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  1. Due to the epidemic of coronavirus, it is now difficult to get an appointment with a doctor. I would advise you to consult your doctor online. You can also search the Internet for painkillers that you can buy without a prescription, for example, on the Canada Drugs Direct website, I usually read a description of the pills my doctor prescribed for me.
  2. I need to move my furniture from one apartment to another. I live in Auckland, maybe someone can help me?
  3. Investing in real estate can bring big profits, but you need to be sure that this house, apartment or store will be in demand in the real estate market. To do this, I can advise you to read special portals, such as real estate blog. Before investing your money somewhere, I advise you to learn more about this, you can also find out city plans for improving a certain area, I know that this can also affect the price of real estate. https://oceancountyinvestments.com/blog
  4. I completely agree with you that using Shopify apps for online stores will help you simplify the process of managing your online store and make your site more user friendly. Also, such applications can help you increase your sales. I have been using this extension https://apps.shopify.com/advanced-product-options for only a couple of months, but I find it useful for my business. This helps me save time when I need to calculate the cost of an order or need some additional options in the product description.
  5. I love gambling, I play quite often and play in different casinos and I can’t say that I have the best casino, because each casino has its advantages and disadvantages. I like different bonuses at the casino, I read about them in Olivia's Profile, she has a lot of useful information for those who like gambling and want to try new poker rooms or slots, but don’t know which casino you can trust.
  6. If you aren't interested in pumping your smurf first, then I can advise you where to buy smurf accounts LoL. Now on the Internet there are a lot of different offers, but I know one site where there is really a large selection of different accounts, you can buy a smurf with rare skins, cool weapons and armor. It also doesn't take much time, just a couple of minutes and you can start playing. It helped me spend several nights playing my favorite game.
  7. I want to make glass partitions in the office. Where can I go for this?
  8. I prefer a good vacation, but I'm also looking for different ways to save my time on vacation and my money. I really like excursions, basically there are several popular routes in the city, but their prices are different. I'm looking for an interesting and inexpensive option in advance. For example, when I was in Prague I decided to buy a one-hour boat excursion - it's much faster and more convenient than a bus, besides it's at a good price, here https://prahatrip.cz/en/sightseeing-tours/an-hour-long-excursion-around-prague is more info. I also draw up a route in advance, this helps me avoid many expenses for transport. There are also a lot of cafes and restaurants that have recently opened, they have very tasty dishes, but a very small price. You just need to read more about it.
  9. Where to start investing in ETH? Which crypto wallet to choose for a beginner in this?
  10. How to organize a good Thanksgiving party for your neighbors? I want to do a city event and get a lot of people together.
  11. Would you like a sunroom in your home?
  12. How can I opening a .Pages format file in Microsoft Word on Windows?
  13. How to put a password on a zip file on a Mac OS?
  14. If you love traveling, I recommend you read this article https://booksrun.com/blog/how-to-find-cheap-travel-deals-in-2019/ . I think that it will help you find good deals in order to travel comfortably and inexpensively.
  15. Bebera

    I need advice

    I know that not everyone is ready to work effectively at home. It's very difficult to separate work and personal life. It's good that you decided to find a solution and make an office outside the home. If you need high-quality furniture, I advise you to visit this site https://www.sohomod.com/office.html . You will find many different options there, I hope you can choose what suits you.
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