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What are the tools of successful trader???

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a trader must be able to have a trading plan before plunging into a real account, this is needed and needed so that the trader can become better and can be more leverage in carrying out more targeted trading activities. A trader can arrange a trading plan by utilizing a Tickmill demo account.

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Emotion can be very dangerous in trading. Because taking the decision from the heart is very risky. If you want to be a professional trader you need to make decisions without any emotion. Decision taking emotionally can cause losses most of the time. As a trader, I always take decisions from the mind, not from my heart. My broker Forex4you helps me a lot to control my emotions. On the other hand, making a profit from the forex market mainly depends on taking right decisions at the right time.   

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On 9/4/2020 at 8:52 AM, maspluto said:

achieving success in forex is not an easy matter, this is needed and necessary so that traders can become better and can be more maximal in carrying out trading activities as expected while on a real Tickmill account.


for that in running forex trading that must be considered and also studied in trading is to continue to pay attention and learn the way trading works properly so that when starting trading can generate large profits and can make trading more successful with the FreshForex broker

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Success in the forex market is the combination of few factors. A mere good trading does not help anyone to make profit here. Along with good strategy, you need to have good risk management capability. And the most important thing is trading psychology. A trader's trading psychology also should match to his or her trading strategy. I got help from Eurotrader broker's tutorial to develop my money management and trading psychology.

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Trading is emerging as a new method for many millennials, professionals and householders who are considering it as an additional source of revenue. They can meet their priorities and other expenses with the money they earn from the stock market. It is easy to trade when investors are aware of their financial goals and objectives. They can trade on derivatives that can help them achieve their targets.

Many successful traders approach an online stock broker for handling and tracking their profits in an investment. They have different suggestions for strategies based on their client’s investment goals and help them earn high returns.

•    Traders must have enough motivation to become successful
•    They must ensure to receive a fixed sum of income
•    Start with small investments
•    Start with a longer time frame to understand the price structure and action
•    Stick to positional trading
•    Learn from mistakes
•    Design a personalised list of tips to earn profit
•    Learn how to manage risks
•    Do not expect magical returns

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