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  1. Username : (theundertaker) Amount To Request (DMT points) : (200) Liberty Reserve ID : (U1904225) Thanks Admin!
  2. Forex trading is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of making money from home; unfortunately it is not as easy as people might think. It is a true fact that at least 80% of new comers to the forex market will lose money in the long term. Making a winning forex strategy is the key to success. Every currency trader has some sort of strategy which should include money management and trading management. You have an idea of the kind of money you want to make each day from the market without pushing the regular boundaries of the market place. What we mean with regards to pushing the boundaries is; if you trade the EUR/USD on a regular basis and you often see it move 40 pips quite naturally before it consolidates or reverses, then the natural boundaries for that currency should be 40 pips. Trying to get more out of a trade will often result in disaster. It is best to take 10 pips off this natural number to be safe; so you are looking at the EUR/USD making 30 pip moves quite easily, now you just need to work out how much you need to stake in order to make your quota for the day. Making multiple trades on the forex market is asking for trouble, it is best to get in take your quota then close your platform down; greed will only lead to disappointment. If you are happy with £30 extra in your pocket for the day then you only need trade at £1 a pip if you need £300 a day then you will need to trade at £10 pip it is that simple. Choosing your stake should directly relate to the trading balance that you have. It is best not to risk more than 10% of your trading balance on any one trade; losses are inevitable if you risk everything on one trade you could find yourself with no balance left to work with. You will find with time that a winning forex strategy is not one that I or anyone else can tell you, it is one that you will develop over time with your own experiences and knowledge of how certain markets react. It is imperative that you go through this learning curve preferably on a demo account so that you do not risk any initial money in the forex markets.
  3. One of the very best ways to learn Forex trading for beginners is through the use of a Forex trading demo account. I'm sure you're familiar with the saying, "practice makes perfect". It is certainly no truer than it is in the world of the ever-changing Forex markets. Why is demo Forex trading a great way to learn? Simply because by using a practice simulator you're able to do one of the most important things and that is to know rather than to guess. What I mean by that by placing trades in a virtual environment you can see the results. Not only can you see the results of each trade, but you see the cumulative effect of all trades placed in the form of your fluctuating account equity. This is typically opposite of what beginning traders do when just getting started. It's very common to simply get a hunch or a Forex trading Tip from a friend and then try to remember months later how things turned out. Typically when you're trying to guess your mind will turn to the result that is to your advantage... must just be human nature. With Forex demo you'll be able to track your results exactly as they are, not exactly as you hoped they might be. You might also ask your broker if you may open more than one demo account. You can do this in order to test out several different distinct Forex strategies and track the equity growth or decline using separate accounts. This makes tracking the results of a particular trading system very easy. This can be particularly useful if there is a signal service or system that you are planning to lease or buy. You'll need exercise caution here, however, because far too many beginner's rely upon results that are way to short-term to be useful. It can be difficult as a beginner to want to dive right in, but if you exercise some patience you will be well rewarded in one way or the other. One way you can be rewarded is to find out that the Forex method that you had hoped would work well is actually working well. The other way you can be rewarded is to find out that we Forex trading system that you were hoping would work well does not work well at all, thereby saving you a ton of future lost money. So as you can see using Forex trading demo account can help beginners better trade Forex. You will be best served to treat your practice account as if it were your account with real money. In reality, this is the only way to get truly reliable results.
  4. Help us make weekly donations to these and many more causes, simply by visiting our site. Welcome to the Village! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be ahead of the tidal wave! * Connect with friends, relatives, and business associates on this amazing new social platform that interacts with other major social media. * Earn money just by using the site. Get your share of the wealth as advertisers target keywords and phrases you own. * Share bountiful blessings with your favorite Charities and Causes by telling us where to distribute our weekly philanthropic donations. Tag village is like google and facebook combined.. We can earn in two ways: 1. As free members for socializing just like on Facebook. 2. As upgraded members with just a minimum 5 bucks investment we can activate our referral links and earn from free and upgraded members. With the upgrade we purchase tags or keywords and we earn from trading these words and also from the money that advertisers will pay to buy ppc ads on our words we own.. This site is open and will pay all INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS EVERYWHERE so it will launch in a few days and I am so excited. I upgraded and put my hubby in also and upgraded him and we are ready for the soft launch. Only those who upgrade their accounts before soft launch will be able to trade keywords during soft launch. Others who upgrade later can trade keywords once the site fully launches. Please remember that you cna join for FREE and earn heaps as a free member as the FOUNDER STATED THAT EVEN FREE PEOPLE WHO JOIN DEPENDING ON THEIR LEVEL OF ACTIVITY AND CONTRIBUTION TO THE SITE will be able to eanr substantially. Revenue comes through advertising and they will help many charities. Also we can advertise our links and stuff there and get paid for it!! Opportunities like Tagvillage don't come every day. Please check out these recorded webinars for more info they are mindblowing.. http://tag-village.com/news/tagvillage-videos-recorded-webinars http://www.tagvillage.com/
  5. ChaCha.com is not as simple as most paid to website you actually have to answer questions for their clients. You get paid 2 cents an answer but you also have options of points and contests where they have cash pots for that are split. Also you have to sign up and take a test and be trained as what they call a guide. They act almost like an employer but really it's like any one of these other sites where you can make I believe at most $2.00 an hour. Anyone Try ChaCha? http://www.chacha.com
  6. the design is ok, not much to say about the site , what i dont like is all this different types of plans. Hourly up to 180 days...its to wide range for to feel it could be a good choise for me right now. Either they should keep to short games or longer term. Not mix it.
  7. minimum investment is only $1 and you would earn an extra of 25 cents, it looks good to me with some payment proof i would certainly invest in the site.
  8. this is almost long time paying hyip program. It is expected already if this site gain more investor because as you can see everyday is always have a new payment that proof the site is still paying.
  9. I got max 3 adds in one day, but I usually get 1 add or no adds at all. Until now I was able to gather 0.64$, but at this rate who knows when i'll reach the minimum payment to be able to cashout.
  10. the click rates are very high. It is higly impossible to pay so much money by any buxhost site. and I don't think this ptc will survive for long time. We need to be very sure before we invest in this ptc. and see the proof from the members.
  11. the minimum cashout at this site is 3$ and also the script of this site is the low design of the scam sites any ways good luck and search for a good methods to can earn money from it.
  12. You can switch language to english from right side The main features are listed: -> 5000 points starting balance (after the first 100 points ersurften) -> All 1000 points there is an additional 300 points given -> 5 Ref levels (0,1 / 0,04 / 0,03 / 0,02 / 0,01 Credits) -> to 0.80 euros per recruited by User -> Money box function -> Control of all sites -> Flag as inappropriate bring 300 extrapoints -> By earning credits Banner Clicks -> Earn money by surfing and clicking -> Payout from 0,90, - €, VIP members pay from 0.50,-€ -> Payment within 24 hours, your PayPal, or Bank Account. -> Any number of websites per user -> Earn 0.7 credits -> 1 Credits, cost of surfbar ad -> Coupons for Active Members -> ebesucher.de exchange function - both directions are possible -> Bonus programs - facing south have credits or Euros -> Credits transfer option -> Jackpot feature Payouts to paypal in euro http://www.autovisitor.de/
  13. DollarForest is a new website that helps people to earn cash online. Here you make money by completing offers, taking surveys and shopping online. Earn 0,3$ to 75$ per offer. Our advertisers pay us, we take a commission and pay you the rest. Tell everyone about DollarForest and you get 20% of what your refferals make. When you reach 5$ you can cash out and receive it on your PayPal account or you can buy gift cards, electronics and more from our Prize Shop. - $1 Signup Bonus - 1000+ Offers worth over 800$ - Daily Surveys! - High Payrate! - Cash + Point System (1 points = 0,01$ ) - Cash - Points convertor - Minimum payout is $5! (PayPal, AlertPay and Liberty Reserve) - Prize Shop with Amazon.com and Bestbuy.com gift cards, iPods, iPhones, iMacs* Playstation 3 and more - 20% Referral System - 50$ Offer Contest - 50$ Refferal Contest What kind of offers does DollarForest have? - Daily Surveys and Quizzes - Email Submits - Zip Code Submits - Downloads - Facebook - Mobile - CC and more .......................................................... http://www.dollarforest.com/
  14. We have a new gpt site called http://www.princessgpt.com. It is a great site that we have been working on for the better part of a year now. We had our own version of a beta and everything is working smoothly. We have a lot of working capital so you can be assured that we will be around for a long time. Some details about the site: -$1 minimum cashout -Instant cashout via Paypal -Contests always going -15/5% referral downline -Free membership __________________ http://www.princessgpt.com
  15. Hello now you can get money by shorting links , that's very easy signup here http://www.frxlinks.com/signup.php and login here http://www.frxlinks.com/login.php and short your link , write the link in Enter the URL to Convert: and select Style of Advertisement: Adsense revenue sharing Or Get paid to share your links and click on convert my boring link Than Copy and paste your boring links below and click 'Convert!' to have our system generate a link will make you money everytime it is clicked! You can then post your links on Forums, Blogs, Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Myspace or ANYWHERE! The possibilities are endless. and you can also get money by share your referral-Link to your friends or post it on forums and get +25 % per one referral.... the minimum payout limit ($1) i'm the Admin : www.frxlinks.com or more information : info@frxlinks.com
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