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  1. The Rolling Stones are still great and can gather full stadiums! I'm so happy that in the modern pop and rap world such stars are still a great power that sparks an interest and passion in millions of people around the world! They inspired me to learn to play the guitar. I bought The Squier Vintage the other day because of this review https://musiety.com/an-expert-squier-jaguar-review/. I want so bad to be like them in their golden age.
  2. Haha, Interesting question. But in my humble opinion, football is a team play. One player doesn`t make the whole game. That`s why there is an opportunity to find a source with best football predictions which estimates all the team and its strengths and weaknesses
  3. I think I know the most profitable car. I recommend you to look at renault kwid price list. Just decide on the equipment. This is really the most profitable car at a very low price. It is designed for consumers with a small pocket and consumes very little fuel compared to other models. And on the Indian site on this brand the lowest possible price.
  4. Hello. Have you ever heard about online investment platforms? I should say that it is very dependable and reasonable! I usually use Ekassa.eu The researches showed that customers want flexible investments rather than being tied in for long periods. So their investment packages are for 1, 3 or 6 months, with the option to roll over. You can read much more useful information here https://ekassa.eu/info-pages/what-p2p-investment
  5. Don't know whom to choose. I'm torn between Andy Timmons, Al Di Meola, and Steve Vai. They are all great and create a different sound. That's why I can't decide finally. One day I want to have at least a tenth part of their skill. Lately, I bought a new guitar and a mini amp https://musiety.com/a-review-of-the-best-small-amp-models/. I started to sound better but to reach those guys, of course, is impossible.
  6. Thanks. But I chose to communicate and get acquainted with Cougar on this site https://meetville.com/catalog/us/cg-2-ages/6682/cougar. I am very attracted to these passionate women who agree to almost everything. I don't want to get married yet, and that's why I'm Dating Cougar, they're not a problem.
  7. Car insurance is a complicated question and sometimes it's not possible to avoid some expenses. For example, if you have a classic car then you need to have a classic car insurance. Try to define your car correctly.
  8. I would recommend you looking for guides and tools. Thankfully, on the open Internet, you can find a lot of useful stuff. Personally, I use this website https://spyserp.com/ to get help in promoting my sites. It's very helpful and clear.
  9. What are your favorite traveling destinations? I am planning a vacation next month and looking for ideas so if you help me with that, I'd be really glad.
  10. You can add some contact forms using https://aidaform.com/forms/contact-form.html to gather feedback from your visitors. Another thing that you definitely should do is to change navigation pannel, it looks bad in my opinion. I think that adding some animation is a nice idea. But not too much, the website should load quicly for visitors convenience.
  11. Can you guys give me an advice on offline marketing methods? I do order promotional bags from https://www.promoparrot.com/promotional-bags.html sometimes to give them away but obviously, there must be some other things to do. I'd be glad if you give me some tips or advise something to read on the topic so I could learn more about different methods of promotion.
  12. I really like Emily Ratajkowski. I mean, just look at her photos on http://thefappeningblog.com/emily-ratajkowski-sexy-62-photos-gif/, she is gorgeous! Even though she is not as famous as some other celebs are but still, I would like to meet her in real life.
  13. Thanks for sharing, but I'm afraid it won't help. I am currently working on an essay on the topic of bitcoins and I can not do anything. Perhaps you will give me advice where to find a good essay writer without plagiarism and at an affordable price? I will be grateful to any idea.
  14. Getting cryptocurrency now is much easier than before. Just plug a https://mineunit.com/ device and enjoy your income. Easy cashout, cool design and developing. Cryptotechnology now is very noob-friendly.
  15. Jogging and walking is the easiest way to keep your physical form. Riding a bike too. And also I would add collecting LEGO. Sounds strange? But all of this is about body health. Keep mental health is also important and LEGO makes your calm and enthusiastic. Check some collections here, read, and maybe order one day https://www.bricksfirst.com/show/themes/
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