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  1. I know that many employers face difficulties when they need to calculate an employee's salary, deduct taxes and pay them. I know that there are special tools that can help you with this. For example, I found algas kalkulators, which was created taking into account all the rules and laws of Latvia regarding wages. You can use it for free. I think these online tools make business management easier.
  2. If you are looking for a way to avoid buying expensive apps from the Amazon store or not wasting money on expensive subscriptions, but continue to use this brand's streaming device, then you need to install VPN on FireStick and use third-party apps. But you should be careful about this. To find good and legal free streaming applications, I advise you to look for lists of such sites and developers on trust portals, for example, in this post https://www.firesticktricks.com/amazon-fire-stick-apps.html is a description of many of them. This will help you save your money and not get problems with the OS of your device.
  3. I also had problems converting videos to another extension. I wanted to change the quality of the video, but I couldn't do it with the help of a free online converter. I think that I just didn't figure out how to work with such software.
  4. I'm sorry you smashed your new iPhone. I'm sure you can get it repaired. To reduce the likelihood of a new breakdown, I would advise you to buy a high-quality and reliable cover. If you are wondering what covers really well protect the phone screen when falling due to the so-called bumper, then here you can find out more about it. I changed the touchscreen on my iPhone 10 several times, and only after purchasing such a phone case and a protective film on the screen of my device, I was able to completely get rid of the problems with a broken screen and scratches on the back cover.
  5. How can I quickly register my new company in Singapore?
  6. Someone here is into golf? I enjoy watching golf championships, but I don't know how to play this sports game.
  7. Which lottery brands are legal in Spain?
  8. I"m interested in forecasts of the profitability of new companies. I don't have a lot of savings, but I want to invest my money in a penny stock. How can I invest my money wisely and what will help me reduce the risk of losing money?
  9. I'm also looking for help writing my college assignment. I'm looking for a good website that students use to get online help. It would be cool to find something with informative articles.
  10. Have you thought about retirement? Let's say you are the owner of a successful online store and at some point you realize that you have enough online business, that you love gardening and want to spend time with your wife / children / grandchildren. What will you do about it?
  11. I am looking for my first job. I don't have any specialization, but I know English and German well, I can work with different computer programs and am ready to learn new things. What prospects do I have?
  12. Where can I find money for my startup? I have very interesting idea for profitable business. I think that this may interest some investor, but I don't know where to look for them.
  13. Yes, but unfortunately it takes a very long time. I spend several hours a day answering some questions from my customers every day. Plus, I have to always be in touch, even during family dinner, so it's not as easy as it sounds.
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