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These two terms are always confused as they seem and sound very identical. But, there is a straightforward reason to enable you to understand the Difference between Affect and Effect in an easy manner.


The thumb rule


        Affect is actually a verb – “in order to affect” – it means to influence or have an impact on anything.

        Effect is basically the noun – “an effect (it can be positive or negative) is the consequence of being influenced by something.




There is additionally a verb “to effect”, it implies that bring something– “to effect a transformation”. But, this is not regularly used.


Examples of “affect”

·         Some of my friends have been affected by the re-association

·         Huge stress can affect your overall performance

·         The storm knocked down power sources, affecting hundreds of individuals


Examples of “effect”

·         My doc stated that it would take some hours for the drugs to take effect

·         Wet climate always has a worse effect on mood.

·         We’re still not sure what kind of effect the new standards will have.


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