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  1. Not really what i thought it could be like. Site seems to be using unverified proxy anyway. Just visited it through the bit link, but i got message Account Was Suspended. Beside, i don't use any proxy link nor software for changing links. Another part is, how could everybody in the forum be Admin, who is going to monitor the site, when all us there are captains? To me, this forum do not have a future to pay for posting works here.
  2. Displayed Username: Forumtech Amount to request (DMT Points): 600 Payment Method: PM PM ID: U5562418 Thanks and regards, Forumtech.
  3. Well, i must say that Mayur the Admin of DMT has really tried enough to keep this forum running till date. We all started from GT, he took up good challenges to run this forum, since 2010 till date. Helping the Admin earn back advertise, in order to make fast payment, i think we don't really need contacting the Advertisers, rather we do what we make or attract them place Ads with DMT. Good activities with good posts, in relevant sections, will surely make them coming. Again, when we also know why they come to advertise, that we try to invest or trade as well for those that really know forex trading.
  4. I just accessed the forum now and things are much better there like DMT. I think their rate is still in good form. Checked my account also and it's still available which i thought maybe my account must have been deleted because it has been almost a year i never visited the forum. Well, after checking their rates, which still in good rate including the fast loading of the forum, i will return my activity there to start posting again. Though, i wish the Admin makes fast payment as some members complain the payout there is slow from the time of request.
  5. I have check so many times on payment section here, and noticed that there is a lot of pending payments. But, since the Admin Mayur had promised to clear the payments by june or july , i think we all that have requested for payment needs to wait till the Admin comes back. I want to withhold my own request now till the Admin starts making payment.
  6. As they were having their fifth year anniversary, they are now giving some free card to every registered members, including new and old ones. Well, after reading the above post i decided to give them a trial, but after waiting for like 20 mins the promo code has not been sent to my mail because that give you access to the free package during your registration. Maybe the promo is no longer available at the site, even though it boldly written on the site that there is promo going on, but i have noticed they are making selection or that their server is down.
  7. I am so much happy for this increase, because since the decrease of post rate, i lost every urge to continue posting online. But, i may start here again now. Am back Pals here.
  8. Actually,there is no easy way for graphics design. Though it needs patient at most in order to succeed or becoming an expert. Your time devotion is needed too, always seek online with YouTube searches in order to get other examples that could help you in learning graphics design.
  9. I think this site has lasted so long. i would have loved t0 joined this one, but the fact is that it keeps giving me the each time that i tried to join. site shows me a messge, which states that it will offer gain of $1000 free to my account. I want to know is there anyone having same problem like this here.
  10. It's really nice to see that these has paid lots of it's investors. For me, i don't see it's interesting to me. Though am not too familiar with better hyip now since long i never invested online in any hyip site. Maybe i just be watching this but not to join it anyway.
  11. I have tried many times to register to this site but the script keep bouncing back from my side. Really like the automated system and the fact that i don't have to login all the time to withdraw my earnings from the site. seems like they professional poke games players. Anyway, since i can't join here, i will wish all there the best of investment.
  12. Forex is the first online business i wanted to study, even went to many seminars in order to learn forex but to avail. This day i still realize that forex remains the best and easy business you can do online, after i have searched and study lots of online businesses. Anyway, this time i want to give it another try by learning from experts in forum here with demo account. It is a business that never closes ot stop earning online though it is too hard and risky to do.
  13. It seems like this forum is a forex based discussion forum, just like GT is mainly for hyip talks. After i took a little time to explore the site, i found no other discussion but forex talks only. Anyway, am not going to add this one to my list because am not really into forex, so i cannot talk more about it.
  14. Joined to this forum some minutes ago. Their rates are okay to partake in for activity there daily. Beside, i was able to access the site and register as well, which seems to me like they have a good script to manage the forum very well. Still exploring the whole site anyway, to know how activities are going on there.
  15. No how lr could add withdrawal option and even if they do, no how it will be available to all countries around the world. Beside, i don't see why we would want that option in the first place where there's lots of exchangers around, even our local exchangers that will help us get our money to the local bank. So, those withdraw option is okay if i may say, so that people won't be facing money laundary attack online.
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