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  1. Displayed Username : Beginner FX Amount To Request (DMT points) : 100 Payment option: PM Perfect Money ID : U15058327
  2. Candlesticks, some say this is the easiest to learn. but for me to see it already made nausea hahaha
  3. I use both. I think that without fundamental and technical things there is something lacking in seeing the trend going forward (which is certainly a profitable trend)
  4. I think many know the code MT4 but .... it was so private secret *justkidding
  5. there seems to be no alternative to meta trader, right?
  6. for me the most convenient thing is to use a combination of MACD and Bolinger
  7. looks not so good but if the admin has spoken, obey it
  8. BNB is a digital asset created by Binance. The BNB stands on the Etherchain blockchain using the ERC20 standard token. Every four months, Binance will use its 20% profit to buy back the BNB and destroy it until it buys 50% of the total BNB so that there will only be 100,000,000 million BNB in circulation. BNB is ranked * 10 out of a total of 2059 digital assets at Coinmarketcap.com. BNB's total supply is 189,175,490 BNB.
  9. Total bitcoin only 21 million, will it be enough in the future? Given the Bitcoin vision to become the currency that is used throughout the world?
  10. What do you think about the actors who use Bitcoin for tax evasion or money laundering, or those who finance terrorism?
  11. The basic of forex trading is how to avoid big loss in forex. You can place an order and save it until close that order, it was great for a newbie.
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