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Entering right before market time


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I find that entering the market right before market opening is ideal or even a couple of hours before that as that is when the price is lower than what will be during the day so you will get a chance to profit. You will enter it low and then wait until 8 hours later or 3pm and then sell with a profit. I always see that as possible since its easier to profit when there is higher volumes during the business hours. 

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Firstly market will be open for us all the time regardless of the currency rates either low or high... secondly we can enter when ever we wants and don't have fear about losing money in the starting point... If you afraid of this then there will be chances of losing money actually because it totally depends on you and your affordness to trade it in the market...

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But the other question that could come to trader later, is that really easy to predict the market and correctly know the right time to enter the market? I don't think so. Entering the right time on the market, needs experience. So i advise to learn more in demo account with no risk to got experience about it.

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Well, when the price is low, and from where do original poster know that is the lowest one? I mean it is not really easy to do that, the same thing that myregister said here is really make sense, It is better to enter the market when market is calmer not so volatile.

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