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  1. Yes, it seems to me that now there are many different ways to make money online. Even with the help of online games you can get extra money.
  2. Albert Einstein said that it's impossible to find a winning strategy in gambling if casino is honest. I think that the point in gambling is to try your luck, to feel the pleasure of winning, but not to turn it into mathematical calculations. But I advise you to choose a casino that doesn't cheat in games, I know that the netent (company that developing software for the online gambling) has a good reputation, so I choose casinos from this list https://www.casinomaster.com/game-providers/netent/ that don't use fraudulent software. I advise you to make sure that the casino plays honestly.
  3. How to choose a good company to move?
  4. I plan to move in late May and I need help with this. I need good movers for furniture. It would also be nice to find a van for transporting furniture. Any tips?
  5. When is the best time to invest in real estate?
  6. It's very difficult to give advice if you don't see what exactly the problem is. I wouldn't advise you to try to get the key by your own, it seems to me that it will be more correct to turn to specialists. On the Internet you can find many different offers, for example, here https://topdoors.ca/commercial-door-repair/ is one of them. These guys can really help you if you have a problem with the office door.
  7. I also liked to play LoL, but now I have too little time to pump the character to a high level and playing from the beginning isn't too interesting for me.
  8. If you are looking for a really good company that offers services for the installation of glass partitions, then I can advise you to visit this site http://krystalglasspartitions.com/ . I ordered a glass partition for the house from them, but I saw in their portfolio that they were doing this work for offices as well as for home. I liked that they work efficiently and at a good price. You can call them for a free consultation.
  9. I love traveling and don't like saving money on travels. This is my vacation and it should be unforgettable!
  10. I know how hard it's to find a good crypto wallet. My main problem was to find a crypto wallet with a simple and convenient interface, so that a beginner could also easily use it. Looking at reviews on the Internet, I found this wallet https://oldetherwallet.com/ and for several years now I have been using it. I liked the fact that registration is really messed up here, my key isn't stored on their server, which increases the security of my wallet and my ETH. If you are really looking for a simple and functional wallet, then I advise you to visit their website and read what they offer.
  11. As far as I know, cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, is starting to rise in value again. I looked at several exchanges and the price is much higher than in the middle of this year. I think that this isn't the maximum price of bitcoin and it will continue to grow, but I know that several of my friends have already exchanged bitcoins for up to dollars, they used the online exchanger https://hiribi.com/ , this is very convenient, since it doesn't take much time after verification, In addition, this exchanger has high rates, so exchanging bitcoins for dollars was very profitable for my friends. I know that now many people want to invest their money in cryptocurrency, but I think that you need to study this investment area more carefully.
  12. Rehho

    I need advice

    I like to organize various events. It all started with home parties, then I helped organize a party for the wedding anniversary of my friends, and now I'm planning my sister's wedding. I know that first of all you need to determine the budget of the party. I also advise you to take care of snacks, a drink or arrange a catering service with your local cafe. You need to think about entertainment. Invite local bands to play or you can have a movie night. Here https://videowallnyc.com/ you can find all the necessary equipment for this. It seems to me that this will be a good party and the main thing that will be interesting.
  13. Yes, I think this is a great design decision. I really like what the sun room looks like in the photographs. I also think about doing something similar (if it's real) in my house. I already know a company that is professionally engaged in the construction of such rooms, here https://lookingglassluxe.com/ is their website. Look at examples of their work on their website, it really looks cool.
  14. If you want to create your site quickly, then I advise you to use Magento2. There are many good templates and themes. Platforms such as magento are also more popular, so there are a lot of extensions on them that will help you make your business more successful and help increase your sales, for example, with the help of this extension https://www.mageworx.com/magento-2-store-locator-and-pickup.html on your site visitors will see what your stores are nearby and where they can see and pick up the goods. This will help resolve the issue with fast delivery and help you save money.
  15. If you want your zip files to be protected, then you really need to learn how to set a password for zip files. This article https://osxtips.net/password-protect-zip-file-mac/ has a step-by-step instruction with pictures, I think it will be useful for you.
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