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  1. Hello guys, I have been using Tenkofx for some times now. I usually scalp alot and this has been profitable. However, it requires opening more than 10 trades per day. I got a job and I think I need to change trading strategy. I want to open long trades. What strategy would you suggest?
  2. Scalping is no doubt one of the most lucrative form of trading. But to succeed as a scalper you need the right conditions. Some of the conditions I know to be favorable to scalpers are, low spreads, fast orders, high leverage and little or no slippage. These are the conditions available at Tenkofx mt4 platform. What other trading conditions do you need to start scalping the market.
  3. Hello, it is a pleasure to talk about this broker that I have been using since 2015. Tenkofx has been rock solid till date, especially for news trading, highly profitable. Is anyone else using this amazing broker? Lets talk
  4. When looking for a broker as a newbie, stay away from brokers that are just starting out. Such brokers are out to make money desperately to keep up with maintenance fees. So they might even make you lose your money or may hunt your stop loss every time. They might even cancel your profits with excuses. So be very careful. Make sure the broker you use has been around for at least 5 years with good reputation. Tenkofx broker has been existing for 9 years and still able to maintain a good reputation. They offer high leverage, low spread for scalping. This is an ECN/NDD broker. This is my broker and this is my advice to your all. I also know about Oanda, been around for more than 8 years and still not bad, although they have declined in quality but still good broker to use. use the old brokers.
  5. What you wanted to say is that experience does not happen in one day. You need to trade Forex for at least 10 years to have expert experience.
  6. There is no real signal service on telegram, let alone best one. All are scam channels. Don't bother. The real signal service has websites and gives you alert through email or phone number.
  7. Introducing Hurricane Blog Hurricane Fact is an online resource for finding latest information about hurricanes. I and my colleagues have been working hard to gather useful facts about hurricanes and put them all in one page. Hurricane Season in the Caribbean
  8. I suggest after being skillful with a demo or micro account, one can actually use higher amount to trader. It is better when you have a huge capital if you are a long term trader. It will help you sustain your trades. Tenkofx offers $10 minimum deposit. You can open a micro account to use that $10 and see if you can succeed with it, trading in cents.
  9. Hello, I have a blog with USA organic traffic. I want to sell ad spaces. If you are ready to buy for cheap prices, email me at tradersguide4 @ gmail.com
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