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Leverage isn’t a bad thing

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13 hours ago, Vaabum said:

Again, it depends on how you evaluate it and how to work with it.

there are lots of techniques and plans that exist in forex, things must be mastered by everything and it must be in accordance with the existing plan, and of course the most important thing is the most important thing is that traders can make big profits at the FreshForex broker

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On 11/9/2021 at 12:56 PM, uncle gober said:

in forex there will never be an instant, so it is important for traders to be able to be more leverage in getting maximum trading security and comfort like what I got from Tickmill and the opportunity to become a trader of the month.

Leverage carries risks too. How to manage leverage on Tickmill so that the account is not hit margin calls or losses?

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20 hours ago, uncle gober said:

Existing trading skills must be able to be considered properly, this is done so that traders can become more leverage in generating profits while on a real account with Tickmill.

at the Tickmill broker itself are there several ways of working and also techniques that suit the trader's wishes, and how traders can take advantage of all the existing work paths to make it more understandable

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Leverage can be a good thing provided that the business doesn't take on too much debt and is unable to pay it all back. That makes sense because when you borrow from suppliers, it's typically in smaller amounts and paid back faster, while loans are typically for a longer time at higher amounts.

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Ability and risk management must be considered properly. Because with us we can master it well we can trade carefully. In addition, traders to train their management and skills can try bonuses from the FreshForex broker well.

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