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  1. The global forex market has been increasing in appeal to a lot of people ever since 2002, when a slide in the global dollar prices had begun. With time and over the decade, the interest saw expansion, and ultimately it became an established and popular means of making money. It is a round-the-clock affair, with a market always open somewhere. Below is a compiled list of ‘why’ things to read that’ll further convert all the skeptics out there and make them rush to join the fray: (Shared by fibo group). · The Size of the Market: FX can be called the largest financial market by size.
  2. MetaTrader 4 has 63 tools of which 30 are built in and the rest are analyzers.
  3. MT4 can not boast a built-forex calendar.
  4. The market volume is so large and has many participants.
  5. This is one of the main advantages of foreign exchange transactions.
  6. One doesn’t need a voluminous amount of capital to start off in FX. Any amount, even one as less as €300. The benefits offered by the currency market make sure that you end up with handsome returns regardless of the ‘start-up capital’.
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