual benefit.
  4. Now, a lot of Forex Trading Robots (EAs) are scattered on the internet.
  5. How many levels of success through that website?
  6. How to make money from forex is to do forex trading forex experts and accompanied.
  7. be confident, but must always be aware and focused goals.
  8. what you wrote is very useful for me. Hopefully with forex can offer advantages for my life.
  9. This is a very post build for a newbie like me. Thanks
  10. There is no success without sacrifice. one of them we have to sacrifice the money.
  11. with experience in the field, we can know where we went wrong in forex trading.
  12. What is the difference between fundamental and technical analysis?
  13. Yes, I think so. Since there is not an instant thing in a success. all need a process. Thanks bro
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