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  1. Traders are quite pleased with FXB Trading as they have been offered the flexibility to go solo with this CFD/ECN brokerage platform. As there is no dealing desk, traders can expect better execution of their orders. They can also gain access to liquid markets
  2. I started using the website of FXB Trading some months ago and have had no difficulties with the platforms that it offers. In comparison with some other trading websites, there is no laxity here. It has an easy navigation system and various helpful trading platforms
  3. Australia recently recorded its 104th consecutive quarter of growth without a recession, an achievement which breaks the record set by the Netherlands. It prompted Australia’s federal Treasurer Scott Morrison to claim that the economy was in “surprisingly good shape”. His statement is reminiscent of that old joke. How can you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving. Australia’s economy is not in good shape. Its growth has been built on demand for commodities like coal and steel from China and investment in an over-inflated property market that has been fuelled by years of cheap credit. These dual dependencies are about to be brutally exposed. The exact timing and full impact of Australia’s economic tailspin is unknown. However, a precise date and exact knowledge of its magnitude are unnecessary in order to take advantage of the collapse as a trader. The circumstances that make an economic crash inevitable are already in place and it is far better to be five months early rather than five minutes late for an opportunity like this. May Be Useful Fro More Detail : Australia’s economy is going down and under Articles
  4. services as a result of employing Meta Trader 5 and several other mobile platforms. Navigation FXB Trading is able to provide speculation opportunities for traders that will help them gain an edge over all other online brokerage of all these platforms is quite simple and they offer an enhanced insight into the forex trends and market shifts.
  5. I have tried to stay away from the online brokerage sites as I find most of them highly confusing when it comes to navigation. I was then referred to FXB Trading. I approached it with apprehension but found it to be user friendly. Its sections and tabs explain everything quite clearly and to my pleasant surprise, I was not irritated at all
  6. FXB Trading offers a perfect blend of hedging and scalping as a result of an ideal range of trading platforms. This is what every trader needs in the CFD market. The ECN/STP model offered by FXB Trading has no dealing desk. Traders can expect a genuine trading system here
  7. services as a result of employing Meta Trader 5 and several other mobile platforms. Navigation FXB Trading is able to provide speculation opportunities for traders that will help them gain an edge over all other online brokerage of all these platforms is quite simple and they offer an enhanced insight into the forex trends and market shifts
  8. The Catalan parliament’s declaration of independence from Spain is set to wreak political turmoil in the country and is sure to have far-reaching repercussions for Europe. In response, Madrid passed measures to take direct control over the region and called for regional elections for December 21, but these measures will be tested as it’s unclear whether politicians and civil servants of the region will accept direct rule being imposed on them. On Sunday Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, sacked Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, who now faces up to 30 years in jail for his role in the regional parliament’s declaration of independence. The result was greeted with joy by pro-independence supporters gathered outside the parliament in Barcelona under the slogan “Let’s make the Republic”, hoping to put pressure on the parliament to act. The Catalan parliament vote came after Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, asked the senate to approve the government’s request for measures to impose direct rule on Catalunya. For More Detail : https://www.fxbtrading.com/articles/spains-hard-line-catalunya-triggers-declaration-independence-plunges-country-crisis May Be Useful
  9. of course with us continue to learn and try then our ability to increase and make us more understanding and profitable, because it is very important, traders must understand a lot of demo accounts to easily master it, we can take advantage of FXB Trading brokers demo account there we can easy in run it
  10. demo account and demo contest, is one of the facilities that help all have their respective advantages, and it should be utilized well to be able to generate big profits, because traders need a good process in order to make trading more successful is to learn, use broker FXB Trading to make it easier for us to study demo account and demo contest
  11. A trader needs numerous tools to gain success in the field of analysis and speculation with different currency pairs in the Contracts for Differences (CFD) market. FXB Trading provides that necessary power to the traders to enable them to see for themselves the current status of the daily forex market so that they gain awareness of the currency pairs that undergo ups and downs due to economic reasons
  12. CME Group’s announcement on Tuesday (October 31) that it intends to offer futures on Bitcoin this month sent the cryptocurrency surging past $6,400 for the first time; the group’s move has been viewed as bringing Bitcoin a step closer to acceptance within mainstream finance by placing it alongside the CME’s stable of futures on interest rates, stock indices, commodities and currencies. Bitcoin’s price has soared from $966 at the start of the year, breaking through the $5,000 mark for the first time on October 11 before settling at $6,362.65 in afternoon trading on October 31, up by 4% for the day. Futures are derivatives contracts that investors and companies typically use to speculate on prices or hedge risk against turns in the market. Other major markets like stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies all have derivatives based on them. CME’s futures option would allow investors to hedge bets that the price of bitcoin will rise, something that is difficult at present For More Detail : Bitcoin takes a big stride away from fringes of financ May Be Useful
  13. to be able to generate profits is not easy, traders need a process and also a great hard work to be able to produce everything, and most important is to learn to manage and control it, in order to utilize and manage the bonus 6% from broker FXB Trading
  14. For years Starbucks Corporation’s (SBUX) shares have mirrored their phenomenal success, but recently the coffee giant has come under attack from the likes of McDonalds and other fast food giants as well as indie coffee shops which has been reflected in the value of their share price. After reaching a peak price of $64.87 in June, Starbucks shares are down 1.41% overall this year. However, Starbucks has expanded into new territories and brought greater convenience to its clients with the use of innovation which has prompted some analysts to predict that the coffee-making giant will surprise Wall Street when it releases its fourth quarter earnings on November 2. Starbucks experienced tremendous growth between 2011 and 2016 with sales growth above 5%. It all changed in the third quarter of 2016 when sales growth was just 4% while for the first time transaction growth was flat. For the next quarter, sales growth remained below 5% while transaction growth was negative (-1%). For More Detail : Starbucks might be about to surprise Wall Street May Be Useful
  15. learning must surely continue to be improved, because just looking for a fortune that we will not achieve forever, so need discipline that can control our trading system to be more understanding and profitable, so learn everything well in order to make a good process in reaching its benefits, many facilities that we can also use in brokers FXB Trading
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