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  1. Frespin Free to play slot machine. Play one each day. Each time someone plays the jackpot increases. Refer friends to increase how much you win. Pays via PayPal. Frespin.com
  2. Android app now available https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thestreetlottery.tsl
  3. Referrals Competition Extra referrals are up for grabs in our latest competition. The extra referrals allocated will be from the pool of registered members that were not allocated during registration. Get as many referrals as you can to win more referrals. Referrals gained between now and 20th August 2016 will result in the following prizes. 1st Place - 10 extra referrals. 2nd Place - 9 extra referrals. 3rd Place - 8 extra referrals. 4th Place - 7 extra referrals. 5th Place - 6 extra referrals. 6th Place - 5 extra referrals. 7th Place - 4 extra referrals. 8th Place - 3 extra referrals. 9th Place - 2 extra referrals. Anyone getting atleast 1 referral will be awarded 1 more referral. http://thestreetlottery.com
  4. RPG style game Kill creatures, collect and equip gear. In game gold is turned into real money at the end of each month. Payouts via PayPal - £5.00 threshold Refer friends to get 25% of referrals in game purchases.
  5. A free to enter draw. Daily wins. If a days winner does not claim, the prize money rolls over to next day. Currently at $5, says will increase as users increase. Referral system - claim a 20% bonus of any daily wins your referrals have. Pays via PayPal, and Payza. Skrill to be added.
  6. Find It For Less Found a great deal? Post Offers and earn when people buy them. Alternatively search offers on FindItForLess and using the "share to earn button" share with friends via social media, forums, email, or even whatsapp. Every person that then makes a purchase earns you points. Points are in turn cashed in for gift cards. Share FindItForLess with others and earn when they use it. Compare prices at over 1,700 stores and earn cashback. Refer friends and get a 5% bonus of what they earn for life. Payment is currently by Amazon Vouchers. Cash payments are likely to be added in the future. Find It For Less
  7. Cannon Satoshi Bitcoin faucet game Each server starts with a server worth 2500 Bitcoin. All players are looting the same mine to earn free satoshi. Build canons, level them up, and earn. 6 types of cannnons, each cannon has 8 levels. Refer friends to earn 10% on your referrals earnings. Cannon Satoshi
  8. Coin Legends An RPG - that rewards satoshi(bitcoin), as you level up your hero and fight higher level battles you earn more and more satoshi. Withdrawel minimum 10,000 satoshi. Refer friends and earn a % of what your referral earn in battle. 1-25 referrals +2% 25-50 referrals +5% 50-100 referrals +8% 100+ referrals +10% After registering, you start with 9 skill points and can choose your Heroes Stats. Your skill points can be reset for a fee but is free the first time. Each time you level up you gain 4 more skill points. Strength Health Points Attack Defence Agility Stamina Intellect Charisma Magicka Points With your Skill Points chosen you can choose a class. Your class gives bonus stats and is changeable later but costs satoshi to select. On your character page you can upgrade your Damage/Armor for small amounts of satoshi, starting at 138, and increasing with each purchase. On the "Chest Page" you have a storage facility where your satoshi cannot be stolen, starting at 1125 capacity and upgradeable Coin Legends
  9. Sendsey Register, install Sendsey and get paid for advertising messages sent to your contacts on skype. You earn $0.004 for each message sent to one contact in your skype contact list. 10 levels of referrals at the following rates. 1st level - $0.0005 2nd level - $0.0005 3rd level - $0.0005 4th level - $0.0005 5th level - $0.0005 6th level - $0.0003 7th level - $0.0003 8th level - $0.0003 9th level - $0.0003 10th level - $0.0003 10% commission from advertisers ad purchases. Minimum Payout $5 via Payoneer, Payza, Perfectmoney Sendsey
  10. Free-USD Faucet paying out $0.002 - $200 every 30mins. Simply sign up, and claim your winnings every 30mins. 48 chances a day to win $200. Minimum Payout $1 via PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin. Refer friends and earn 50% on your referrals wins. Free-USD
  11. JoeGeo Rotate multiple links with 1 url and sell unwanted traffic, split by country or region. For example: you post a link to a website which is for UK residents only, however you probably get a lot of views/clicks from people that do not live within the UK, with the geo rotator you can make a link that will send UK residents to the website, and non UK residents to a different site of your choosing. Alternatively you can send the UK residents to the site you are linking and all none UK traffic can be sold. Another example is that you might have affiliate links for a number of countries or regions but not for others. So use a rotator to send people from different countries to the correct affiliate link without having to list all of them on your ad. Minimum payout $25 via PayPal Refer users to earn extra from their traffic sales. JoeGeo
  12. Quality Page Views Surf Ratio 0.4 for free users, 10 secs timer. 10% referral commissions 10% referral credits For upgraded members; 1.5 surf ratio, 3 secs timer up to 50% commission tier 1 40% surf credits tier1 10% surf credits tier2 For all members; $0.15 + 50credits, 250banners, 500 texts per active member referred. Progressive surf system, each day you surf over 50 pages, the more credits you earn per click. Up to 0.75 for free members and up to 1.85 for subscription members. Quality Page Views
  13. BitFactory Is a hybrid between a faucet and an investion based game, playable with bitcoin. Your primary building produces satoshi every hour, and can be claimed every 8 hours. Any other buildings that you purchase produce satoshi that does not need to be claimed, the funds are automatically added to your balance. All additional buildings add a bonus to your primary buildings production rate. Minimum cashout is 0.001 btc. Refer friends and earn 5% every time they purchase a building upgrade. BitFactory
  14. Yes it relies on people reading what you post, so the trick is to only post things that relate to what a social group is interested in.
  15. It's not quite paid to read. It's paid to promote. You promote content they have been paid to promote. A kind of outsourcing micro management. I'm not big with social media so i struggle to earn from this however i am starting to accrue referrals and soon as i cash out i will post a proof for you.
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