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Is it necessary to use a forex VPS for automated trading?


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Forex VPS hosting plays a major role in many areas of business and IT, and it is also beginning to play a significant role in automated forex trading and the hosting of financial applications. Given that financial applications, and especially forex EAs, often require more stability and faster connectivity than any other type of application, the benefits of forex VPS hosting suit it perfectly:

    • Access to advanced hardware for a fraction of the full cost of colocating your own system.
    • As above, the ability to utilize top-tier data networks and connectivity, without owning the entire contract yourself.
    • Configuration of fail-over and high-availability systems, to ensure continuity of hosted applications.
    • Easy scalability, allowing you to start with only the resources you need, and expand later.
    • We perform professional maintenance and administration of the physical hardware and network components at no additional cost.


The speed of order execution is usually of the highest importance for traders, especially for those who run automated trading systems. To achieve maximum performance for trading applications, it is necessary to host them as near as possible to the services and networks they will be interfacing with, such as brokers and other financial institutions, as well as account managers and signal providers. In the most common scenario, these networks are located at a few key points in New York City or London, so it is ideal to run trading applications on a computer located as nearby as possible. 


For these reasons and the advantages outlined, it is highly advisable to use a forex VPS with automated forex trading software, such as MT4 expert advisors and other programs! 


Source: https://fxvm.net/blog/why-use-forex-vps-trading/'>Why Use a Forex VPS for Automated Trading


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According to me it is better to use automated trading in our platfrom, especially with some of the capabilities of the automated trading has, besides as the time comes automated trading gain more normal use  and requires a smaller cost and the ability to better with less bugs.

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Yes, continous trading means that in 24 X 5 we need to activate expert advisor and let it work during that time, so the most feasible place to put our robot in VPS which act as computer that works for 24 hours. Also with VPS our EA will function faster and efficiently.

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Necessary so far,and the reason behind that? Of course,  because with using VPS we can automated our trading 24 hours without stop. Isn't this one is amazing thing for modern forex trader? But one thing we should know that VPS price is pretty much high and that is we should think into our own account before use it.

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