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  1. Hello. I am offering 5% cashback on your deposit at Uinvest. The referral link is https://uinvest.com.ua/?amigosid=3442 . To see a brief intro of Uinvest, see here. http://www.digitalmoneytalk.com/topic/15138-uinvest-uinvestcomua/
  2. UInvest is a legally registered online investment company. It allows investors to invest money in real businesses. The monthly return is over 10%. Users can also trade shares that they have with other users, just like in the stock market. It has offfice in Beverly Hill, Los Angeles, and is listed in the business directory of California Department of State. (To check it out, just go to http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/ and select "corporation name" and search for "uinvest") Sign up here. https://uinvest.com.ua/?amigosid=3442
  3. You have received a payment to your account Date: 2011-22-07 00:21:18 Batch: 66036406 From Account: U2429999 Amount: $2.41 Memo: Withdraw to user chineseairhead Thank you.
  4. You have received a payment to your account Date: 2011-22-07 00:20:21 Batch: 66036353 From Account: U0926674 Amount: $1.26 Memo: Withdraw to chineseairhead from winterest.biz Thank you.
  5. Is it really going to take 5 days? I have just sent in money from my HD-Money to transfer to Libertyreserve. I am happy with the low exchange fee but I don't really enjoy the prolonged processing time. Let's just hope it will not take that long. I think I'll be okay with 2-3 days.
  6. I just invested $1.20 in Winterest, choosing the 105% after 1 day plan, of course. I have noticed that the profit rate is a little bit higher than normal so I am reluctant to choosing longer terms. According to the stats provided by Winterest, the total withdrawal is about the half of total deposit and there are still members signing up. I don't think it is going to turn scam that soon.
  7. You have received a payment to your account Date: 2011-21-07 00:18:58 Batch: 65948703 From Account: U2429999 Amount: $0.16 Memo: Withdraw to user chineseairhead Thank you.
  8. You have received a payment to your account Date: 2011-20-07 08:58:30 Batch: 65887311 From Account: U0752451 Amount: $1.04 Memo: Withdraw to chineseairhead from zealandinvestment.com THan you admin!
  9. Date: 2011-19-07 01:31:04 Batch: 65785015 From Account: U2429999 Amount: $0.08 Memo: Withdraw to user chineseairhead Thank you admin.
  10. There have been HYIP sites turning into scam all of a sudden, when they seemed really healthy. It is up to the admin of the HYIP program to decide when it's the right time to quit. We should never count on the stability of any HYIP program. And diversifying your investment is really important. Do not get lured by sites that look really nice
  11. I have just registered with Lot of Talks. Does that seem a little bit late? I am astonished by the post rate there. They seem to offer high rate for GPT discussion than for Forex discussion, which is difference from the situation here at Digital Money Talk. I will try as hard as I can to reach the $3.00 minimum payout amount. I think I can do that by focusing on PTC section.
  12. I like the form of human verification at Clixsure. Instead of doing a simple math problem or click a matching number, they ask you to drag a stuff to a circle, including pencil, heart, scissors, and so on. There are a lot of advertisements worth $0.007 daily. It really seems a legit site.
  13. @ Nagilover I saw that as well and thus I opened that website. Now where is the "+1"? I cannot find it. There are no places for me to vote for something either. How's that possible? And how are they going to know which member has voted? There doesn't seem to be somewhere that allow Laxmibux members to log in either.
  14. After five days of advertisement clicking, I hit the 20 cent threshold and requested payout yesterday. They claim that all payouts are processed within 24 hours. So I just wait for it. The time I requested payout was "Yesterday 11:35", according the server time. And the current server time is "13:15". I think it has been already 26 hours. Let us wait to see what happens.
  15. Hello guys I'm back. Since it is weekend now and there is nothing really to do with forex training, I would explain a little bit of my method. The steps are describle below: I am thinking of adding something new to it. I have attempted pending orders. Once the price moves 50 pips. The pending order opens a hedge and at the same time the profit is fixed as well, applying a T/P.
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