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  1. Yes, promoting your business account on social networks is of great importance in order to increase sales and attract more new visitors to your site. Most people now use social networks every day. Just think about how many people from your target audience you can lose if you don't use social networks? Now there are a lot of different tools that can help you in promoting your account, for example, here https://smoservice.net/instagram/instagram-likes/ you can get an Instagram like under your post and this will help you interest people and get new followers. You can also hire a specialist for SMM promotion, but if you are just starting your business online, then you can try yourself in SMM.
  2. I wish you good luck with this!
  3. I'm also looking for an opportunity to make money while I'm studying. Until lockdown I was a tutor and it brought me a small profit. Now I think that maybe I can find some kind of paid job on the Internet. I read a lot on the Internet about scam when trying to make money, so I need to choose a proven and reliable way to get extra money. My friend recommended that I read more about different ways on the Internet, for example here https://top10-casino.net/fastpay-casino/ . This will help me find official sites where I definitely will not have problems with the withdrawal of money to my bank card. Perhaps someone here has tips on how to make money during quarantine? How to understand that I chose a really good way?
  4. You are a little mistaken. If you just picked a cannabis flower, then you can’t smoke it, you need to dehydrate the plant. There are different ways of how you can do this, here https://www.thelodgecannabis.com/blog/what-is-decarboxylation-why-does-your-weed-need-it/ it's described in more detail. I never grew marijuana, but after legalizing it in Colorado, I went to the cafe shop several times to buy it. I know that there are certain conditions for the cultivation and preparation of cannabis for use, but for me it's too difficult and takes a lot of time, especially since I can buy the variety of marijuana I need that is completely ready to be smoked or added to food.
  5. What social network do you want to use? If you want to create your channel on YouTube, I can advise you to use such tools that help increase the number of subscribers, for example, here https://smoservice.net/youtube/youtube-video-views/ you can read more about this. It seems to me that this is a great way to make more people know about your channel and you can get more target audience on your channel. I know that this will help you get subscribers, but you should also use interesting content and talk about current news so that people don’t unsubscribe from you.
  6. How can I make a short video review for my online store? I need software to create and edit videos.
  7. I know that during the move, very often people are afraid that they can damage their furniture or break something fragile in the box, so I think it's so important to contact professionals. I know that on the site https://expomovers.com/ you will find not only useful tips in the blog about how to organize the move correctly, but also the prices and description of the services of one of the moving companies, which has a good reputation. If you plan to move in or from New York, I advise you to contact to them.
  8. Due to the epidemic of coronavirus, it is now difficult to get an appointment with a doctor. I would advise you to consult your doctor online. You can also search the Internet for painkillers that you can buy without a prescription, I usually read a description of the pills my doctor prescribed for me.
  9. I need to move my furniture from one apartment to another. I live in Auckland, maybe someone can help me?
  10. Investing in real estate can bring big profits, but you need to be sure that this house, apartment or store will be in demand in the real estate market. To do this, I can advise you to read special portals, such as real estate blog. Before investing your money somewhere, I advise you to learn more about this, you can also find out city plans for improving a certain area, I know that this can also affect the price of real estate. https://oceancountyinvestments.com/blog
  11. I completely agree with you that using Shopify apps for online stores will help you simplify the process of managing your online store and make your site more user friendly. Also, such applications can help you increase your sales. I have been using this extension https://apps.shopify.com/advanced-product-options for only a couple of months, but I find it useful for my business. This helps me save time when I need to calculate the cost of an order or need some additional options in the product description.
  12. I love gambling, I play quite often and play in different casinos and I can’t say that I have the best casino, because each casino has its advantages and disadvantages. I like different bonuses at the casino, I read about them in Olivia's Profile, she has a lot of useful information for those who like gambling and want to try new poker rooms or slots, but don’t know which casino you can trust.
  13. If you aren't interested in pumping your smurf first, then I can advise you where to buy smurf accounts LoL. Now on the Internet there are a lot of different offers, but I know one site where there is really a large selection of different accounts, you can buy a smurf with rare skins, cool weapons and armor. It also doesn't take much time, just a couple of minutes and you can start playing. It helped me spend several nights playing my favorite game.
  14. I want to make glass partitions in the office. Where can I go for this?
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