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  1. Yes, I think this is a great design decision. I really like what the sun room looks like in the photographs. I also think about doing something similar (if it's real) in my house. I already know a company that is professionally engaged in the construction of such rooms, here https://lookingglassluxe.com/ is their website. Look at examples of their work on their website, it really looks cool.
  2. If you want to create your site quickly, then I advise you to use Magento2. There are many good templates and themes. Platforms such as magento are also more popular, so there are a lot of extensions on them that will help you make your business more successful and help increase your sales, for example, with the help of this extension https://www.mageworx.com/magento-2-store-locator-and-pickup.html on your site visitors will see what your stores are nearby and where they can see and pick up the goods. This will help resolve the issue with fast delivery and help you save money.
  3. If you want your zip files to be protected, then you really need to learn how to set a password for zip files. This article https://osxtips.net/password-protect-zip-file-mac/ has a step-by-step instruction with pictures, I think it will be useful for you.
  4. You need to convert files with the extension .page to files with the extension .doc .You can learn how to do this quickly and without problems from this article https://osxtips.net/open-pages-in-windows/ . I know that many users who don't know how to work in both operating systems often have such problems, so there are many portals on the Internet that help fix such problems.
  5. I urgently need the help of a locksmith. My front door is locked. I can’t open my door lock.
  6. I want to make a small office for work, because it is difficult for me to work from home. I plan to make an office with an annex in the backyard, but I need good furniture for this.
  7. I know that there are many portals on which you will find a lot of information about Apex Legends. I like this portal https://apexstat.net/wiki/legends for example. There are many articles on Apex Legends on this site. There you can find information about weapons, about characters, about tasks.
  8. You can ask the people who play Apex Legends, but I know that the statistics don't lie. On this portal https://apexstat.net/leaderboards you can find a list of top players with their results and achievements. It seems to me that this should help you understand who is the best player in this game.
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    When I needed a repair of my sliding door (it was a couple of months ago, my door closed and I could no longer open it, I returned home at 12 at night and I can’t get home, it really scared me), I found this company https://24hr-sliding-door-repair.com/ on the Internet , they arrived very quickly and solved this problem. I don't know their price is considered high or low, but I believe that they very quickly and inexpensively solved my problem.
  10. When I just started using the MacBook, I had a lot of questions how to do this or that action, which I easily did on my PC. I found one portal on the Internet where there is a lot of useful information for new Mac OS users, here I found an article https://osxtips.net/how-to-select-multiple-files-on-mac/ where there is an explanation of how to do what you need. It seems to me that this article has a very accessible explanation.
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    I don't think that riding a scooter is more dangerous than a bicycle.
  12. Rehho

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    In Greece it's quite difficult without a vehicle, rent a scooter or a car when you are already there. From the airport you can take a taxi, I would advise you to book it in advance, for example here https://www.hellenictaxi.com/ . Also you can see the schedule of buses on the Internet, but this isn't the most comfortable way to get to the hotel, especially after the flight.
  13. What do you think about blockchain conference London? I am impressed how blockchain techs that used to be popular only with youtube "rich boys" are getting the subject of interest of serious business players. I guess it's the sphere of money-making that's still young and you can get the advantage of it if you are smart and quick enough. And that's why the existense of such conferences won't be surprising in the nearest future.
  14. Rehho

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    Yes, I am a woman and I totally believe watching porn
  15. I also like to play flash games
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