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  1. Have you heard all the talk about “Super Simple Bot”? Do a quick Google search to see why people from all over the world can’t say enough about this new product that helps you make money online.
  2. The game is very good and interesting. But problem is the rate is very low. You have to spend you whole day to earn some little cents. And its not sure whether they are paying or scam. Its better not to waste your valuable time here.
  3. Show us your payment proof then we will think about it
  4. Captcha entry is the most boring and time wasting job. You will work whole night and when you will check your account you will see you got maximum $0.6. So don't waste your time by doing this. Try other ways to earn money.
  5. Earn $0.005 - $0.01 per click Earn 50% per referral click No Minimum Cashout Accept Payza, Paypal, Egopay, PM, Payeer Join, Click and get instant payment Earn from home Guaranteed ads daily Detailed statistics Join Here: Ulimate-Bux
  6. I tried this but they didn't pay me. Its just a scam site. I advice people not to waste your time by working on the scam site. Don't be greedy. Work on other little paying sites. Most of little paying sites are legit and they always pay.
  7. U will never earn more than 0.00000225 per hour. so just get rid of this horrible site.
  8. This forum pays high. But it is inactive. You can't earn a lot of money with this forum. So don't waste time with this. Maybe this site is scam. So be aware of it
  9. It is highly a scam site. It will just waste your time. I worked here and waiting for my payment from last month. So it is not paying anymore.
  10. But this site has turned into scam. I requested my payout last month and I didn't receive any money. So get away from this site. It is not paying anymore.
  11. It is very difficult to earn money from here because the process is very slow. You should avoid this site. it will just waste your time. And you will not be able to withdraw money from here. So, dont waste your time.
  12. Most of people say that you need a big capital to be a successful trader. But some people say If you are ambitious you can be successful with a little capital. So my question to every successful trader, How much money did you invest when you first started you trading?? Please reply and let us know.
  13. Legit site. I already got my first payment. Received Payment 11.00 USD from account U6436778 to account U9658734 account. Batch: 52161490
  14. Did you watched the korean movie oldboy?? If you didn't you missed such a master piece. It is one of the best revenge and mystery-thriller film. After watching this movie you will know that is revenge and how horrible it could be. So, if you didn't watch this, watch as soon as possible.
  15. Your link does not working. Maybe this site already turned into scam. Thats why I never work this kind of site. Because it waste a lot of time and then you will get nothing...
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