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<img src="https://charts.mql5.com/24/144/gbpusd-h1-egm-securities-limited.png" width="717" height="553" alt="Chart GBPUSD, H1, 2020.04.06 17:39 UTC, EGM Securities Limited, MetaTrader 4, Demo" title="Chart GBPUSD, H1, 2020.04.06 17:39 UTC, EGM Securities Limited, MetaTrader 4, Demo">

GBPUSD is currently rallying around 1.22981. On the 1 Hour Chart , the previous  candle closed below the previous  52 Period Exponential Moving Average. 
 This is a possible Indication that we are in an active Down trend  . GBPUSD is currently in a range, not going above the previous day's highest high 1.24721,or the previous day's lowest low 1.22412. If the price breaks above 1.24721 then we will consider a long term buy with our target at 1.21744.  And on the flipside, a sustained move below 1.24721 will  attract sellers with an ideal target around 1.14087

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analysis on forex trading certainly must be owned by a trader because indeed it is very important to facilitate traders to understand the forex market properly, we can learn and try at the FreshForex broker by utilizing all educational facilities about forex analysis

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My personal choice is to do with all the pairs instead of just one. I am right now with FreshForex, as they have over 130 instruments to select through along with razor thin spread and the platform is also excellent with no issues over slippage or re quote.

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