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  1. I really like traveling and always buy tickets in advance, I"m also looking for hotels with a good reputation, but not very popular. This helps save money.
  2. I also wonder how to choose a good crypto wallet. Thank you, this is a useful topic.
  3. Yes, an online business is very convenient, as it allows you to work from home or from anywhere in the world. You can often save on renting premises, you don't need to hire a lot of employees, you can use ready-made business solutions for online businesses, for example, here https://www.savvycube.com/ecommerce-dashboard you can read more. This can save you time and money, it's also more accurate analytics, because it eliminates the effect of human error. It also helps streamline the workflow. In an offline business, this is a little more complicated.
  4. You have a very interesting website, but as for me, there aren't enough several applications and extensions that can make your site better and more convenient for visitors. I just saw similar sites with more convenient navigation. I know that many novice website owners save money on this, but if you look for good offers, such as this coupon code https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/magento-coupons/mirasvit-coupon.html , you can make your site better by spending very little money.
  5. Once I tried free hosting and it was terrible, because they had overloaded old servers, I often lost access to my site. This is very bad for business, so I decided to look for a good hosting company at an affordable price. I found this hosting provider https://justvps.com/ . They have good prices and modern hardware, and they also offer help in setting everything up if you suddenly have any problems with this. I really enjoyed working with them, for all the time that I have been their client (since 2018), I have never noticed a reaction to my ticket for more than 30 minutes. It's really very fast.
  6. This is a very unpleasant situation. Once in my life I encountered this problem. I urgently needed the help of a locksmith. I found this site https://door-repair-toronto.ca on the Internet. I noticed a lot of good reviews about them on the Internet. I realized that this company really cares about its reputation. A locksmith came to me very quickly and really did a good job. I recommend you contact them because they really offer a good service.
  7. Zelna

    I need advice

    Congratulations, the steam cleaner is a great purchase! It really helps me to clean much faster and it saves time. I know that laminate flooring is a very durable material, but you need to properly care for it. On this portal https://bestcleaneradviser.com I saw an article on this topic. There is also information about which detergents it's better to choose for the laminate, about which vacuum cleaner to choose or which mop will not leave scratches on the laminate. I think that you will find many tips on which mode to choose for which flooring.
  8. Need high anonymity? Come here, here is the fastest proxy server https://advanced.name/cid/u9
  9. Yes, walking is really good for health, but you need to walk at least 2-3 hours a day.
  10. Are you interested in esport? I love FIFA, I even like to watch competitions. I like that you can look for professional players)
  11. Zelna

    Need advice

    When I was 16 I had a scooter. I really loved Vespa, I drived the scooter for a long time and only in the first year of college I bought my first motorbike. For me it is now easier to drive a bike than a car. If you follow the rules of the road and do not exceed the speed, then the chance to get into an accident is the same as on the car. Motorcyclists use high-quality equipment in order to be safer. I wear a jacket, helmet and knee pads every time I drive my motorcycle. I know that a good outfit is very important, so I read a lot of reviews in and on the Internet, for example, here https://bestmotoproducts.com/best-motorcycle-jackets/ . I believe that if you explain to your son how important it's to observe personal safety on a scooter or a motorcycle, then you can be calm about his health and wellness.
  12. I need cheap insurance. How do I find the best offer in my area?
  13. I know that many people use social networks to promote their business.
  14. I know that it's now popular to promote accounts on social networks. I want to promote my account in instagram. I tried to do it alone, but I didn't succeed. I found on the Internet Instagram consulting for more followers . Someone used similar applications? I like that with the help of the application I can automatically subscribe to new people with common interests. There are filters. Do you think this will help?
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