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  1. Envisaging a career in trading is not yet complete until you understand the entire concept of Forex. Trading cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, and other useful items require total professionalism and the right system. Some important things to consider when trading are reliable signals, reading of charts, following market trends, and much more. The truth remains that it is never an easy task to trade Forex or any other type of stock. Reading this content will help you discover the advantages of using trading signal services or tools. Reasons Why People Lose Money When Trading The difficulty in understanding how Forex works have made a lot of people lose a massive amount. The truth is that the act of losing money during Forex or crypto trading often happen to people, time and again. A lack of experience is one of the main reasons people end up losing their investment in trading. When you lack the basic strategies, tools, and even ideas on how the process works, it can eventually lead to a complete disaster in trading. Another reason why people lose money during trading is the lack of knowledge. Lacking knowledge means that a trader does not know the right tools and approach to handling any trading opportunities. Ignorance about what to do when engaging in Forex trading is the same as a lack of knowledge. Some people even if they have enough money to trade do not create time to learning the entire process of trading. It is crucial to have certain tools to boost your trading experience and potential. When these tools are available, you will no longer experience any difficulty in trading Forex, crypto or stock. Advantages Of Using A Trading Signal Indicator: 1. It provides high profitable trading signals for both newbie and professional traders 2. Strong and reliable trading information that can help people trade with peace of mind 3. A signal trading indicator helps to identify the right environment to trade. It will help to cut out the guesswork and point you to the actual area of maximum profit 4. It provides 24/7 alerts along with precise signals that can help get rid of your phobias when trading 5. It is easy and simple to use without creating any difficulty to the user iTrade Alert Signals: It is a company that provides crypto & Forex signals and other trading resources. iTrade Alert Signals has created a well-designed system that helps to beauty your chances of trading like a professional. With the Forex Momentum Indicator, traders will get greater profits and higher accuracy for any trade. We use the manual approach to provide our prospective customers effective and profitable signals. We know that trading is daunting and overwhelming for both veteran and beginner traders. The Forex Momentum indicator provides 24/7 alerts through an instant text message system. Whether it is on CFD, digital assets, or Forex, our indicator can send you an immediate text message alert. Another thing about the trading signal indicator is that you will always get accurate and consistent results. Our system is optimized to offer high probability and strong trading signals. It will also help to harness the real place where anyone can trade without fear or risk. With our indicator, it is now possible to perform a comprehensive analysis of your trading activity before investing. It means that you will no longer waste time, effort, and resources when using our trading indicator. Whether it is for trading timeframes or cross pairs, our system can deliver in an ephemeral of time. Give us a call now and we will ensure to provide you the best information about how to go with trading successfully. All further information at: https://www.mastermarket.io
  2. I think we should just pick one that we are comfortable with as the debate of best is just too much to look into. I only prefer one that I am most comfortable with but of course, it’s only from top forex brokers not just any random one. With having a broker that’s rated and reliable, it just gives you that extra space to work yourself towards making money and that with rather ease and consistency as well. This is not doable without a quality broker.
  3. I honestly care little because the more important part is whether they do it in legitimate way, instead of dirty play. So, IF they do it accurately then I would go for it without any issues. And that’s where I am absolutely cool with it. The more important part is to judge and select right broker. I currently use Tradeview, it’s one of the top companies. I have only joined it after digging deep and comparing from several places such as https://fx-list.com/broker/tradeview, as only after having 100% satisfaction, I am working with them, and I must say happily.
  4. Hello! We are BBOD – Blockchain Board of Derivatives This month, we will release our new hybrid trading exchange that allows you to margin trade without losing full control of your funds. We still have some spots we would like filled in our private beta. Visit our website: bbod.io and testnet: demo.bbod.io to get a first glimpse of what is to come. A few key details about our exchange: - Non-Custodial Accounts - (client owned private keys) - 1,250,000 transactions/second - (matching engine) - Up to 50x leverage - TUSD deposit with the ability to convert over 100 cryptocurrencies (spot) - On-chain settlement - No KYC (you are anonymous) While we will be in beta, we’ll be working full speed to roll out Mainnet with your suggested improvements and feedback. If you wish to participate or want more information, please email support@bbod.io.
  5. The token sale funds Quanta Networks mission to solve Global Telecom Security Issue Quanta Networks, a Blockchain compliant mobile telecommunication network, has launched the ICO for its Ethereum based ERC20 Utility Token on April 15, 2019. The QN Utility Token sale which is launched publically on 15th April, 2019 following a successful private sale which ended on 31st March, 2019. The ICO sale will continue until July 14th 2019. The price is set at 0.70 USD/token. The token sale will fund the continuing global expansion of Quanta Networks. Token subscribers will be able to buy Quanta Networks mobile services globally. Quanta Networks has created the first fully decentralized Blockchain compliant communications system. It is compatible and interoperable with legacy communications technologies (IPv4/IPv6), is programmable and capable of seamlessly integrating with specialized networking applications as well as future networking technologies. “The Quanta Network gives mobile subscribers affordable, unlimited, global data” said Marc Hurst, President & Managing Director of Quanta Networks Inc. “This means, one price, anywhere, totally secure.” Telecommunication insiders are showing a great deal of interest in the Quanta Networks Project with several global telecommunications partnerships expected to be announced in the coming months. Quanta Networks offers global security and privacy for personal and commercial transactions. The security restricts the ability for unwanted callers, messages, emails and location services to intrude upon your privacy. Quanta Networks is a telecommunication company based in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2017, the company’s mission is to solve global telecom security and data issues affecting five billion mobile users worldwide. Visit official website for more information: https://quantanetworks.io/ For more inquiries and contact, please email at admin@quantanetworks.io Join the company on telegram: https://t.me/quanta_networks
  6. In this 21st century, we have experienced tremendous changes, which have affected the financial, technology, business, and educational markets. Since the inception of cryptocurrency, new opportunities have continued to unfold and taking advantage of these opportunities to change trends and build on innovation shouldn’t be taken for granted. To help teachers, we have decided to use the Blockchain as a profitable tool to assist teachers, who have contributed greatly to the world. Our platform is aimed at helping teachers plan for retirement, sharing specialist resources, and storing professional lesson plans for them. We understand the important role teachers play in the world, which is why we decided to value and support them. Our team comprises of educators, administrators, managers, and leaders, with more than 25 years’ experience in the educational industry. How Does Teacher Coin work? Teacher Coin (TCH) takes advantage of the digital and verifiable feature of the blockchain to solve complications teachers face. Furthermore, it will disrupt the entry barriers to the retirement market by eliminating the fine print. Interestingly, we have removed the complex and confusing terminologies used by many financial institutions to deceive investors through our TCH Smart Contracts. In simple terms, the TCH Smart Contract contains the contract, amount of investment, years, and payment structure. Through our blockchain-based TCH Smart Contracts, we offer transparency and accountability in such a way that no other technology has offered. Through our TCH Smart Contracts, we offer: • An immutable ledger, which provides permanent verification of previous transactions • Storage of all retirement product events in a permanent and easy to retrieve system • An open source to all your retirement packages, funds, and transactions Through the combination of anonymity, decentralized encryption, immutability, and the Teacher Coin, we will generate the ultimate platform for the education industry that will provide educational support and secure retirement packages for all educators in the world. Why Teacher Coin? • We support the Blockchain community • We give our members a voice • Our platform is open source and we are transparent • We seek to create a retirement ecosystem • We are innovative with a groundbreaking platform Teacher Coin (TCH) has partnered with Pacific Prime to arrange a personalized insurance package specifically tailored to the needs of teachers and administrators around the globe providing them with world class Health Insurance. Cryptocurrency for Teachers Our aim of developing the Teacher Coin is to provide an easy to understand, a low cost, and a transparent package for educators. The platform gives them the opportunity to buy and sell high-quality educational resources using a simple and transparent mechanism. The retirement aspect of the platform will modernize how things are done in our current retirement industry. Our platform will make retirement fully verifiable because it is built on a system of trust between retirement advisors and teachers. Furthermore, we know that the blockchain technology holds an immutable ledger and contacts, which can accommodate the storing and recording of all Teacher Coin retirement contracts easily. Teacher Coin is the first company designed to leverage the smart contracts by creating a retirement system for teachers throughout the world using the blockchain. Teacher Coin (TCH) Token Distribution The TCH is the token that powers and incentivizes the users in the Teacher Coin community. You can use the TCH to exchange other fiat currencies such as EUR, USD, and JPY as long as it is within the jurisdictions where such exchange is legal. Additionally, you can exchange it with other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Ether, and Bitcoin. The expected value of 1TCH is equivalent to 0.05USD. The maximum supply of the Teacher Coin will be 500,000,000 after which there won’t be any further production of the TCH tokens. The token is created using the ERC-20 Token smart contract. As part of our way of ensuring that our dream is realized, we have started trading TCH on the Token Store, where its current value is about $0.00004601. To ensure effective competition against other tokens and coins, our energetic team is working around the clock to ensure that the token is listed on other world class exchanges before the year runs out. Conclusion The Teacher Coin seeks to reform, modify, and innovate the educational industry by offering a specifically tailored cryptocurrency for teachers. The TCH is a utility token, which affords teachers the opportunity to invest in any retirement package that suits them while selling and buying resources globally. We have designed a unique platform to give to the teachers, who have dedicated their lives to this noble profession to shape the future and character of our children. Teachers ignite imagination, arouse hope, and install a love for learning. The Teacher coin platform is giving back to teachers to help them succeed in their quest. Keep in touch: • Teacher Coin Ltd 160 Kemp House, City Road, London EC1V 2NX • tch@teachercoin.co • https://www.teachercoin.co/ • https://t.me/teachercoincrypto • https://www.facebook.com/cryptoforteachers • https://twitter.com/TeacherCoin2 • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkX23D0XJ0BZAlj8a8YHPNQ/
  7. Are you looking for an efficient and credible payment processing solution for your business? If you do, we offer you the best and the fastest payment processing solution for any type of business. iPayTotal has over a decade of experience in processing payments in Forex Trading. We can issue payments in the seven most liquid currency pairs in the world and in the three commodity pairs. We accept payments in more than 196 countries, 164 currencies, and settle in 25 currencies worldwide. Our experience in Forex Trading has enabled us to create a service that protects our merchants with a chargeback prevention service and a customizable Fraud Scrub. iPayTotal is widely regarded as the premier payment gateway for foreign exchange trading. Thanks to our extensive global network of banking relationships, we have helped hundreds of Forex sites with varying degrees of payment processing requirements. Our merchants see a 30-40% increase in revenue, thanks to the increase in approved transactions. As the best payment processing provider in the industry, we have a team of well-educated and highly experienced professional with over a decade experience in the payment processing industry to offer you the best payment solution for your business. Our objective is to ensure that your business is protected from fraud services by providing you with a tested payment solution that other banks won’t provide. This is our contribution to your business growth through customized payments. Regardless of whether you are running a low-risk or a high-risk business, our integrated packages are designed to offer you the desired payment services that will adjust to your bran’s payment requirements perfectly. Our services extend to Latin America, the USA, Africa, Australia, or the EU by leveraging our international connections to offer you top-notch Debit, Credit, and Echecking Processing, whatever your business needs to succeed. We enable you to conduct transactions in most of the popular currencies from different parts of the world, whether in the US Dollar, Euro, the British Pounds, and other known currencies. This is to make it easier for your clients or customer from around the globe to make payments with relative ease without being unduly concerned about a specific and restrictive payment method. With iPayTotal, rest assured that you have the most credible, efficient, and best payment solution that allows you to accept alternative online payments via both local and international payment systems. You can get started today by creating an Online Merchant Account with us. Don’t worry, we will create the account and provide you with everything you need to start accepting card payments. A forex merchant account can be described as a sort of merchant account designed especially to process transactions by forex broker businesses in a safe, secure and timely manner. Most forex brokers offer online trading and their traders are able to be traded via online payment solutions. By making use of the best forex merchant account, forex traders trading with your organization may also finance their trading accounts online. Based on the form of forex broker permit your forex firm has, this ultimately will influence the reach of your forex merchant account like particular transactions might or might not be allowed. If you request a quote right now, we will give you access to top-notch services that will prove crucial to your business success. Further information, reach us at: IPAYTOTAL LTD (UK) • 60 Windsor Avenue London England SW19 2RR • support@ipaytotal.com • +44 800 776 5988 • +1 845 215 4017 • Company # 11357725 • https://ipaytotal.com
  8. Cryptocurrency Meets Casino Game WHO WE ARE: Bit Paradise (BPD) is a new, innovative form of cryptographic exchange station based on game meta. The Exchange transactions revenue utilized 100% by buyback and the returns from the game is distributed to the BPD holder by betcoin (Known as Chip coin). Now you can enjoy the benefits of returns from the game in BPD as like you have Casino stake _______________________________________________________________________ BITPARADISE REWARD SYSTEM: The Token Reward System is the way to return a transaction fee to the user at the time of the transaction by BPD. This income-sharing token reward system with Exchange transactions revenue is innovative and secure in terms of revenue growth. Game income provides airdrop to BPD holder by BET coin. The transaction fee is 100% fully operated by buyback system. 8 countries including Korea, China, and Argentina will open in 2019. 50% of Game income dividends for BPD token holder and Lotto, Jackpot system operated. _______________________________________________________________________ BPD, Lead Global Exchange Market: Since cryptographic exchange station is springing up everywhere and global mining / returns exchange markets are saturated, BPD has been researching the requirements of a good exchange station base on trust and interest as well as gaining empathy from users around the world. However, BPD founded the answer in casinos that are already loved and enjoyed all over the world. _______________________________________________________________________ BET COIN USED FOR GAMES IN THE EXCHANGE: It is a kind of casino coin that is used in every BPD games and a stable coin. Anyone can buy at 1 dollar at the same price. _______________________________________________________________________ TOKEN SALE AND DISTRIBUTION: BPD: Total 9,000 sales made on Token sales period with equity coin. BET: Anyone can buy this stable coin as like a chip coin at the same price _______________________________________________________________________ NEWS & MEDIA: _______________________________________________________________________ FURTHER DETAILS: Official Website: http://bitparadise.club/token/en Whitepaper: http://bitparadise.club/public/n_home/pdf/Bitparadise_ENG.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bitparadise-1443205282481173/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bitparadise_ Telegram: https://t.me/bitparadise_official Medium: https://medium.com/@bitparadise_
  9. Every day, new blockchain applications keep emerging. Many companies have taken the clue to implement blockchain and utilizing the benefits it all bring. The blockchain technology deals with peer-to-peer data connection while providing a decentralized network for everyone to use. Although it started with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, however, industries such as supply chain, insurance, banking, healthcare, and telecommunication can use it to increase their efficiency. Nevertheless, Quanta Networks is geared toward challenging the conventional communications architecture in place by introducing a facility free, secure, and tower free telecom based Blockchain ecosystem while sidestepping the insecurity and inefficiencies that exist in the current system. How Does Quanta Work? Quanta is a new telecom technology, which works like Uber. Quanta is like Uber, which is into the transportation business but does not own a single vehicle. The model of the business is based on enabling and making efficient use of surplus or unused resources. In a similar manner, Quanta create network connections in areas with available bandwidth by improving part of the network traffic. It is redirected in order to improve connectivity and speed while allowing the devices to create a communication network on its own through its own available bandwidth. What this means is that Quanta is creating a better network whereby users do not have to buy any bandwidth like what Uber is doing. The aim of the platform is to build a decentralized telecommunication ecosystem. The platform will change and disrupt the telecommunication industry by enabling network users to have a peer-to-peer connection. This allows a more secure, faster, and affordable means of communication between human and machine. Features of Quanta Network The Quanta Network has amazing features, which include: • Compatibility – The network is fully interoperable and compatible with legacy communication technologies. Remarkably, the network has the capability of integrating seamlessly with specialized networking applications including future networking technologies. • Secure – Quanta manages the path of the network both asymmetrically and dynamically. By simultaneously controlling outbound and inbound routes, it creates “cloaked” layers of communication within the Quanta network. This makes it impossible to locate, it renders data invisible, it renders critical assets invisible and resistant to packet sniffers. • Decentralized – The data in the Quanta Networks is not controlled by a single entity and impossible for anyone to manipulate to their favor. Interestingly, the Quanta Blockchain network provides all transactions and information stored in the blockchain, which is hosted by individual nodes. • Affordable – Although people are willing to pay more as it concerns their security, this shouldn’t have to be as Quanta Networks is optimizing underused bandwidth without purchasing bandwidth. Quanta Network - You Are the Network Quanta Network believes irrespective of who you are and your position, you should have affordable connectivity with security, privacy, and right to access the kind of information you need to conduct your daily life. For Quanta Networks, the world is like a connected place where everyone is connected, contributes, and plays a vital role in making the world a better, safer, and efficient place for everyone to live peacefully. The vision of the platform is to revolutionize the telecommunication industry by building the first completed decentralized blockchain compliant communication system, which allows both users and systems to connect peer-to-peer. The Quanta Network has over 5 billion mobile users worldwide with over 1000 mobile operators Quanta Token Details: The sale of the Quanta Networks (QN) token is scheduled to start from October 15, 2019, with a limited number of 2,000,000,000 USD to be sold during the ICO. The sales of the token will end by September 19, 2019. The token is built on the standard ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain and is not minable. During the sales, 1QN will be equivalent to 0.7USD. The Quanta Network ICO distribution is as follows: • ICO / Quanta Project = 67% • Team & Advisors = 15% • Marketing = 13% • Other Expenses = 5% During this period, there will be special bonuses for large buyers of the QN token. There won’t be a bonus for those who bought between 1 to 3 ETH. However, those who purchase between 4 to 9 ETH stand to get a 15% bonus. Finally, those who buy above 10ETH gets a whopping 25% bonus as part of its incentive to attract buyers. QN tokens will be credited to the ETH address of the buyer. For any further information check below: Official Website: https://quantanetworks.io Whitepaper: https://quantanetworks.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/WhitePaper.pdf Onepager: https://quantanetworks.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/One_Pager.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuantaNetworks/ Telegram: https://t.me/quanta_networks Twitter: https://twitter.com/quanta_networks Github: https://github.com/quantanetworks/quanta-networks
  10. Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your income without leaving your job? Bitflow offers you a golden opportunity to earn passive income for the rest of your life. How can you benefit from this and increase your financial power? Bitflow allows you to turn $100 investment into thousands of dollars in a very simple, easy, and secure way. The money-earning program provides a platform that can assist you to keep a good record of your earning while working on growing your network as well. Requirements to become part of BitFlow: In order to become a member of Bit-flow, there are certain simple requirements you need to complete. The first requirement is to have a Bitcoin wallet or a Bitcoin trading account. The account will serve a dual purpose: make payments and withdraw your earnings. The 2nd requirement is to make a payment of $100 via Bitcoin to your introducer (this mandatory). And in case IF you are not having any introducer, you will be allotted one by the BitFlow system automatically. You will receive the Bitcoin wallet address from your introducer to pay to start your journey. And in case you are already part of BitFlow, you require to have your Bitcoin Address on the platform, so it to be used by person joined under you. When you are through with your registration and your membership has been confirmed, two downline quotas will appear on your dashboard as you begin the journey to earning passive income while keeping your job. How to sign up on the BitFlow platform: Signing up on Bit Flow platform is easy and simple with steps as followed. Click the “Sign Up” menu at the top right-hand side of the website to join the platform and provide the information required in the box below: Click “Let’s get started” after filling the form with the right information and check your email address for email verification. After you complete the email verification, you will receive the message as seen below if your verification is successful: Now you can login, using the “Sign In” menu to login to your account. There you will be able to enter the Member’s payment page, from where you are able to upgrade to membership to different tiers available. How do you earn? After becoming a fully registered member of Bit-Flow, you will get your membership fee when your 1st level downline pays his or her registration fee. However, if you share the same tier with him or her, you won’t get the membership fee unless you upgrade yourself to a higher tier. This implies that you can’t earn from a downline who is higher than you or from those down below the downline. If you find yourself in this situation, you can turn it around to your favor. Simply upgrade yourself by paying just $100 extra to your direct upline. This allows you to move a level up and above those you currently are at the same level with. Such a smart move will open up the opportunity to earn from your downline. Note that as you move up from one level to another, your winning potentials and amount increase. The figure below gives you an idea of how much you stand to earn from your $100 investment. From the image below, you can see that you stand a good chance to increase your earnings by up to 5,000% when you move from the first level to the last level on the platform. Bit-Flow is out to give individuals across the globe a chance to earn passive income with just a token of $100. If you register today, you will start earning as soon as possible and be on your way to gaining financial freedom. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
  11. Powerful Automated Trading Software Used By Hedge Funds and Large Banks is Now Available to the General Public. Savvy Entrepreneurs, Home Business Enthusiasts and Investors, take note: Through WealthMembers.com you can use the same software Institutional Investors have used for many years to gain an “unfair advantage." Now anybody can easily grab a slice of a $5.3 trillion dollar a day market. This software, designed to trade Millions, has just been modified for use on smaller accounts. For the first time ever, anyone can trade right alongside these Huge Banks and Corporations with FREE access to the same technology they use. For a limited time, you can take advantage of an unprecedented $167 value ... FOR FREE! That's right, you read that correctly. They are offering a never before seen first mover's advantage for those who take action. By simply filling out a short prelaunch form (no obligation, no strings attached, no credit card is needed), you will have free, unlimited access to their revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Trading Software for 30 days ... a $167 value!! This offer will expire on Sunday, April 14th, so don't delay. After you complete the 30 days of free access ... which you can use to test drive in "demo" or grow your own broker accounts ... you can continue to use the Software for free by simply referring 3 other subscribers. www.WealthMembers.com You can start earning money as soon as you turn the software on ... it works for you 24 hours a day, even while you sleep. No previous experience is necessary ... it requires just minutes a day and can be done in your spare time. It comes with complete training & support and can be used from anywhere in the world. Visit WealthMembers.com and enroll right away so you don’t miss out. Once you have registered for FREE (again, no credit card is needed), be sure to share your own personal link with others so they can take advantage of the same one-time crazy $167 offer. Now, You Too can Trade in the 5.3 Trillion Dollar Per Day Forex Market! Disclaimer: *Foreign Exchange, Options, and Cryptocurrency trading carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure. Before you decide to trade or engage with these, carefully consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance. You could lose some or all of your initial investment; do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange, options, and cryptocurrency trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions.
  12. I consider just 2 simple factors. One is whether the broker is regulated from authority that holds weight. I don’t go with brokers that are regulated by no one, as that basically means no regulation. I like brokers like IC Markets, HotForex and some others which are properly regulated and some of these are even located in Australia. So, this confirms me in terms of security. After that I look at features and facilities, but yes this is not easy. I generally compare via https://fx-list.combecause here as you might be able to see have complete data base of brokers. It allows me to select perfect broker for myself with accurate comparison.
  13. EM currencies likely to see further gains The GBP could be subject to renewed volatility around the time of the Brexit vote. We still see GBP/USD moving higher. The US rate decline has weighed on the USD, while emerging market (EM) growth has been stabilizing. We retain a positive bias on EM FX. Fears of a sharp slowdown in economic activity took a toll on riskier assets and triggered broad-based volatility in December. Since then, some sense of stability has returned, with risk appetite improving as the Federal Reserve (Fed) adopted a more market-friendly tone. The USD weakened across the board as Fed rate hikes were entirely priced out for 2019 and EUR/USD moved higher toward our 1.15 target. Our economists now expect the Fed to hike rates twice later this year. Thus, the repricing of US rates may indeed have gone too far. We believe this should limit USD softness, as economies outside the USA have also seen softer activity data and expectations of policy normalization might therefore be adjusted as well. We maintain a three-month target of 1.15 for EUR/USD. The recent environment also supported the CHF against both the EUR and the USD. Yet, we do not expect EUR/CHF to trade much lower going forward as risk appetite recovers. The JPY emerged as one of the best performing currencies, benefiting from a sharp unwinding of previously extreme short positioning. We do not expect the JPY to post further short-term gains and target a level of 112 for the USD/JPY in three months. EM FX likely to gain further EM FX has profited from the recent decline in US rates, confirming our positive view on EM currencies. The fundamental under- valuation of the EM basket and attractive interest rate differentials should support the recovery further. Growth appears to be stabilizing and looser domestic financial conditions should help ex-China EM growth to weather external headwinds. In Europe, Middle East and Africa, we remain positive on the RUB as economic momentum has picked up, Russia’s external position remains strong and fundamental valuation is cheap. We also keep our positive view on the ZAR, which is supported by cheap fundamental valuation and improving growth. In Asia, the confluence of more dovish expectations for US interest rates and improved sentiment has supported currencies, but we would be cautious about projecting an extended move higher. The US-China trade talks appear to have gone rather well, and market volatility has increased pressure on both sides to come to an agreement. We see USD/CNY at 6.85 and 7.00 in three and twelve months, respectively. Brexit parliamentary vote to drive GBP outlook Brexit negotiations are back in focus as the UK Parliament meets to vote on the Brexit deal in mid-Feb... We still believe that the UK Parliament will reach a consensus to avoid a no-deal outcome. Indeed, the recent amendment of the budget to limit the government’s tax powers in the event of a no-deal outcome suggests that the Parliament is working to avoid this scenario. On the economic front, activity remains resilient and surveys have surprised to the upside. A Brexit deal would likely allow the Bank of England to normalize policy faster, which would support the GBP. GBP valuations remain very attractive and, with a deal possible, we expect the currency to rebound. We thus keep our positive view on GBP/USD and target a level of 1.33 over three months and 1.40 over twelve months. Important Information: This part of the material: (i) aims to provide macro-market commentary; (ii) does not contain any statements or advice in relation to any specific marketable security or financial product; and (iii) does not take into account your personal circumstances and should not be treated as any form of regulated financial advice, legal, tax or other regulated service.
  14. MAYA PREFERRED 223 Gold and Silver Backed Cryptocurrency Listed Exchange -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is U.K Financial Ltd.’s state-of-the-art ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, and is positioned to become the first cryptocurrency to be successfully used as a monetary instrument for individuals to transfer money worldwide. Maya Preferred is also backed with precious metal assets of gold and silver mine reserves in Mexico, making it the new “gold and silver standard” and instantly providing the stabilization investors have been waiting for in the volatile realm of cryptocurrency. The tokens business plan involves adding more mining assets for backing and thus adding value to itself over time, increasing both stability and the ability to have real tangible assets backing its currency for investors. Maya Preferred 223 is trading live on the FatBTC exchange as MARP/BTC pair at $2,500 per token. And for those who find this unrealistic, should understand that $18,500 worth of gold and silver backing each token which makes this value incredibly low to what it could achieve in coming months! This listing on FatBTC marks the first step in the development of the Maya Preferred ecosystem. As the Maya Preferred team concentrates on other upcoming listings and partnerships that are anticipated to raise the price and profile of the asset. Maya Preferred is currently negotiating with 5 additional mining operations outside of Mexico, who control considerable amounts of precious metal stocks. There are several more exchange listings on the way along with long-term media partnerships. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maya Preferred’s Coin Listing To give you some brief idea about Coin Maya LTD – we are one of the largest OTC desks in America specializing in digital asset and commodity trading. We trade across 20+ time zones around the world. Not sure if you are aware of the advantages an OTC desk could bring. If you’re looking to trade for a large volume on an exchange, you would have to look into the order book depth to determine how deep you have to go in order to have your trade size fulfilled. If you’re going in too deep, the pricing may steer towards an unfavorable direction, resulting in a price that is far from the market. But for Coin Maya LTD, owing to our wide network of industry connection and very deep pools of liquidity, we’re able to facilitate instant execution of large volume trading, with a price that is close to the market. Please note that our minimum trade size of Octagon Strategy is USD 100,000 or equivalent and we charge a 5% trading fee only with no deposit or withdrawal fee and we offer same day settlement services. If you’re interested in trading with us, kindly register an account at www.cryptomarket.exchange, and submit the necessary documents for account verification. Let us know when the submission is completed so that we could fast-track your account verification. Upon successful verification, we’ll create a designated chat group with you and our traders through your preferred channels – Bloomberg / WhatsApp / Telegram / WeChat / Skype, where you could get direct quotations on digital assets. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Expert Team James Dahlke (CEO & CO-FOUNDER) James Dahlke, a licensed Certified Public Accountant, has filled the role of President and CEO of the Maya Coin venture. Mr. Dahlke will use his experiences in the public financial markets and keen business relationships to build a powerhouse management team for the Maya Coin Holders. You can expect to see a vast array of changes and additions to the management team as mergers, acquisitions and Maya’s business plan are being executed. Rodrigo Arvide (Vice President) Rodrigo is an entrepreneur and investor with more than 12 years of successful experience on creating and managing companies in different countries. A bold approach to solve worlds challenges has helped him and their investors to constantly make profits in sustainable busineses over the years. He currently owns a private hedge fund and is fully committed to take Maya preferred 223 to the entire world. Keith Christiansen (Head of Blockchain Security) Mr. Christiansen is fully licensed to provide a variety of professional investigative services, process services, and surveillance for most legal reasons. Mr. Christiansen will use his 40 years of experience in multiple levels of security training to ensure all Blockchain transactions and ERC 20 tokens MAYA creates are fully protected with the most up-to-date anti-hacking programs. Mr. Christiansen will play a huge role in protecting MAYA’s upcoming project of creating MAYA’s own cryptocurrency exchange from any unwanted trojan horses or cybercriminals. Fully insured and bonded, Mr. Christiansen protects the interest of his clients and now all Maya Coin Holders to the best of his abilities.
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