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  1. I don't know about you guys but I like Shane Watson Robert. This is an amazing combination of charisma and technology. What player did you like this year?
  2. I like baseball too, but why don’t I see any of the hockey fans here? I myself am from Chicago and visiting the matches of our hockey club is in my blood. If I missed a match, the first thing I do the next day is find great post to read in the news of Chicago. There are separate columns on the successes of the Chigacgo Steel. This is my life guys)
  3. I'm sorry to upset you Bonita but sports betting rarely brings luck to ordinary players. In my opinion, bookmakers rarely play by the rules. I prefer to register at an online casino. This gives a more real chance to get extra money. I am talking about even the simplest games, such as online slots. If you want more then you need to start playing poker.
  4. I don’t have so much time for such games, guys. I find it easier to use scr888 play for free. I have the opportunity to play a little on my home computer but most often I do it from the phone. I never thought that I would have so much work that I can only get distracted at an online casino. However, I am glad that I have such a way out. At least I have a good chance of a jackpot here))
  5. I totally disagree with you about sports betting. This is too dependent a system. I realized this after three months of losing. If you want to get more chances to win then go here - https://scr888-download.net/pc-download/ This is the largest Asian online casino I have ever met. There are hundreds of betting games here. It really gives a chance for a major victory.
  6. I was passionate about football at school. My father and I went to watch all the matches of our local football team. Then I grew up and began to bet on the big leagues. You know what? I was very disappointed. Professional football has become like a theater of deception. I turned my back on this and turned my attention to online casinos. This turned out to be more interesting)) I play on this site now - 918kiss-apk.net This is a promising Malaysian online casino with a large number of games of varying difficulty. They play fair here)
  7. AliBrent

    Magic Mike

    It would be nice to see one evening alone. I like it. So I can really appreciate the plot of the film without being distracted by anything else. Does anyone know this is on YouTube?
  8. I have always supported the improvement of working conditions for self-employed workers. The Internet has given us great job opportunities. I read on chicago news that the overall unemployment percentage has declined this year. I think there is great merit in promoting freelance here.
  9. If you plan to engage in stocks, then you should take care of your bookkeeping. Since you will be considered a self-employed person, you will need to either do everything yourself or use specialists. I recommend paying attention to remote accounting, click site. This will give you freedom of action, the main thing isn't to forget to enter new data. You will pay a monthly fee and it will still come out cheaper than a separate accountant or tax fine.
  10. Did you plan to study or use writing services? I can tell you right away that you're just wasting your time. Many teachers use special programs to find plagiarism in student work. You can watch it here. I also studied at the university and I know how hard it is, especially in the first year. But I advise you to use only your strength and check the texts for repetition
  11. I’m difficult to get used to the new products, but I immediately rated Windows 10 well. I had a Mac for some time before that and I really missed such simple programs as Outlook. This becomes important when your electronic correspondence can become the basis of communication with customers. I installed Windows 10 and immediately made a transfer of my email - https://www.outlooktransfer.com/products/mbox-to-outlook-transfer/ However, this isn't the only software add-on that I gladly took advantage of. Has anyone else abandoned Mac in favor of Windows?
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