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  1. PTC Monitor Site

    check latest payout here :


  2. Sell 50,000+ email list for email marketing, right send the file away after you transfer the money, price at $15 I can manage your sites to get more traffic as well visit my blog : https://earn1perdayeasily.blogspot.com https://trajectory-ontology.blogspot.com
  3. risk valuation following what we are try to decide into, when we are settle to raise what we are could possibly take, we define that confidence lead us to raise value at risk (VAR). we has good trading system. while if we are tried to take calm and slow, meant that we risking small. we don't raise losing number since we don't much believe that probability, make us to be good at.
  4. don't find path at a glance, since you'll never see that easy. cumulative practice, will give you meant and erase what you are worry about. simple way to manage your trading is to keep to raise your experience.
  5. confirm, no longer work. just check the site. anyway, long time no login digitalmoneytalk, and I miss lots of think look like... so, hi everyone...hi hoori... just wanna say hello
  6. 75% per day and it make total profit become 150%. 50% is a huge amount if it within 2 days. keep stay away but if willing to make invest, make sure that it stand small. do not wasting huge amount of money if the goal is just to perform trial and error.
  7. realistic profit rate offered. long period of invest plan and the money will be lock within 50 days. if willing to get huge daily profit, we should spend big amount of capital to invest. but if worry with the reliability, we can spend small only.
  8. good to see that hyip paying. some of hyip monitor site involve to invest and monitoring. get lots of support and it enabling hyip to last for long. however, remain careful critical. will be better if we spend minimum amount only to avoid bigger lose money, just in case if hyip decide to scam.
  9. last payment proof posted already. we assume that hyip paying still. site protected by ddos and ssl protection and it make login and transaction activities secure for sure. principal include and it make total profit small only. it reasonable and safe.
  10. make good progress and lots of payment proof available. though actually, does not sure with the reliability. it due to that hyip offering huge profits even after a single day. we can make deposit or start invest but make sure that we won't stay for long period of time.
  11. unfortunately the forum does not pay anymore. I've enjoy many times of payment though use to withdraw, and not to trading. mayzus start to grow I guess and promotion time over already. we won't see that fxfred will pay us anymore, for active posting.
  12. old forum and does not sure that it active still. anyway, there are many of forums shut down recently, and it caused by lack of activities. forums get no sponsor and no cost anymore for maintain or to pay those active posters.
  13. you should tried to use VPN access, or tried different IP address to login on the forum. if it does not work still, you should patient. I've experience the same thing as well, and nothing else we can do, I guess.
  14. this is skills based business and patient is one of required skills. we should able to measuring the timing and entry at the right time. strategies plays critical role and we should has the proven one. as a guidelines which enabling us to point out momentum and where or when it'll exhaust potentially.
  15. when we are has simple strategy, mean that we won't doing over analysis. has method which enabling us to read market at a glance. however, when we are has no good trading skills and even proven strategy, better if we are keep to perform research and observation.
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