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  1. I can't say that I'm a fan of this water sport, but I'm definitely interested in sports news and couldn't help but read articles on the Internet about Dmitry Rybovlev and his superyacht, on which he won the Regatta near the Channel. This is a truly unique yacht that can develop incredibly high speed for a watercraft.
  2. Which companies provide legal payment cards for their online banking systems?
  3. Yes, what you really need to do is check your equipment. I know that very often with the release of new updates, my network settings disappear and I get factory settings, which aren't quite compatible with each other. To quickly fix this, I usually use this test speaker service. I found a lot of really useful checkers on this portal and I think that they can be useful to you too.
  4. I can tell you even more. Most likely you won't be able to create a good website if you don't understand it. I recently read an article on one of the trust portals, here is the link https://blog.griddynamics.com/using-next-js-image-component-to-improve-your-websites-performance/ . In this article, you can learn about Next.js Image, which started to be used not so long ago in web design, but which proved to be more suitable for this than the standard jpeg files. I think that not every graphic designer figured out how to work with these elements, so a beginner will definitely lose in this.
  5. If you have a choice to help a teenager realize himself or not, then it would be right to help him after all. I think that with the help of modern technologies and ready-to-use templates in graphic design, it will not take much time for you to prepare everything you need to print a magazine. You can take one of the ready-made mockups on this portal https://www.ls.graphics/free-mockups/magazine-mockup as an example and use this template to make a magazine mockup for printing. It can also save you money on graphic design services, or even save money on this service if you are using home / office equipment to print the magazine.
  6. I think golf is a good and safe sport for children to play. I'm sure that if you find another coach for your son, he will be able to captivate the boy with this game. I also didn't understand why people like it before, until I learned the rules of the game and tried to play golf on a real court. By the way, during the lockdown I found a way to keep my training with the pro golfer, which helps me to improve my technique. I found an online golf college and to be honest, the performance of my online and offline classes isn't very different.
  7. Unfortunately, many free converters for changing the extension of video files are of low quality, so many users on the Internet have similar problems. If you are sure that everything is fine with your file, then you should try using another conversion program. For example, in this article https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/capture-vhs.html you can find a detailed description of the video conversion process (if you think you have made a mistake somewhere) and a description of free online programs that will allow you to quickly and easily change the extension of the multimedia file that you need.
  8. If you want to create a legal company in the shortest possible time, then you can't do without the services of local consulting companies. Search the internet for more information and you will find many reviews of the Singapore company incorporation services offered by similar companies. I read a lot about this on the Internet and it seems to me the most convenient and effective solution to the problem of registering a business in any country. https://www.3ecpa.com.sg/services/company-setup/singapore-company-incorporation-services/
  9. In order not to have such problems and not to lose your money due to fraud, you need to choose trust sites that have a good reputation. I know that many gambling portals have reviews of sites like betflik. Here you can find many interesting new slot games and old ones that you might remember from a live casino. Also, sites like this have a really high degree of protection, so you don't need to worry about the fact that scammers can steal your personal data. When you play games for money on legal sites, you greatly reduce the risk of getting scammed or having problems with casino deposit or withdrawal of money to the card.
  10. There is really a lot of information about this on the Internet, but in order not to get into a scam, I advise you at first to read the guides for newbies in investing from more experienced and successful traders, for example, in Rodolfo Tello's book How to Invest in Stocks: A Beginner's Guide to Making Money and Managing Risk in the Stock Market, you will learn about the stock market basics and understand how to distinguish a profitable offer and avoid losing money due to high-risk investments.
  11. I have never bought a ticket to the lottery in Spain, but I'm sure that it's now possible to do it online. It doesn't take long, but it increases the risk of being scammed, so you really need to be careful before buying anything online. I advise you to read about the top 3 Spanish lotteries. These are the most famous and legal lotto brands in Spain that have a good reputation and are guaranteed to pay you all your money if you become a winner.
  12. Firstly, you need to become a registered seller on the Amazon dropship platform, secondly, you need a product that is interesting to potential buyers, and thirdly, you need to do your work well and honestly. So you will get good reviews from customers and your reputation will be an advertisement for your business. To sell goods on Amazon more convenient and faster, I can recommend you software from good developers. On the sageseller website you can find a description of their products and what useful functions these extensions can perform for the seller.
  13. Since I started investing with a capital of $ 250, my only investment option was to buy a penny of shares in companies that are at risk of bankruptcy or start-ups. I read a lot of information such as OTC:SUIC, for example, which helped me figure out how to reduce the risk of losing my money and how to understand my chances of making a profit if I buy shares in a company for a penny. I think that penny stock can be useful for those new to trading or for investors with a small amount of money. https://stockaholics.net/threads/suic-target-is-10-according-primus-investment-research.11745/
  14. I don't like casino games, but I can't deny myself buying a couple of lotto tickets. I often meet people who don't know how to try their luck at the lottery. Does anyone here have some simple instructions on how to play lottery correctly?
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