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  1. every broker does have many facilities that are easily managed and used by traders, of course, in forex traders must be nimble in understanding, the ability needs to be improved in order to better master, because in instaforex also provides many facilities that can be utilized properly
  2. so every trader is wrong to understand, every business is all risky if indeed we always experience loss, try to keep introfeksi themselves, the possibility that in the base of his ability that is not yet mature and still minimal, so learn well for easy in running it
  3. so we need to learn and again and try again, because it is indeed one that needs to be considered to be able to facilitate the way it works, and the most important is to study hard and also profitable in order to generate big profits
  4. our mistake is one of the usual things that need to be repaired not to complain because of many mistakes and also the loss, just for professional traders we have a lot of discipline and optimism, how to work and also our management needs to be maximized in order to control the risks and losses well
  5. of course in forex trading the most important is to learn with enterprising everything to be able to generate profits, traders need self-mastery to be more leverage so that will make trading more successful
  6. of course if we really understand about the forex market, traders have much to learn the way of work to be able to facilitate everything properly and we need to do adala understand how well we manage trading in order to benefit
  7. so the most important is how we work in controlling the psychologist tradng well, because it can help us understand everything correctly, the level of emotions and also our mental strength, can be obtained with good and easy to run it as long as we can learn it properly
  8. so the way we need to analyze the analysis in order to understand everything well and indeed we need to know is to learn and try properly in order to generate big profits
  9. agree because not everyone is powerful and also profitable, so most important is the trader must understand a lot in order to understand and understand the way of work, so that will be easy to run it and also how it works more understand
  10. really so a trader needs to risk and also our losses to be able to understand and control well in order to be easy to reach the benefits and indeed the most important is to learn and try to understand in running it in order to manage it with the best possible
  11. our greedy attitude to trading is one that we need to do to dikendalikakn and avoided so as not to feel overtrading because it can cause us to lose big, so should be more disciplined and learn to be patient to do the open order so as not to feel there to change
  12. our activity in forex is very important especially our craft in learning it, a trader must really be able to learn and also understand every way of work in order to master the management and control, because it can test our ability when entered real account, so understand correctly all the amenities
  13. of course in forex trading we need to learn and try with the best possible to be able to understand everything correctly and indeed we need to do is learn the science that we can beforehand to be evaluated properly so that it can further increase in how it works
  14. with we continue to learn to apply the SL and TP well it will provide ease and also good control, it will provide a very profitable so that what traders must be disciplined and well studied
  15. really because that's the thing we need to do and do in forex in order to better understand and also master, then the trading psychologist must be understood and improve by in order to be profitable
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