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Nord FX - The base of your success!

● Full range of services for trading in Forex, gold, silver, cryptocurrencies
● Leverage up to 1:1000
● Trading platforms MetaTader 4, and their mobile applications
● Minimum deposit 10 USD
● Minimum spreads starting at 0 points
● Extremely fast order execution of just 0.5 seconds
● Accounts in USD, Bitcoins and Ethereums

●PAMM accounts

● Investments in shares and crypto portfolios with capital protection up to 100%
● Website in 14 languages
● Extensive training section that includes hundreds of text, graphics and video materials
● Support 24/5
● Two-level partner program, commission $10-12 per lot

Trading platforms:

MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader Mobile, MetaTrader Multiterminal

Trading accounts:

Demo account

Real accounts:

- Fix

- Pro

- Zero

Fix account
•    Trading instruments: 28 currency pairs + 11 cryptopairs + gold + silver + 6 CFD indices
•    Minimal deposit: $10
•    Fixed spread from 2 pips
•    Credited leverage up to 1:1000
•    Quote precision: 4 digits
•    Automated trading is allowed
•    Execution type: instant execution
•    Margin call / Stop-out: 40% / 20%

Pro account
•    Trading instruments: 33 currency pairs + 11 cryptopairs + gold + silver + 6 CFD indices
•    Minimal deposit: $50
•    Dynamic spread from 0.9 pips
•    Credited leverage up to 1:1000
•    Quote precision: 5 digits
•    Automated trading is allowed
•    Execution type: market execution
•    Margin call / Stop-out: 40% / 20%
Zero account
•    Trading instruments: 33 currency pairs + 11 cryptopairs + gold + silver + 6 CFD indices
•    Minimal deposit: $100
•    Dynamic spread from 0.0 pips
•    Credited leverage up to 1:1000
•    Quote precision: 5 digits
•    Automated trading is allowed
•    Execution type: market execution
•    Margin call / Stop-out: 60% / 40%
•    Commission: 0,0045% per trade (each side)

We have launched new Stocks account designed for CFD trading with the shares of the world's largest companies. At the moment, stocks of 68 companies, including IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Coca-Cola, Mastercard, McDonalds, Microsoft, Volkswagen, UBER, eBay, Alibaba, Deutsche Bank and many others, are offered for trading to traders and investors.

Stocks account
•    Trading instruments: 68 stocks (CFD)
•    Minimal deposit: -
•    Dynamic spread from 2 pips
•    Credited leverage 1:5
•    Quote precision: 2 digits
•    Automated trading is allowed
•    Execution type: Market execution
•    Margin call / Stop-out: 80% / 40%

Islamic (swap free) accounts are available for clients who wants to operate according to Sharia law.

Deposit and withdraw methods: Bank transfer, VISA, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, NETELLER, Payza, PayWeb, Perfect Money, QIWI, FasaPay, Z-Payment and more


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I didn't know the differences with micro account, mini account and standard account in this broker. Thanks for sharing the information so

I knew the difference among them. I think the micro account is the lowest risk but the limitation is too much too. I prefer to use cents account

in InstaForex.

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Company news: March 1, 2011


We are glad to announce a new unique program for our existing clients, called NordFX Shop. There you can exchange «NFX» points for valuable prizes. Points are accumulated by each trader as a result of trade for the transactions.


The program essentially focuses on awarding points to the clients, at a 100 point per lot ratio (10 points per 0.1 lot and 1 point per 0.01 lot respectively). The amount of points accumulated can be seen any time in Trader’s Office. If a trader has several accounts, the total bonus amount for all accounts will be shown, a feature that makes it easier to get a high-value prize sooner. A prize will be shipped worldwide to the address specified at the checkout.


At the launch time several categories of prizes will be made available, ranging from status products to everyday goods. Among others, iPhone 4, iPad, HTC Desire HD, Canon 550D, brand name USB pen-drives, men and women’s accessories with NordFX logo. It’s planned to update and expand the range of goods available on a periodic basis, based on traders’ feedback.


We hope NordFX Shop will please and reward traders while making their cooperation with NordFX a productive and enjoyable experience, even more so than it is now. All you have to do is to sign in to Trader’s Office at the website, confirm your agreement with the Rules of Participation and start accumulating «NFX» points. We wish our traders a successful trading and welcome to take part in NordFX new promo!

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Are they legit broker? How much is the minimum account they are accepting. I am totally new in forex and i only have small capital to start trading. Do they also have platform where can make things easily. Thank for answer and sorry for many question.


Yeah, this is a highly recommended broker. They have a really fast payout speed and offer incentives. It is really okay that you have only small capital. You can start a micro account, the minimum deposit of which is merely 5 dollars. You can just play with it and learn. You may also want to open a practice account. I hope this helps and happy forex trading.

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Hi everyone. Nordfx is one of the best brokers i have seen so i highly recommend this one. It is known for its prompt payments and some good incentives such as the nordfx shop. This in fact is equivalent to a deduction of spreads.


They might be amongst one of the best brokers but I found it worthless. The reason for me to say nordfx worthless is due to the fact that they have a minimum deposit amount of $5 while there are several brokers offering deposits from $1. Another reason is that they charge its members with a first time withdrawal fees while there are other brokers while do not charge any of such fees.

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The rebate program looks unattractive to me. I have known

nordfx for some time and not sure

how long they have been here.Please choose which you prefer.

Hope you enjoy.It's not only its bonuses but also the reputation of InstaForex is better than this broker.There are many websites which has cooperation with InstaForex, InstaForex gave some offers to trade in their broker site in some contests.

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NordFX continues to provide

premium services to its customers,

making them better and more

affordable for the different groups of traders.I'm a ptc type of person but I would consider trying if someone posts proof of good returns.An individual has to remain abreast with the latest news of the global markets , understand the Technical analysis quite deeply ,think & act fast .

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NordFX is pleased to announce the start of a joint promotion with the payment system NETELLER – “55% Bonus.” Receive up to $4,400 on your deposit and experience a new level of trading! The promotion is running from 8 July up to and including 8 August 2013.

How to receive the bonus?


1. Register an account at NordFX or use an existing one.

2. Deposit $500 – $8,000 or more into your NordFX account via NETELLER.

3. Get a bonus up to $4,400 on the deposit and enjoy your trading!

The promotion has been developed for “Micro” and “Standard” MT4 accounts. The bonus becomes available after account registration and verification and is designated for trading.


Make the best of the opportunity to boost your deposit now!


For the rules and details please visit the “55% Bonus” promotion page:



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Forex Affiliate Program by NordFX


Start your internet business with the professional partner!!!


NordFX Affiliate Program


Neither start-up capital nor special Forex market preparation is required. All you need is your desire to build and develop your own business!


Our affiliate program is very simple and effective. You attract the clients and obtain commission from their trading activity.


We offer you 30% of spread of every transaction of your client!



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Dear Customers!


In line with its vision for advancing globally and constantly improving the quality of service, NordFX is pleased to announce the opening of a new representative office in Kyiv (Ukraine). Its aim is to provide our Ukrainian customers with efficient and quality services.


The doors are open for all interested in learning about Forex and exchange trade. You’ll always be welcome at the NordFX Kyiv office and receive as thorough consultations as possible in regard to various nuances of trading on international financial markets. And this is not all – here you can attend a free introductory seminar about the Forex market and NordFX products, get basic training and sign up for master classes.


The representative office is open from 10 am till 7 pm local time, Monday through Friday. It’s also possible to make a personal appointment with a company manager on prior notice. For our contact information please visit:




You are very welcome at our new office!

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Dear Customers,


NordFX cancels all commissions for funds withdrawals via the payment system NETELLER!


Now operations with a trading account become easier and more profitable. Just as you deposit into your NordFX account via NETELLER without fees, you also get the chance to withdraw funds via NETELLER at zero cost.


We’re happy to provide our clients with an even more convenient and efficient way to work with their accounts. Make the best of the new opportunity to withdraw funds via NETELLER free of charge!

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Dear customers! From October 7th NordFx will be changing some of our trading terms.


1) Micro and Welcome! accounts will have changes in the size of fixed spreads:


2) Due to the extremely low demand on standard accounts (and, where applicable, MT-ECN) we stop supporting the following currency pairs USDSGD, AUDSGD, NZDSGD, USDHKD, SEKJPY, USDMXN, USDDKK, CHFNOK, CHFSEK. From October 7th, they will be available on-Close Only terms, and before the closing of the market on October 11th all the remaining positions will be manually closed at market price. This will help reduce the load on our servers and focus technical resources on those currency pairs that are actually demanded by our customers.

3) The commission for MT-ECN accounts will be reduced from $7 to $5 for 1 lot (from $5 to $3.5 on a turnover in the account above 900 lots per month).

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NordFX further expands its range of payment systems. Now Elecsnet and HandyBank, an Internet banking system, are at your disposal and will allow for an easy transfer of money to your trading account.

Funds deposits become even faster and handier also due to the fact that you don’t have to register a wallet in a payment system to use Elecsnet. All you need to do is find one of many Elecsnet payment terminals in your city and deposit money into our HandyBank account. Deposit details and a step-by-step instruction are provided in the Trader’s Cabinet where you can simply select “Elecsnet and HandyBank” as a funding method.

Elecsnet is a leading Russian company that makes possible round-the-clock instant payments for goods and services as well as fast money transfers. The company has about 3,700 terminals in 49 regions of Russia and keeps enlarging its geographic reach.

We are confident that our partnership with Elecsnet and HandyBank will help you manage your trading account with greater ease and convenience.


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NordFX is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the mobile platform MetaTrader 5 iOS. The new application contains revised charts and market depth, updated chat as well as “News” and “Mailbox” tabs, so important to traders. The number of timeframes has been increased – weekly and monthly time intervals are now available.

Using charts in the mobile application is much easier now. Rendering has become faster, inertial scrolling and more scaling steps have been added. The chart color scheme can be changed by the user from now on. In addition, the Quick Edit mode has been introduced. It allows traders to re-size, move and delete indicator windows directly from a chart. To enter the mode, press and hold the tap on the chart.

The chat in MetaTrader 5 iOS has also undergone some significant changes. Messages can now contain up to 1000 characters, and the login auto-complete function when searching for a contact has been added. Also, it is now possible to register and log into MQL5.com directly from the mobile application.

Besides, the new version for iPad has been developed. It provides the entire functionality of the iPhone application and some additional features to boot:

Displaying up to four charts with individual settings
Various options for arranging chart windows
Handy Toolbox window with adjustable height to display orders, trade history, emails, news and the journal
One click trading from the chart
Quick navigation to the Close and Modification dialogs by tapping a position or an order.

The chat and social features of MetaTrader 4 iOS have also been upgraded. Now the mobile platform has the About section which allows you to manage sound alerts, news and the screen auto-lock mode. Besides, when switching timeframes, the chart will be shifted to the latest quote.

The new MetaTrader 5 iOS for iPhone or iPad can be downloaded directly from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/metatrader-5/id413251709?mt=8

The latest MetaTrader 4 iOS is available at: http://itunes.apple.com/en/app/metatrader-4/id496212596?mt=8

We trust that the improved functionality of the mobile platforms will make your trading more efficient, handy and enjoyable.


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