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  1. The amount of 6.4 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U1949613->U4854513. Memo: Payout from DMT,Enjoy posting at forum!!!. Date: 08:31 08.10.15. Batch: 104634546. Thanks Admin.
  2. Most people are interested in how to make some fast money even though there are great chances they can make it better when they devote more time to learn. Learning how to trade is all about understanding and understanding what it means to make it work for you is where you can get the best from the market and that will go a long way determining how you will survive in it.
  3. Well, sometimes, when you are investing, it is good to know how your client earns because if you don't understand that, then there is high chances that you will be the one to take care of that. That is also something a lot of people do not actually know.
  4. There at it again. The usual Paypal thing which affects a lot of those who might be interested in things of such nature. Well, I think the admin maintained a post rate that is decent enough and provided he spends more time in scrutinizing the contents, there are high tendencies that it will make a better one.
  5. Mayzus has long stopped the promotion even though a lot of people enjoyed it while it lasted. This means of encouragement makes those who may not have interest in trading in Forex to suddenly grow interest in it and it will also make a lot of people want to join the broker since they know there is little or nothing to lose.
  6. Those who are emotional will always be emotional not minding the kind of place they find themselves. Even though the investment in mini accounts is small, it really doesn't stop someone who sees it as his best place for investment from seeing it that way because Forex as a business is something that requires you to understand the risks in it.
  7. I got a friend whom I will say has benefitted so much from Forex. This is because he started trading with a broker with just bonus and was able to make more than that bonus. He actually has the knowledge well enough and that gave him an edge to make better things from the market. He started very small and learnt what it means to compound.
  8. Robot is just what we need to aid our trades. It can also serve as our own trader when we are not readily available and for someone who makes profit off it, I do not see anything bad in it. Where the problem is is for those who can't get anything from it and they want to be seen as better traders who are in to make something good.
  9. Robots are no perfect ways of earning even though I'm not surprised that there are still those who depend on it for earning. By this, I mean that there are still traders who feel that it is the only way they can get that which they desire to get when it is obvious robot is simply best for those who already understands the business.
  10. That is true though but at the same time, it doesn't mean we don't have to put in the best we can in our own little way to make things work for us. Learning is what comes up from within us and if we can put in our best to learn, I believe a lot that we will end up getting the best from the market too.
  11. I still do not see it as a firm rule that when somreone has a mentor, he will end up in having the best of knowledge. Yes, a mentor can make you learn faster and better but it is right enough for the trader to realize how to learn or take learning on his own as something that will give him the chance to earn better.
  12. I think it's a thing of the trader himself who wants to trade because so many traders have different feelings and ways they look at the different types of accounts and when the issue of the Demo account comes, certain people write it off and treat it as unimportant and it ends up affecting them even more.
  13. Yes actually and one can put in his investment even though he doesn't have enough skills to trade. The main thing here is that of skills and if a trader has no good skills to trade but has adequate knowledge to take him through, then he can get the best from the market and make the best out of it too.
  14. I trade using mobile and I do not see anything bad with it. The advent of smartphones offer one a chance to trade on the go and that is as well the dream of most people who are field workers. It offers them the opportunity to trade on the go and they don't actually need to bother so much about sitting down in one place.
  15. Even though you can earn big time with Forex, it is not ideal for the trader who knows too well that he doesn't have the expertise to do so. It is not a matter of doing it because there are those who do it, it is a matter of doing it because there is that possibility of earning from it.
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